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Avatar n tn With synthroid for 5 years my tsh was normal but didn't feel normal. I was always tired, no energy, weight gain, lost a lot of hair, muscle ache....PLEASE can anyone help me with this matter.
Avatar n tn In the meantime I experienced severe insomnia and heart palpitations while on Armour so I went off the meds. I have kept the 5 pound weight gain and feel squishy and bloated all over ( a symptom I did not have prior to taking Armour) My doctor suggested taking half of the 1/4 dose and as soon as I did the insomnia came back. So I've stopped again. I think there is something else going but not sure what. I'm very frustrated. I feel like the Armour ruined my metabolism in some way??
Avatar f tn we have been working with my hormones for almost a year and mainly its the lack of sex drive and low energy weight gain is why she put me on the synthyroid.Im kinda scared to switch but have read goo things about armour..its going to be hard to split a 1 grain pill..has anyyone just switched from one to another with no tapering..
Avatar f tn I have been started on Synthroid about 4-5 weeks ago due to my extreme swelling and some weight gain after my partial thyroidectomy (papillary cancer) at beginning of July 2010 and partial parathyroidectomy at beginning of August 2010. I felt good for about a week on Synthroid, then started having migraine like headaches, digestion problems, distended stomatch. So I talked to my doctor and he got me on Armour (at this point, my TSH was a 2.
Avatar f tn 0 I am on 30 mg of Armour just started about a week ago my symptoms were not horrible . I just felt like I had the spare tire forming around my waist and it was fast weight gain about 15 lb in about 3 months time period , but now that I am on the Armour I am getting these headaches in my right temple. I have never been one to get headaches and they are almost every day. Does it take the Armour a little while before I will see some weight loss?
457926 tn?1216006020 they changed my meds agian to armour thyroid 2 tabs of 90 mg does anyone know about this med. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Help very confused</a>.
Avatar f tn I switched to Armour Thyroid about a month and a half ago. Recently I have been having problems with edema - esp. in my face and feet and ankles. I was wondering if this is normal and if it is, will it go away? I am even having problems breathing because of the amount of excess fluids.
Avatar n tn Why does everyone want armour thyroid and why do so many doctors not want to prescribe it?
Avatar f tn Cut those Armour thyroid pills in half! Absolutely! As my good doctor says, "The most common starting dose for patients with hypothyroidism is Armour thyroid, 90 mg which is cut in half with a razor blade and half is ideally taken twice a day, 10 to 20 minutes after breakfast and dinner. If you have trouble remember taking them, then take the entire dose before breakfast. It is also ideal to chew the tablet before swallowing.
Avatar f tn Before I started Armour, I had severe cold spells, insomnia, weight gain (particularly thighs and hips), overall "puffiness", constipation, and bloating. I also had very little appetite and felt full really fast. I started with 15 mg. I also was diagnosed with estrogen dominance and low functioning adrenals. I felt better for a couple of months, but about 3 months after I started Armour, I started gaining weight like crazy.
Avatar f tn I am on 90 mg of Armour per day. My TSH was 0.333, Free T4 0.87 (0.82-1.77), Free T3 2.7 (2.0-4.4). She said she would try raise my T4 and T3 a little and increased my meds a little bit. That was 3.5 weeks ago and nothing has happened. I have been having weight gain, tired all the time, foggy. She gave me a prescription for iron a few months ago, but that hasn't changed my symptoms.
1139187 tn?1355710247 I have that thyroid now stuff but never took it. Scared too, .how long before you could tell a difference? I'm very sensitive to medicine. Just .25 of thyroid sends me packing.
Avatar n tn i'm worried that i might need to up the dosage because i've been suffering from depression lately and weight gain.
Avatar n tn I exercise and eat a low fat diet. but the weight keeps coming. Is there a link between weight gain and taking Thyroid meds.
Avatar f tn Have been on others for 5 yr's weight gain like mad have gained at 40lbs, Have had half of my thyroid taken out. Dry hair, skin, and lately i'am always tried and can not sleep. Just wondering if this will make me lost at least some of the weight that I gained over the past 5 yr's I never weighed over 135 and then came the weight a few pounds at a time. by the way I have tried ever deit in the world it seems, My doc says that this will help me not be tried and maybe lose some of this weight.
Avatar n tn I requested to change to Armour thyroid after researching this subject. My Dr. started me on Armour thyroid 60 mg 1 1/2 tabs twice a day Nov 2008. This dose has stayed the same. My recent lab was T4 0.7 and TSH 0.24. What should my Armour thyroid dose be? Do I need a T3 level? Should I also be on Cytomel...dose to start? My doctor is very easy to work with but endocrinology is not his specialty (Family Practice).
Avatar f tn It becomes pretty much useless in many of us, particularly, when taking a medication with a T3 component, such as Armour Thyroid. You're only hyper if your symptoms are caused from excessively high levels of Free T3 and Free T4, which are the actual thyroid hormones and I don't even see your levels. If you have them, please post them, along with reference ranges, which vary lab to lab and have to come from your own report.
Avatar m tn There is some talk of people finding bottles with softer pills etc A newer generic version called NP Thyroid is apparently the same formula as the old Armour? Is Armour now FDA approved? I read they use organic pigs etc in their formulation however no one really knows how NP goes about their business. I've also seen many posts where people are very happy with NP Thyroid? It also seems to have the least amount of fillers compared to Naturethyroid and Armour...
Avatar f tn been on syn and levo, no results. I am brand new to Armour Thyroid just got my scrpt yesterday, at 30mg. Took my first pill today, how long should I take to start seeing and feeling a difference? When should I consider switching to something else, if this does not work? I am Hypo, Hashimotos, w/goiter. very bad hair loss and weight gain, no energy, very forgetful, mental clarity is poor... all the symptoms of hypo. Have heard alot of mixed feedback from the new reform.
Avatar f tn I no longer have thyroid symptoms being on this type medication that contains both of the hormones needed for optimal health. It seems as though I am able to lose weight faster, also.
Avatar f tn This is a perplexing problem for which there is no easy answer. Some people do gain weight with any type of thyroid med (including T3 and armour) - despite "normalizing" the lab numbers. Unfortunately, we should not leave the thyroid hypo and untreated so we must give medication in most cases.