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Avatar f tn 4. After that I started having a lot of nervousness in the a.m., light headed ness, hot flashes, night sweats, frequent urination, dryness and burning in the vaginal area, anxiety and very thirsty. Had a blood sugar test done and it was fine. Switched to Armour .25 gr twice a day. I still don't feel good. I am extremely nervous in the morning and have some light headed ness. Also, have been getting a lot of cold sores. Doctor started me on 1/4 tsp. natural progestrone creme once a day.
457926 tn?1216006020 they changed my meds agian to armour thyroid 2 tabs of 90 mg does anyone know about this med. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Help very confused</a>.
Avatar f tn I believe Hot flushes (as we say in UK) are due to dosage change. Each time my thyroid goes over or under I get them. Sometimes I get them what seems like every half hour, they do settle again in time, but they are always a sign to me that the thyroid is changing again!
Avatar n tn I just started taking Armour Thyroid 15mg about 3 weeks ago and now my hot flashes have returned! Is this a reaction with the Estradiol? Will it subside over time? Please help I need the thyroid med but I can't stand the hot flashes! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/263845'>No difference on Armour?</a>.
Avatar m tn is probably referring to is the STTM protocol which is starting low, and then bumping fast for the first bump, and then testing and moving up every 2-4 weeks. However, if you move up too quick, you will get hyperthryoid symptoms (hot flashes, diareah, cranky, shaky, agitaged, hard to think, sweaty) even though your labs will still show you hypothryoid. You also may get pain in your thryoid, itchy skin, and possibly rashes.
Avatar n tn With no ovaries, it must be the thyroid medicine, right? When I saw that hot flashes and sweating were SEVERE side effects of the medicine, I stop taking the medicine on Friday. As of Monday, I am still having hot flashes. It's too early for a doctor to be open in our area. I'll call one this morning, but I don't know when I will be able to get into see him. QUESTION: What will happen when I stop the med suddenly? And what would happen if I keep taking too much medicine?
Avatar f tn I was thinking that you might be having both menopause AND thyroid symptoms together. Hot flashes and night sweats can be symptoms of hypo, too. Of course, menopause doesn't make sorting it all out any easier! LOL I never lost hair, either, and I was pretty hypo. It affects all of us differently. If you've had a lifelong predisposition, it could be that almost any imbalance can set it off. Quitting birth control pills and giving birth both send your hormones into a tizzy.
Avatar n tn 275 mcg and is still showing low thyroid levels. She is having terrible hot flashes and sweats. Her doctor refuses to try her on armour even for a month to see if she responds to it. Is 0.275 a pretty high dose? How can she get her doctor to listen to her or how can we find a doctor who will give her the armour? We live in Portland, Or. Thanks for any advice or tips you can offer.
Avatar f tn 8) I have been having hot flashes, sweating, trouble falling asleep, brain fog, can not loose weight infact gaining Can anyone offer some advise
Avatar f tn Saw naturopathic doctor on Friday who ordered saliva testing as well as full hormone panel when she gets her cycle. Switched her thyroid meds to compounded Armour (sustained release) 45mg. Started it yesterday - all pains went away but low moodish. Today she woke up very tired, falling asleep with her head up in class, sad and anxious. Tried to call Dr but no office hours today. Any recommendations? Thank you. Old post from 11/2/14 Saw endo on 10/29/14. She will only do TSH and T4.
Avatar f tn If all goes well but I still feel as if I am going hypo (no hot flashes though), I can slowly raise my armour 1/8 a grain and see how it goes. I have plenty of time before my appointment to do this and so I can tell the doctor how I feel. She is open to my input but unfortunately almost impossible to get in to see and so I find I am left on my own to figure this out. Another option would be do raise armour first but I still feel like I am getting to much progesterone. My levels are 4.
Avatar f tn The other thing that is interesting is prior to starting Armour, I had my Thyroid Peroixidase Antibodies tested nad Thyroglobulin Antibodies tested. I didn't have any at the time I started Armour. Now....I was on Armour for about a year and I began to have more problems in Nov of last year because my TSH got high. We ran antibodies and they came back totally abnormal.
Avatar f tn i take NP thyroid. It is like armour used to be before they reformulated it, twice. I can take it under my tongue and let it disolve. It doesn't have the dextrose in it like armour does, now.
Avatar n tn I am 54 and have had Graves Disease for 9 yrs now and have been on armour thyroid (90 gr) for almost 2 yrs now and every time I see my dr to get labs done, she wants to dose me according to the TSH. Today she called and said it had gone down again since January and wants me to reduce my dose to 60.. I am starting to gain (5 lbs since Jan) and I don't want to gain anymore and afraid if I decrease my dose I will gain another 5 lbs...
Avatar n tn Have you tried supplementing with an amino acid of L-tyrosine? is makes a world of difference. As for the hot flashes - I have been not so sucessful in getting those to leave. When they hit - I deal with it.
Avatar f tn I've read and had an Endo tell me that I need to reach my optimal level but recently had my dosage cut down to a half a pill every other day due to hair loss, hot flashes, aches, heart palps, etc. Period also returned. I'm so confused. I had a TT 2 years ago and was put on Synthroid, I asked for Armour and felt better immediately. Am I feeling so bad because I need to up my dosage?
Avatar m tn I am currently taking 60 of armour thyroid once a day. I have not been feeling good at all and I can not loose weight despite trying everything. I was told my labs were normal but I wanted to see if there was any insight Free t4. 1.09 TSH. 1.01 A1C. 5.
Avatar n tn I feel pretty good except I seem to have tiny hot flashes on/off throughout the day and also get extremely cold--actually I think colder than before taking the Armour. Does anyone else experience this? I've been on it for almost one month now.
Avatar n tn I have had severe palpitations, dizziness, my hands shake so bad I can't even sign my name, I've lost almost all my hair and have severe diarrhea and stomach pains, I also lost 25 lbs and have severe hot flashes. I have not had a cortisol test. Even getting Armour is an ordeal because most doctors refuse to prescribe it. I have stopped taking my meds altogether and am feeling the effects of it. I don't know what to do or where to go to get help.
Avatar f tn 8) I have been having hot flashes, sweating, trouble falling asleep, brain fog, can not loose weight infact gaining Can anyone offer some advise
Avatar f tn A year and a half ago, a doctor put me on Armour thyroid because I had a lot of symptoms of hypo but my bloodwork all showed my thyroid to be functioning perfectly. He said sometimes, people have the symptoms but their blood work doesn't show it. Well, I started low and gradually worked my way up. Several months ago, he upped my dose again because of symptoms.
Avatar n tn That being said, I believe a lot of hypos do better with the addition of T3. I take Armour Thyroid, desiccated thyroid extract which has All the thyroid hormones plus calcitonin (for bones) and I think it's nothing less than a miracle drug. It has eliminated all my hypo symptoms and given me back my life.
Avatar n tn I have been taking armour thyroid for about five years now for hypothyroidism--I am 39. I take it at night before bed (at least two hours after dinner) as it seems to help with getting up in the morning. I recently started taking melatonin before bed and I am now having hot flashes. I had these initially when I first started taking thyroid (I think it had more to do with my metabolism and heat regulation actually working or trying to work right).
Avatar f tn Intense hot flashes mostly at night along with a feeling like I want to crawl out of my own skin.
Avatar f tn Decided that I wanted to stick with desiccated thyroid and after being on Synthroid for one day took Nature thyroid for one day. I feel that the itching is returning. What is going on?? It's supposed to be hypoallergenic? I'm on same dose as Armour 30 in am and 30 at 2pm. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I seem to do ok for awhile then start to experience panic attacks, anxiety, hot flashes, palpations, shakes, tired but can't sleep, and a mind that goes a mile a minute then I go thru periods of being tired, cold, body aches, digestive problems, headaches, slow brain, gain weight easy, At times Synthorid dose is adjusted but there have been MANY times I am told labs are normal it's just anxiety,depression ect. Recent labs Feb 2011 Synthroid 650mcg weekly TSH .37 (0.34-4.
Avatar m tn if so by how much? FT3 can have some ugly side effects including but not limited to heart palps, hot flashes, diarreah and "hyperthyroid" symptoms, which aren't fun.. Depending on far you are in the pregnancy and how much your levels are off to me would determine what route to take.. you stated they keep raising Synthroid but will be too high before T3 is ideal, what are the levels now? Do you have a conversion problem?
Avatar n tn My right side of my neck feels great, no pain, no problems. For five days following my surgery I did not take my Armour thyroid waiting for a pathology report to come back clean. My ENT said I had one of the smallest thyroids he had seen and it was a very difficult surgery. (I guess my thyroid shrunk so much it molded into the muscles making it difficult to remove.) In the past five days I am now having severe symptoms of having an overactive thyroid.
Avatar f tn I only took 1 dose of 30 mg and I cannot wait to get this out of my system. I had tachy all day and night the first day with hot flashes, creepy feeling skin, excessive dry mouth, scratchy throat and chest pain. My thyroid is only borderline hypo and I have 2 nodules on it that were biopsied benign. I think I will just live with the hypo symptoms rather than have the tachy so bad. I also had problem when on low dose of Levothyroxine.