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Avatar f tn Now my psychiatrist is editing it and revising it according to standard APA guidelines but it was in having a full sense of awareness and having recovered from psychosis that they gained a full understanding that I was recovered. Once it is a published document with my psychopharmocologist's permission it will be linked here with permission and outside of here anywhere appropriate so that more providers and the public can become familiar with new treatments in development.
585414 tn?1288944902 I am concerned for other people's intentions. I was talking about blatant misinformation that has appeared here. Lithium Orotate as I mentioned is highly dangerous. People have posted information on obtaining that. The website which I will not name encouraged me to try Tyrosine and Taurine. It appears to be a reputable site about alternative mood stabilizers. Its information is dangerous. As for glycine, it worked in me as a primary antipsychotic.
606584 tn?1224853036 But I will not post any further specifics until the study on me is finalized and published and then I will post that link. Its under standard APA guidelines and will be in one of their publications. My psychopharmocologist just asked me not to put his name online but said I could post the information and I update him of my postings and he approves them.
Avatar n tn I too wanted to change clinics after 2 tries, however I read that you take a huge risk switching doc's that won't know how your body has reacted to the past treatments and going to someone new might just cause you to repeat the previous treatment plans to see how you react. Our third time was a charm and even though it ended sadly, we are still hopefull for this cycle because we now know that it can happen, it just takes courage to keep going and trying, and hoping the end result is a baby!!!