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Avatar m tn Regarding the 'one size fits all', there are steps and guidelines that every Dr. has to follow in order to get a patient into treatment/therapy. Yes, it does sometimes seem like it's made to fit the masses, but I suppose that's because of the sheer volume of patients they have to deal with and resources ($$$). I've gone through at least 2 different therapist in the last 3 years, because I felt like it just wasn't the right fit.
703238 tn?1297101958 I did answer your question. Its not a treatment drug for Bipolar. Pain Killers are not prescribed as treatment for mental ilnesses by any real doctors - they may be prescribed to treat side effects or for other ilnesses but this one would be rare for a BP on most medications because of its noted side effects and also because its an addictive drug and god knows most of us are dependant on enough drugs. In fact a read of drugs.
Avatar n tn I was like this, all over the place age 40, low progestrone, post natal depression, blah blah blah.........PMT.....Loads of explanations, I tried everything natural, hundreds of Euros to the homeopath. Anti depressants, fixed, end of story. What a life my whole family were living. Now we are totally settled. Mom with no mood swings.
Avatar n tn In terms of other treatment strategies, lithium is a mood-stabilizing medication that may be useful as an adjuvant to antidepressants in the treatment of depression that has not responded to adequate antidepressant trials. Anticonvulsant medications such as Depakote have been found useful in treating bipolar disorders, but there is no consistent data supporting their efficacy in treating major depression per se.
Avatar n tn Addiction is a very complex disease (as you well know), but within the mental health community, it is a well-accepted belief that most addicts are medicating an underlying mood disorder (depression, anxiety, social phobia, bipolar disorder, etc.). In my opinion, to withdraw an individual from his drug of choice and expect abstinence (without dealing with the underlying cause), is akin to placing a child in the home of a known child abuser and acting shocked at what happens later to the child.
Avatar m tn This is Part 2 of a 110,000 word (270 page font-14 or 350 page font-16) longitudinal, retrospective and prospective account of my experience with bipolar disorder and some other mental health problems over 70 years:1943 to 2014. Notes: This is a personal and idiosyncratic, medical and clinical study of what some life-study students call a chaos narrative. This study focuses on an aspect of my life involving several mental health issues, mainly bipolar 1 disorder.
Avatar n tn and before I thought my wife was going through a depression which caused her to act like this... but now I'm thinking it's actually bipolar disorder.
Avatar m tn 2 I make no attempt here to describe the phases and intensities of the death-wish in those many years of bi-polar disorder. Before the official diagnosis of manic-depression in 1980, the death wish was not as dominant. I allude to it but do not describe the experience in even the most cursory fashion. In addition, I should emphasize here that the term episode is a variable one and really needs a separate analysis, if this statement is to be as comprehensive as I would like. 3.
1321252 tn?1276362621 I'm not sure what they officially diagnosed me with as I never looked at the notes. But the treatment caused agitated depression, mixed states, and hypomania rapidly cycling with depression. I didn't really have the knowledge or language to describe this correctly to my psych. I also had trich since I was 15. He said I didn't and passed both off as anxiety. Being young and moving all around, I had a series of psychs. The last one then put me on Depakote, and ta da, better.
Avatar f tn 75); - Coronary artery disease (OR 0.90); - Mild depression (OR 0.56); - Major depression (OR 0.72); - Bipolar disorder (OR 0.64); - Schizophrenia (OR 0.71). • Factors associated with a higher likelihood of treatment for HCV were: - Liver cirrhosis (OR 1.60); - Diabetes (OR 1.07). Conclusion In conclusion, the authors wrote, "A small number of HCV infected veterans are prescribed treatment for HCV.
Avatar n tn Moreover, another prospective cohort study found a correlation between depression symptoms and clearance of HCV RNA at week 24, even after adjusting for ribavirin dose assignment, genotype, age, antidepressant usage, dose reduction of peginterferon or ribavirin, and knowledge of viral status during treatment. Periodic assessment for depression during treatment is imperative, with expert psychiatric referral provided as needed if signs and symptoms of depression progress during treatment.
574118 tn?1305138884 I'm sure I could find some clinical websites and pm them to you as for the various theories on bipolar but I couldn't post them here. Treatment evolves over time and psychiatrists have overall studies and conferences to come to conclusions on treatment modalities. I am very aware of how this works. That doesn't mean I have clinical knowledge nor did I ever claim to. One thing that might interest you is to go to the website of the DSM-5.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Look for supplements that contain both EPA and DHA. What it’s for Bipolar depression and major depression. Who may benefit Omega-3 supplements may boost the effectiveness of antidepressants. These supplements may provide a stand-alone treatment option for people concerned about side effects of antidepressants, such as older adults, people with multiple medical conditions, and women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.
Avatar m tn Judging from what my mother told me of his mood variances he probably had schizoaffective. From what I learned the spectrum ranges from bipolar to bipolar with psychotic features to schizoaffective disorder in severity and intensity.
82861 tn?1333457511 It breaks my heart even more to know that people in the 21st century must look to shock therapy as a last resort for treatment of their depression. ******************************************************* http://www.msnbc.msn.
574118 tn?1305138884 After I extinguished my mania, I adopted a theory saying that A PERSON BECOMES MANIC ONLY UNDER AN ANTIDEPRESSANT. An obvious corollary to my theorem is IF NO DEPRESSION THEN NO BP since you will not need an AD so you won't be manic. I was happy with my theory for 3 years as I didn't need to take any AD as my depression is not so severe. Hence I never took an AD since this date. Therefore I am far away safe from getting a mania.
Avatar f tn I have recovered from schizoaffective disorder but I do have difficulties coping with my mother's bipolar disorder as she is not under treatment yet but will be. So I understand both aspects. But perhaps you could be more prescise for us as to what really went wrong.
Avatar f tn I don't think that you should necessarily try and stop your feelings. Maybe following some of his treatment guidelines would be helpful. Psychotherapy can be helpful for depression.
Avatar f tn But then again there must be a mood disorder diagnosed. If he was diagnosed for depression he could have actually had bipolar and the anti-depressents created a manic episode. Therefore out of all the medications the Lamictal might be the only one he needs. The first thing to do is change doctors. They should titrate him off the anti-psychotic to see if he actually develops psychotic symptoms.
723800 tn?1230890834 No 2 people are ever the same is a good way of putting it BUT a GP should be able to read guidelines on bipolar treatment and drugs well enough to avoid prescription risks. However I have seen so many cases which show this is not true - i personally knew 2 people no longer with us dead from suicide on Prozac who never ever should have had the damn drug had the GP asked a few basic questions of them - but thats hard to do in 7.5 minutes now isnt it.
Avatar f tn I just hope that things like this article don't scare people into NOT receiving treatment for bipolar disorder. It's like when Prozac came out and people were terrified that they would die from suicide if they took it - it's all in the individual (IMO) and should (like you said) be discussed with the pdoc. Lamictal has literally saved my life.
175734 tn?1225138040 In addition, infection with Borrelia often results in a low grade encephalopathy (infection of the brain) that can cause depression, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, numbness, tingling, burning, weakness, or twitching. It can also be associated with neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, dementia, such as Alzheimer's disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease).
Avatar m tn She is currently taking Pristiq for the depression from the bipolar disorder. When she went for her three-month followup today, the doctor wrote her a prescription for Tramadol for the chronic pain from the fibro. However, shortly after taking the Tramadol (15 to 20 minutes after), she got some sudden sharp pains on the left side of her head, and they lasted for a few minutes then passed.
605458 tn?1539232408 (as does a family member who is about to start treatment for bipolar) where a person has the speeded up quality of mania but the down aspect of depression. It seems like you are "angry at the world". Dysphoric mania (which in me might be caused by other than mental criteria but is often part of bipolar) is where a person experiences depression but with manic aspects of it. Thus a person may seem "obsessed with death".
683309 tn?1227331683 As for the others mentioned. St. John's wort is used in Europe for depression. It will make a person with bipolar manic. Tryptophan is potentially dangerous. Starflower oil, primrose oil, green seaweed, wheet grass are all unproven in any studies. A high protein diet would not have mood effects. I was suggested to take a B Vitamin complex and Vitamin C for mood stabilization. It didn't do anything for mood stabilization but it is healthy overall.
Avatar n tn BUT I have to tell you that the drug has been great for many patients dealing with anxiety, depression and bipolar and do quite fine within guidelines. I've personally been on ativan since July, and I take it when needed but only then, as my pdoc says, I'm judiscious :) I can tell you that many benzo's are difficult to get off if not used correctly. Klonipin can be just as addicting as any other drug for similar uses.
Avatar f tn It is used in cases of extreme treatment refractory depression. More of interest including to yourself is a procedure called trans cranial magnetic stimulation which appears to have less long term side effects than ECT and is effective.
Avatar m tn I receive Social Security disability benefits for severe treatment resistant clinical depression. I used an EXCELLENT company called Allsup instead of an attorney when I applied for benefits. I had a wonderful experience with this company. They were a huge help. Here is the website if you want to look into it: Good Luck!!!
607502 tn?1288251140 I know you know more than me about anti-depressents but I honestly don't know of any anti-depressent that won't worsen bipolar except Wellbutrin. I'm sure you've looked it up before but comb through that "Depression Central" website. It has information and also good links as I've said since it is run by a mood disorders specialist (albeit one I'm not associated with) so I know the information on there is clinically accurate. You could also post the question in the expert forum as well.
Avatar m tn I concur with rivil,and to repeat what she said , one of the side effects of the meds you're taking is depression,IMO most folks on the treatment suffer from depression from mild up to severe.The best thing to do is talk your doctor about it and get yourself prescribed some anti depressants,This treatment isn't easy for anyone,if your capable of doing it and determined in getting rid of this virus then hang in there and tough it out.