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Avatar f tn Can immense stress/ Anxiety Depression/guilt over a shady sexual act cause your body to release a dormant virus from many year ago. Can you have gotten a bad flu/ EBV many years ago that you didnt even remember, even in childhood. And this virus was released to make you ill again and also active enough to spread to another sex partner by kissing or breath??? Can this re-released virus be what causes real symptoms that resemble ars in people?
Avatar f tn Anxiety disorders and learning theory just a few important things I learned in Psychology maybe this can help others understand these psychological disorders more • Anxiety Disorders-Psychological disorders characterized by distressing, persistence anxiety or maladaptive behaviors that reduce anxiety • Which occurs when the brain’s danger detection system becomes hyperactive- producing distressing, persistent anxiety when no threat exist.
Avatar n tn Before I tell you my theory, for all of those that are tired of hearing my story and reading my posts, I apologize. I in no way am trying to upset anybody or make those that had a high risk angry for me taking up your time. The simple truth is I am just scared for my family, especially my two innocent little girls. Now my theory.
647120 tn?1256605251 My doctor understands this and he always gave me meds to help me with the insomnia and anxiety that goes with it. I take an extended morphine and when I get down to the lowest dose he would switch me to short acting and go down from there. He would also give me Valium or Xanax for about a week. It always made it bearable. There should be no reason why a PM doctor does not do this for anyone who wants to get off their meds or needs to for whatever reason.
5268435 tn?1367085984 I have a theory and just want some answers. For the women that smoke or drink during pregnancy are the dads involved? If so do they smoke or drink? Is that why they dont apply the pressure to stop? I know for a fact mine would go bat s*** and would probably leave me.
Avatar m tn I decided to do an experiment and see if the arginine/lysine theory had any merit. This evening I consumed good sized portions of almonds, cashews, raisins and some chocolate. I experienced a disturbed sleep and felt like the virus was surging inside my body (warmer than usual and felt weak,head throbbing and like I was coming with the flu, even feet felt numb since I have been having some burning and pins and needles in them).
Avatar f tn Worry, Panic, Obsessive and morbid thoughts - then the anxiety turns to anxiety mixed with depression over the anxiety. It effects my sleep, my blood sugar, and my body and like most everyone on this site (I imagine) my life! (I have fibromyalgia and it makes that so much worse!) I have tried so many different medications and nothing seems to help.
Avatar f tn I always though that all my fears and anxiety would go away after getting a conclusive test result. Guess what???? I hasn't!!! The other day at my job (hospital) someone droped a vase that had flolwers on it.... The glass vase broke... I picked up a piece to help out and tiny glass the size of sand on my hand... I got paranoid thinking it had HIV... Over all I'm stilled at shock from what I went through...
Avatar n tn Although marketed as an antidepressant, is has also been shown to be effective in anxiety disorders (e.g. panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and social phobia). Ask your doctor about which of these is best for you. Hope this helps!
Avatar m tn what if something like adrenal fatigue is causing my anxiety and I take anti anxiety medications that raise the serotonin levels in your brain !? I have many thoughts in my mind , I am getting crazy Has anyone had any experience like this before ? sorry for my bad English .
345124 tn?1234486878 well here is my theory......... the sinus inflammation is caused by some unknown allergy that i am around all the time, the drip is clogging up my eustachian tubes or has entered my middle ear somehow, and because of that im getting equilibrium and dizziness problems. does this make sense? should i be concerned about something more dangerous? i would really appreciate a doctor's input or a similar experience from someone else who has seen an ENT.
Avatar f tn I just know how fragile I was when I found this site, and coping with the disease effects was all I could handle. The anxiety and depression that comes both from the Lyme disease process itself as part of the infection and that also comes from the disarray that the medical community is in about diagnosis and treatment is substantial for many of us.
Avatar f tn But the kind of  vibrations of the “PATM diseased” is definitely charged by anxiety.. I know there is millions of anxieties that strangers do not feel..  But our anxiety is different. Now try to answer this questions also. 1- Are you a very gentle guy? that always thinks about others, or worry for the problems of the world? 2- Are you a very sensitive guy with such a lovely hearth?
642313 tn?1244075322 BUT I am happy to report, that today after 20 days of quitting subs, I finally woke up without that odd queasy weirdness in my stomache that over the day turned into a crescendo of anxiety and restlessness. The anxiety is mostly gone and the lethargy and listlessness appear to be gone too. I credit two things for that (1) TIME; and (2) Exercise and I mean all out hardcore exertion exercise, get you blood flowing, get your heart rate up there, get those endorphins kick-started.
1269044 tn?1393193503 So here's the BUT, apparently high doses can cause anxiety. I wonder if it has been Exaggerating my anxiety? I also thought this woul be good infofor others This could be a sure sign of my insanity!! Haha!
Avatar n tn I signed up for their newsletter, but how does one get their doctor to see there might be more to it than just tyroid med. and another med for anxiety or whatever as they are separate conditions not related in any way?
345124 tn?1234486878 well here is my theory......... the sinus inflammation is caused by some unknown allergy that i am around all the time, the drip is clogging up my eustachian tubes or has entered my middle ear somehow, and because of that im getting equilibrium and dizziness problems. does this make sense? should i be concerned about something more dangerous? i would really appreciate a doctor's input or a similar experience from someone else who has seen an ENT.
Avatar f tn Please can you help me to cut down the anxiety according to my post as it would be a great help.
Avatar m tn Does anyone else feel their anxiety makes them susceptible to even more anxiety with this type of stuff? I mean I think I like a certain movie and someone will say it's full of evil meaning or illuminati symbolism. I've found that having an anxiety disorder so many years has stripped my confidence and trust in my own self, and this stuff is depressing and gets me tied up in knots.
Avatar f tn ANd this is my conclusion . The chemical imbalance theory as a cause for anxiety and depressive disorders never was true. In fact, no experiment has ever shown that anyone has an ‘imbalance’ of any neurotransmitters or any other brain chemicals. The entire theory was hypothetical. Over the last ten years, independent research has continually shown the chemical imbalance theory to be false.
Avatar f tn My husky used to freak out during storms, she almost streded through a wooden door once. What we did to ease her anxiety is just make sure she's inside with us during a storm. That way we could calm her down and if she wanted she could hide under a table or counter to feel better. We also gave her treats at the beginning and end of the storm and if she was calm enough would play with her. So eventually she learned that storms weren't something to be feared.
Avatar m tn There are several supplements that are quite useful in calming anxiety. But most important is to avoid food additives that increase anxiety, such as caffeine and food additive excitotoxins, including MSG, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, soy products, natural flavoring, caseinate, etc. Also, avoid sugar, since sugar precipitates hypoglycemia in close to 50 percent of the population and is know to dramatically increase brain excitability. As for supplements, there are several.
Avatar m tn I am 18 and suffer from performance anxiety, i cant maintain an erection when im with my girlfriend. We've tried many times it just doesnt work cause im nervious. is there any cure or way to maintain an erection for sure? would a penile pump work?
Avatar n tn I have the worst anixety about having another baby! I have two older ones that I got anixety about at the end of my pregnancy but this is diff! We didn't exactly plan to have anymore kids(although I've absolutely happy and excited to have another one and allow my youngest to expreriance being a big brother-theres almost a 9year difference )but first I thought it was BC we weren't prepared so I kept dreaming we weren't "allowed"to keep him BC we didn't have what we needed.
Avatar f tn There are MANY MANY different medication approaches to treating anxiety and panic, along with therapy. There are so many different kinds of drugs used to treat anxiety, not just benzos. Usually, in the event of a panic attack, the shorter acting benzos (Xanax, Ativan), are the best choices, because they have a much quicker onset of action, and if only taken here and there "as needed", there is very little concern of tolerance or dependency.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone.....what is best herbal medicine for anxiety....please only advise if you have used it....
Avatar m tn I have read many threads but have some symptoms (as does my wife) where i just cant shake the idea. (Extreme anxiety being caused) I visited Samui (Thailand) and whilst there recvd 2 massages with a HJ at the end. No oral occurred, i did not touch the genitals of the female performing the massage nor did she touch herself. HJ were brief with massage oil used as lubricant. Did not notice any cuts/blood on the hands of the women (did not really look either) did not notice any cuts on me either.
Avatar m tn Thrush is a very common infection. Your main problem appears to be either anxiety about your sexuality or guilt over your sexuality. That's probably where you want to focus your attention before this becomes a chronic anxiety problem. You might consider a therapist if you can't solve this on your own. By the way, the tongue looks white a lot, it isn't always thrush. Are you getting diagnosed for that?
Avatar n tn If you can isolate exactly what your fears are, you can slowly start working on those in a controlled/safe manner which, in theory, will raise your anxiety/paranoia threshold level to a managable level.