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Avatar n tn Probably a silly question, but will ask anyway. I don't understand the TSH levels. I know that when I was a mess I was at a 3.9, I mean really a mess. I know after treatment and being bumped up some doses now i'm at a .9 and feel pretty good. There's quite a difference though, I always thought, if I kept getting my dose upped that I would end up going the other way and then become Hyperthyroid, is that possible? Is a .9 low or high or what is it? What does it mean exactly?
Avatar f tn Hi I'm just wondering what symptoms can anxiety cause? can anxiety cause abdominal pain?
Avatar n tn Anxiety levels are high as I prepare to go in tomorrow for my c section!! In about 26 hours I will be welcoming Baby Adam into the world!!
Avatar f tn They did an ultrasound and saw a sack. My progesterone levels are low, however I also had low levels with my other children ages 8 and 7. Is there anything I can do or ask for to support this pregnancy? I have had many symptoms of pregnancy and I would love for this to be successful, even though I wasn't planning on having another child.
Avatar n tn Well yes, and indeed it’s a full circle relation. Anxiety and stress are known to increase blood sugar levels and diabetes like most ailments could be a cause for anxiety. Hope this information is helpful. Take care!
Avatar f tn For me (and many others), low levels of TSH (hyperthyroid) increases anxiety and high levels (hypo) leads to depression. Many, many of us are on antidepressants along with the thyroid replacement meds.
Avatar m tn What else besides anxiety can cause internal shaking , anxiety and brain fog? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Undiagnosed-Symptoms/internal-tremor-and-palpitations/show/1674294">internal tremor and palpitations</a>.
Avatar f tn I have had heart rate issues which after testing is apparently not related to my thyroid levels which are fine according to my Dr. My ECG shows the fluxuation in my heart rate (arrythmia and ectopic rate?), but is 'ok' and should 'go away' according to my Dr. There are days since where I feel this sensation which I can only assume is anxiety... it's so hard to describe. It's that feeling you get right before you sneeze or have a shiver, but it's constant!
Avatar n tn Hello- I recently saw my PCP about anxiety and had my TSH tested. My first test came back with a TSH level of 0.91 which was low but normal. A month later I was retested: TSH 0.80, T4 0.9, T3 3.0. None of these are classified as abnormal but my results continue to be on the low side of what is considered normal. Since then, I've been put on .5mg of Zoloft daily as well as .5mg of xanax as needed for the anxiety for the past 6 weeks. Unfortunatley, the zoloft doesn't seem to be helping.
Avatar n tn Caffeine and excess sugar can make an anxiety problem worse. Taking sugar and excess drinking out of your diet can greatly reduce anxiety as well as help lift serotonin levels. Check out the perks of a hypoglycemic diet or paleo diet or just google the benefits of hypoglycemic diets for those with anxiety. I know it has helped me in the past, and am striving to keep to the diet to help me in the future. It can take a month or two months to set in, though, so it's not exactly a quick fix.
1718784 tn?1330738322 As of late my anxiety levels have shot upwards and every time I leave the house (which has been quite rare lately) I feel extremely anxious and feel as if everyone is looking at me. Yesterday it even got to the point of avoiding someone in the street that I knew and I ended up hiding in a bush until they had passed, I also had an anxiety attack on the bus yesterday and lost my bus pass a result.
Avatar f tn What prompted your doctor to test your ANA levels? your titer level is high enough that the liklihood of a connective tissue disorder is pretty good. Have you visited rheumatology yet? what other symptoms are you having?
Avatar f tn You don't just stop taking med when you reach the normal ranges, you keep taking them to maintain adequate levels. In my opinion, the first thing you should do is find a different doctor and get your levels retested - don't just settle for TSH, which is a pituitary hormone, either. Insist on getting, both Free T3 and Free T4, which are the actual thyroid hormones, with Free T4 being a "storage hormone", which must be converted into the active Free T3.
Avatar f tn I had to go off the progesterone earlier this year for several months due to some abnormal other hormones levels and all my anxiety, sleep issues came back..... I now jokingly tell my dr I will have it clutched in my cold dead fingers when I am 100!! I hope they try to take me off of it ever again!! And Vonda, yes I shaked all over - inside and out with anxiety- still do if I am really upset or scared. I never had any of these problems before perimenopause.
Avatar f tn It can take up to 4 weeks for Paxil to reach therapeutic levels in your blood it possible you've just not given it enough time to begin to work? Your doctor has now put you on a dose that is about the mid-range for Paxil, but this increased dose will also take approximately 4 weeks to reach therapeutic levels. One of the things those of us with depression must learn is patience. We didn't become depressed overnight and it won't begin to get better overnight, either.
1452164 tn?1285138810 i have been suffering from anxiety dizziness for about a year and my parents think its normal.
Avatar n tn Although I have experienced slight test anxiety before, I am experiencing very high levels of anxiety and stress. I believe this is affecting my sleep patterns, skill performances, and test taking abilities. At first, I only experienced these these bouts the night before a test. Now it is more constant and my blood pressure readings have been spiking to over 140/120 with bounding pulse rates of over 110 BPM.
Avatar f tn I am 24 years old I was diagnosed with anxiety from my doctor about 2 months ago. I went because i started to fell uncomfortable on the back of my head down to my shoulders. I also had chest pains sometimes. Recently I have had trembling on my fingers. I feel like it gets worse when I think about it. I just want to know if those are symptoms of anxiety. I guess I worry because my doctor never did any tests on me talked to him and he said anxiety. Just looking for some reassurance.
Avatar n tn You should do a follow up and see if they tested your cortisol levels, usually a blood test is done, but is a poor means. 24-hour urine test for cortisol levels is the best way. AND YES stress CAN be the culprit, regardless of what some may say otherwise:) Although it's usually just a fuel for the flame. I had similar problems after abrubtly stopping WellButrin XL, I'd take it some days, some days not, off and on.
Avatar n tn No physical withdrawals. Energy is a lot higher, vague feeling of anxiety is up a little and perhaps my patience is a bit shorter than usual, but my actual mood is good and I've been quite productive lately. I'm actually planning to let the citalopram completely clear from my system and then switch to St John's Wort to help the anxiety.
Avatar m tn what if something like adrenal fatigue is causing my anxiety and I take anti anxiety medications that raise the serotonin levels in your brain !? I have many thoughts in my mind , I am getting crazy Has anyone had any experience like this before ? sorry for my bad English .
1139187 tn?1355710247 I had really bad anxiety when i went to my dose of 130 synthroid. It was almost unbearable. Now that I'm decreasing to 120 the anxiety is back. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn How do I over come health anxiety bout heart on occasions I get sharp chest pains. I really want to start lightly jogging I've had multiple EKGs and blood test all normal and doctor has even listen to heart all normal I lift weights about 4 times a week but every time I try and run I go into panic mode.. I'm 20 years old pretty fit but not in shape. What do I need to do??!!
Avatar n tn All the tests show normal except for a small cyst in his left temporal lobe which the doctor says is not uncommon. Are these classic anxiety symptoms? Is it possible to have anxiety without worry? Paxil seems to clear up most of the symptoms except for the fuzziness. Thanks.
Avatar f tn B12) that can sometimes cause anxiety. Magnesium definecy can also cause anxiety. Keeping a journal might help you as well. Please keep us posted on your progress. I hope you feel better soon.
Avatar m tn sounds like you have anxiety- does you heart beat fast when you are talking to people? you may have high levels of cortizol ( I am sorry if I am spelling it wrong, the fight and flight syndrome, but you are keeping it bottle up-- what is your diet? stay away from sugar, white and processed foods, more lean proteins and fruits and veggies. A better diet with exercise will make you feel better!!