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Avatar m tn But as Im gettin proof that I have no other STDs, I have begun to worry about HIV and have serious thoughts of suicide (I know Im stupid and Im just looking for a reason to worry but I dont know how to help it) I have a history of anxiety and depression, especially in winters, which can even be triggered by pain killers (Hydrocodone) and even Mucinex (possibly because of ephedrin?
Avatar n tn As far as the anxiety goes, antidepressants never worked for anxiety for me, just for the depression, so I can understand why he is on the alprazolam. Definitely think he needs a therapist as well.
Avatar f tn I've been battling issues with depression and anxiety for about 10 years now. I feel like I've wasted so much of my life and when I start thinking about things it makes me sad and frustrated. In December, I had surgery (gallbladder removal) for the first time ever. Prior to that I'd never really had any health issues. Made it 25 years and had never even had blood drawn. Going to doctors has always given me a great deal of anxiety so having to deal with that really started my downward spiral.
Avatar n tn Twenty or thirty percent of people that a doctor sees are there for depression or anxiety, anyway, so you would not be unusual in that regard. The doctor can give you a referral to a psychologist, social worker, or psychiatrist if you tell him you want to talk to someone about your problem.
Avatar f tn I have suffered with panic,anxiety and depression for decades. I spent lots of money on specialists,tests and drugs. All I know for sure is that the more I went to the doctor, the more meds I was taking and the sicker I was getting. I ended up addicted to benzos and z drugs and didn't even know it.......until I tried to stop taking them. OMG..... the withdrawals were horrible and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. It has been 11.5 months and I am still suffering.
Avatar n tn After three years now, I can't imagine that I'll ever get off the benzos for the anxiety or the depression meds. Depression has been mostly eliminated with the Lamital, but that seems to have possibly highlighted my anxiety. Hard to tell. Ssri's havent worked for me for a variety of reasons (allergic reaction to Celexa, inability to properly metabolize Prozac, and so forth). Wellbutrin almost put me over the edge with the anxiety.
Avatar n tn Last year about this same time, i was hit by overwhelming depression and anxiety... I was medicated for about 6-9 months by a doctor to regulate my... I was weened off the medication in june. I felt better... i thought. Now that i think back on the year, i was sick an awful lot after june, i've had colds and other issues. I've also been in serious fights with every friend and member of my family and had a few problems with thoughts of suicide...
Avatar n tn If anxiety is your main problem, this drug may therefore increase anxiety; if depression is your main problem with the anxiety caused by depression, and that's more common than any of us know, it might work in time. I assume you got to this drug because you had problems with ssris, or at least Zoloft as mentioned above, but again, this drug isn't usually used for primary anxiety.
774736 tn?1311334985 I am only 18 years old but i might aswell be 30 because i know alot about anxiety/panic attacks/depression. ive only had it for 3-4 monthes but ive always been around friends who have had it for many years. so if you would like any more of my advice feel free to message me. im always here to listen. goodluck-crissy p.
1021784 tn?1306366611 anxiety such as GAD, (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) SAD, (Social Anxiety Disorder) health anxiety or if you experience anxiety or panic attacks, you are being treated with an inappropriate and dangerous medication. Lurasidone, (Latuda) is used to treat the symptoms of SCHIZOPHRENIA and is in a class of medications called ATYPICAL ANTIPSYCHOTICS. They should never be prescribed for anxiety/panic/OCD or depression.
186166 tn?1385262982 When we suggest that their symptoms are nothing more than anxiety produced, they still have trouble believing that anxiety can produce very real physical symptoms. Below is a excellent list of what anxiety can to someone, both physically and psychologically.
Avatar m tn I have been suffering from Anxiety disorder for the past 30 yrs.. I have been in therapy, and have had bio-feedback. I can't take "any" antidepressant drugs because I have a terrible reaction to everyone that I have tried. And my doctor has tried all of them from A to Z and the same things happen, my tongue swells, my throat closes up and my blood pressure drops really low just to name a few of a list of side effects. My doctor has been treating me with Xanax 1mg twice a day.
Avatar n tn Either way, maybe for you, anxiety can cause paranoia. Things like anxiety and depression all have the same underlying properties, but I have always believed that they can manifest themselves differently in different people. Psychiatrists and other mental "health" professionals would have you believe that there is always a cut-and-dry set of symptoms for every single person on earth...but this can't be true because everyone is different.
Avatar m tn Are you seeing a doctor and therapist for this? Are you on any medication for the depression? Since the anxiety has increased since the surgery, it may be a good time for a visit with your PCP and discuss this with him/her. Perhaps a short course of an anti-anxiety med may be just what you need right now while you cope with your recovery.
1348086 tn?1370786785 I would recommend that you go have a very thorough physical, from A-Z and rule out any organic reason for your symptoms. If anxiety is what's left on the table, then you, your doctor and your p-doc need to work as a team to get you the right treatment. Time to get pro-active in your own mental health. Start doing research and learning about different types of anxiety and meds because knowledge is power. You are intelligent and strong and motivated.
Avatar n tn Keep up with your psych appointments and stay on top of the anxiety, panic and depression. Talk therapy and medication combined is the best way to overcome this. Keep going to your AA meetings. I do wish you peace and luck and will pray for you.
1738923 tn?1327330269 For the past few months all my energies are being exhausted just worrying and thinking of worst-case scenarios. I feel paralyzing fear. Yes folks, I have an anxiety disorder. I'm starting to take pity on myself, thinking that I am very unlucky and the world is cruel.Thinking what did I do to deserve all this? I'm starting to lose it. I am losing sleep already and I'm starting to hallucinate and hear things. I dont know if I should tell my GF what im going through or just endure this.
716688 tn?1230313819 First things firts. Manic depression and Bipolar Disorder are the same thing - Manic depression is an older cterm for Bipolar which replaced it as a disgnostic criteria in DSM-IV and consits of three classifications, BP1, BP2 and Cyclothymia. Bipolar does not go away, it cannot be cured, it will not listen to reason and it wont be fought with denial. The meds you are on btw are not a server cocktail, pretty much the safest around in many ways, why do you want to go off the meds?
480448 tn?1426952138 ONE important thing to remember that I learned, and have never forgotten is that these two effects CANNOT exist without anxiety.....but that anxiety can exist without these sensations. Derealization is basically a change, an alteration in the PERCEPTION or experience of the external other words...everything LOOKS very strange, very "unreal" (movie like, in my experiences). Depersonalization is a subjective experience of unreality of one's self. So the difference is...
Avatar f tn I always think it's going to be terminal cancer. I take acid reflux medication...but get myself so worked up with anxiety that it doesn't even keep the acid settled. My fear was always mental health issues as I have long lived the fear of being like my mentally ill parent. There is nothing easy about this at all. I, like you, fear leaving my two children behind. It's the single most terrifying part of all. My dr has referred me for a ct scan of my abdomen...
Avatar f tn Often times with many of us that suffer major Depression or Bi-polar dissorder, we also have anxiety dissorder. Anxiety dissorder is kind of the evil by-product of depression. I know some people with anxiety dissorder that do not have depression, but I almost never hear of a depression sufferer that does not have anxiety dissorder. I agree with you. Some of your anxiety may be getting spawned by your un-diagnosed depression.
808293 tn?1238605783 the interaction helped me take my mind off of the anxiety...but the last few days I have started taking Celexa, and the anxiety and depression have gotten worse, and yesterday at work I had to leave early because I just thought that it was best to try and rest...(thankfully, I have an understanding boss, who suggested I take today off too.) I really, really do want to get back to going to work, leading a normal life...I don't want to feel like I can't leave the house... Thanks for the response.
Avatar n tn I do not know if it is some sort of anxiety or depression and it is my body's way of dealing with it or if it is something I should be concerned with. Anyone else with the same type of thing.
Avatar m tn when its really bad and I am on a ADD med Adderall (stimulant) medication which helps some with the anxiety and depression. But there are days where it doesnt work.. and I have to take the anxiety med Klon.. But that is mostly at night becaue that is when my anxiety gets bad... I hope I can help some..
Avatar n tn Are you taking it for anxiety or depression or both. Mine is Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I am VERY sensative to medications so I will have to up my dose very slowly. Probably stay at 5mg. for 2 weeks, then 7.5 for two weeks, then 10 mg. If not I will have side effects of anxiety and nervousness also. I have heard Lexapro is supposed to be very good for anxiety so I hope I have better luck with it than I did the effexor.
16156158 tn?1445738875 In addition to major depression (and anxiety due to depression), I suffer from ADHD and am prescribed Adderall 30mg tablets 2x daily along with Effexor 100mg tablet and Clonopin 1mg tablet 3x daily. I began Effexor 100mg tablets twice a day roughly 3 months ago. The first week or two I was manic. Heart racing, sweats and insomnia exacerbated. I told my doctor and he said take one in the morning only. I trust him as he suffers from major depressive disorder like me.
494594 tn?1212971528 If you really want to find out why your child is having certain symptoms that may be affecting him or her at school and at home, we need to understand how the child learns, processes information, rule/out learning disabilities, and make sure that anxiety or depression is not creating these symptoms.
Avatar n tn Here is a link to a web site with some up to date pertinent information. <a href="">Hep-C News.</a>
Avatar n tn Ringing in the ears is one of the side effects from Zoloft. Just because you didn't experience it doesn't mean others won't. LisaB1234, sometimes it gets better after your body gets used to the meds. If it gets really bothersome, talk to the doctor see if he can switch the antidepressant.