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Avatar f tn Hi - please consult your pharmacist or doctor before adjusting your medication dosage so you're certain to do so safely. Because every person's situation and medical history are different, only your medical professionals can advise you on how to safely adjust for missed dosages.
Avatar f tn I have attempted overdose 4 times since December, tonight I took 10mg of Clonazepam and 300 mg of Effexor is this enough to overdose
Avatar f tn My friend has been diagnosed with severe depression and bipolar. She has been put on Epilem 300mg and Serequil 100mg. Can an overdose of this tablets kill you or is it save tablets?Im asking this question because we are in control of giving her, her medicine everynight, but all off a sudden she wants it. Im scared that she will try to overdose on it. So I just want to know before I give it to her....Is it safe or would she die if she takes to much of it.
Avatar f tn the doctor prescribed me some pills for uti symptoms and I'm also on my period and I wanted to know is it okay that I take ibuprofen because of cramps although I'm already taking pills for the uti.
Avatar f tn I took a large lithium and valium (not my own medication) overdose about 30 years ago, I suffer from various mental and physical conditions and wondered if any of them could be attributed to that? Any insight greatly appreciated.
1336711 tn?1275725436 This is the most medication I have ever been on in the 17 years of diagnosis of BP with psychotic episodes and Major Clinical Depression. I feel like Im overdosed .There has to be better drugs at half the dose to be effective but my Dr says Im on the best for my diagnosis. I have a 2 year old and can hardly function to keep up with him.
Avatar f tn Well, it is am opiate which is a systemic vasodilator, opening up blood vessels and increasing oxygenation. A high dose can cause respiratory depression, which can reduce oxygen to the heart and increase the chances for fibrillation (hypoxia being the cause). Thus the answer is probably not in any dose normally prescribed by a physician. In the case of abuse and an overdose, possible.
Avatar f tn I was first diagnosed with post-natal depression when my daughter was about 6 months old, she is now 21 months old and my situation is getting worse rather than better. My GP won't give me any anti-depressants as I (stupidly) tried to overdose with them last year. I have recently started university and I am very stressed out. I feel like there is no one or nothing that can help me.
Avatar n tn I January I was admitted to the hospital after taking an overdose of Tylenol PM. I had not been on any anti-depressants at the time but in the last five years have tried all the SSRI's without sucesss on and off. In the hospital they prescribed me Effexor which gave me really no relief and major sexual side effects. My sisters are on Wellbrutrin and say it works great for them so my doctor weaned me off the Effexor and is in the process of uping my dosage to 300 mg.
Avatar n tn We urge you to call 999 (the emergency number in the UK) or go to the ER. Please update us on your condition. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn I take Topamax 175 mg for headaches and 300 mg of Luvox for Depression. The only medication I take now are the two and my enzymes are staying elevated. I don't know how elevated they are, but I do remember the doctor saying to me that they weren't terribly elevated. Could this be from the overdose? I am overweight, but just lost about 45 lbs. I still have about 40 more to lose. Do you think I might have done some damage to my liver with the o/d?
Avatar n tn Mixing alcohol with any medication is questionable, depending on the medication in question. Alcohol and psychiatric medication should never be mixed, Besides alcohol being a depressant and directly affecting your mood, mixing them together can depending on the medication be down right dangerous. On how it specifically effects Prozac and adderall ?
Avatar n tn Taking medication with alcohol is never a good thing, especially if the drinking results in a binge. If your wife drinks occasionally but when she does drink - she can not stop, she may be a binge alcoholic. This condition is as serious as if she were a daily drinker. Alcohol intoxication does initially seem to help anxiety and depression which is why people often drink. They may use it as a form of 'self medication'.
Avatar f tn 5 mg of ativan to o.
Avatar n tn I'm just guessing here, but isn't it in general a bad idea to give a person *instructions* on how to overdose on a particular medication? Bixby didn't say, "My doctor has me taking x mg of this medication. Could that be too close to toxicity levels?" Bixby asked how many mg of that medication, alone or in combination with another drug, would cause an OD. Am I alone on this? Doesn't this set off alarms for anyone else?!
Avatar f tn I'm 15wks I'm suffering from major depression and I'm afraid to take any meds but at the same time I'm bearly making it throughout the day and I don't kno what to do I was hospitalized for a overdose and when I came home it got worse icause I started thinkin I could of hurt my baby has anyone else went through this are is going through it now plz let me kno what I have done or is doing to get through thx
Avatar f tn I have two grown children, my daughter is 27 and my son is 22. My daughter has been suffering from depression for some time now and has been trying to get help. All she seems to find is dr's that tell her she has "relationship issues and low self esteem" then give her drugs and send her on her way. I know for a fact that she has adult ADHD on top of the depression and thought maybe if they could help the ADHD it would help with the depression as well.
Avatar f tn I've been very depressed and anxious as well. I feel bad, I'm always so on edge. My poor 2 yr old son probably thinks I've gone evil. I'm not sure how to help it, I've had bipolar disorder, an anxiety disorder, and major depression for 8 years and all I can do is cope. Other than medication I'm not sure how to actually feel better, I'm sorry.
Avatar n tn I however would be very careful with this medication. However if you still choose to do it, make sure that you don't do it alone and if your doing it with friends make sure that someone stays off any medication so they can get help if needed..
Avatar f tn Im really worried about my husband taking Tramadol, he has been taking this medication for about 5 months he was given month supply 90 pills and he they don't last the month. When he takes them he doesn't sleep,or eat. He has lost about 30 lbs and has a total differnt personality with me. asking for divorce and being very abusive with me He didn't have any for about 10 days and I noticed he was eating sleeping and treating me very good. His sister died of an rx drug overdose.
Avatar f tn can taking methadone and percocet togeather cause overdose wich can lead to a stroke? If your addicted to percocet coming off of them can it make you really angry at anyone tring to help you get off them? can taking to much percocet mixed with methodone and xanix make you very disfunctional slured speech and come in and out while in a conversation and fall asleep all the time?
Avatar f tn Its keeping her pressures under control, mostly from 17-21.Can somebody tell is she on overdose of medication and is Dorzox-T (thats what this combo is called in India) 3 times a day not recommended for a kid ?
Avatar m tn One more thing..... I'm sure you may have tried many meds to gain control of your depression. I'm sorry most of them did not help. I too am medication resistant and I know how hard it can be when meds are not working. BUT, I do know that you have not tried everything yet. There are meds that work, even for med resistant people like you and I. There are so many different meds that there is no way you have tried everything. I'm talking 100 plus meds for depression.