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Avatar m tn I have had therapy, biofeedback, and have tryed every anti-depressant from A to Z. Everytime I have tryed a different anti-depressant I have really bad reactions to the medication. My throat closes up, my tongue swells up, my eyes feel like they are going to explode, my blood pressure drops, I get really bad headaches, and I feel real weak and all my joints start to hurt. Along with parts of my body going numb.
Avatar f tn I used to spell OK, but now it is getting worse. But I don't worry about it, or think it is due to my medication. What anti-depressant are you on?
Avatar n tn I tried 1 that did not work because of bad side effects but am now back on the original and feel great. Logic and reason go along way when it comes to anti depressants and or anti anxiety medication; unfortunately I have found little of either in many doctors. When it comes to mental issues they seem to use a one size fits all method. I hope this helps, your husband is on a rediculous amount of meds, unless I am missing something....
Avatar f tn I am a 42 year old woman with major depression and Biplar II. I also have a history of alcoholism and pill addiction. I am in my 5th year of being clean and sober. I recently tapered off both Zyprexa (anti-psychotic) and Lexapro (AD) due to side-effects (weight-gain, sexual dysfunction, and apathy). My pdoc supported my decision. I currently take Lamictal 150 mgs (mood stabilizer) and thyroid medication for hypothyroidism.
Avatar m tn That's unusual because there are a variety of classes of anti-depressants that work in very different manners. The site "Depression Central" has full information on what is available but I would suggest the best thing to do is see a mood disorders specialist and see if they could determine if there is any medication you could take that you would react to better including medications that are FDA approved but in clinical study as anti-depressants.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am a 30 year old professional suffering from my second bout of depression in two years. My depressions seem to be more situational in nature but are very severe with significant weight loss (20 pounds in two weeks), difficulty staying asleep, vivid dreams, horribly memory ( what was I saying? he he--still have some sense of humor left), sense of doom, internalizing all the ills of society etc.
Avatar f tn These are your two options at this point, and neither choice will be easy. Can I ask, were you diagnosed with depression? Or anxiety? What non-medication modalities have you tried to fix this? It's a hard place to be, and I hope you find a way that works.
Avatar m tn Never treated it properly to begin with. I have always been ANTI-DRUG big time... Started having major sleep problems. Went to OTC stuff. Stopped working. Went to Amitryptiline. Worked great at first, but stopped working as good AND the side effects (runny nose, etc) were HORRIBLE. Tried Rozerem, it kinda worked, but wouldnt help me through the night and the thought of taking drugs increased my anxiety. Went to Ambien thought it would be the cur all...
716688 tn?1230313819 The most commonly used natural mood stabilizer, fish oil has been researched and made into an approved anti-cholesterol medication called Lovaza used experimentally for bipolar. You could ask about that medication. And if there are any effects on the kidneys your psychiatrist could easily check the company information. I'm not reccomending this specific mood stabilizer. I'm making a point.
Avatar n tn Now he cannot stop thinking about the disease and is anxious all the time, the more Patient Z thinks about the disease the more anxious he/she becomes. Or, Patient Z has always been mildly anxious. It has never been a problem until this person lost their job and money became tight and now they worry that on top of that Patient Z feels he/she is disabled by a heart condition because of a constant pain in the chest which was never there before.
788358 tn?1237750554 Shortly after that he went into a deep depression with suicidal thoughts. He is in his 30's now, so at that time we didn't know about bi-polar. I took him to the doctor and to see a phsychologist. He wasn't put on any meds. As time went on he would get his manic times and his lows. He met a nice girl who was patient and understanding. She did her best to help him. They married, but she had to have a hysterectomy which added to his depression because he wanted a child.
Avatar n tn Just look at my example of the Effexor compared to the Zoloft. I do believe that anti-depression medication is way overly prescribed to those who don't need it, and many patients are not properly monitored once a script is written for them. My doctor is a wonderful man who keeps excellent track of me. I will be seeing him early this week. I have other friends who have been on meds for years now and their doctors never see them! They just keep filling the prescription.
Avatar m tn I am also taking dilantin and depakote. Depression is a side effect FOR ME and most depression medications causes seizures. There is only a few types I can take.... I believe I am in a catch 22, Best of luck to you!
Avatar f tn That's the theory behind it being an anti-anxiety drug, though for the same reason I don't know how it would work for depression. Haven't taken it yet, but I might be forced to, but that's the theory of it.
Avatar n tn Hi there anti psychotic drugs are notorious for piling on the pounds... some time ago I was on seroquel (which apparently is one of the least active in putting on weight) and i was the size of a HOUSE!!!! coming off this drug has really helped me lose weight. Is zyprexa an anti psychotic? if so, that might be the culprit..
Avatar n tn What were once side effects may now be something else,like an expression of an underlying depression that is not being treated. I would recommend a consulation with a therapist rather than looking for another medication. You may be able to figure out what is bothering you without having to take anything.
190885 tn?1333029491 If you are still too sleepy after several weeks, you can always reduce the dose. Does it help your depression? When I was depressed, I didn't sleep for weeks, just couldn't. So I welcomed being sleepy. I took Paxil for 5 years and then got off it. There were some side effects in the first weeks, but everything got back to normal eventually. My mood was a little "flat" (usually I get excited and nervous about things), but I didn't mind that. Why Paxil didn't work for you?
Avatar n tn Is it ok to try another anti-depressant? I'm not sure if I even have depression anymore because I'm on the meds for it, but I know that without it, I don't know if I could cope with everything.
Avatar n tn Talk to your Dr at once about the depression.. I am on Effexor. It helps with anxiety, and depression. Good luck to you, and stay strong.. You are not alone!!
459689 tn?1276573743 Ok about November of last year I was having my usual severe depression, mild anxiety and general bitter little man syndrome. I have had depression and situational (usually involving women or lack of money) anxiety for many years. Every couple of years I would try an anti depressant, tried Paxil made me jittery and anxious doc said to quit. A few years later tried Wellbutrin and got jittery anxious and could not eat, doc said quit.
1034736 tn?1319562635 I suppose you could tell him the truth, that if he doesn't change X, Y and Z, see a counselor, take medication (and insurance is required in this country any minute now . . . many prescriptions are generic that work very well, money really isn't an excuse for the cost of medication. Therapy costs a bit but if it helps, its so valuable. He could try the YMCA, YWCA, universities with psychology programs, clinics, etc. to find less expensive services. Do you two go to church?
Avatar f tn I was prescribed meclazine, but it did absolutely nothing except make me sleepy which really didn't help since I had studying and classes and such. I was also prescribed Z-pack antibiotics to try and knock out any potential infections that might cause it, again no help. I saw a doctor who decided to chalk it up to anxiety.
Avatar f tn I took an overdose of anti depressants once, and was taken to hospital. I was given something to make me vomit up the pills. I was then given charcoal to drink but it was foul, and I only took a couple of sips. I was told it was to line my stomach, and prevent any reaction from the pills getting into my blood stream. I made a full recovery. Why did you take so many pills? All overdoses are life threatening.
Avatar n tn My sister is taking citalopram and this medication is working for her. She has no side effects. My niece is taking Effexor XR and this medication is working for her. The only side effect is an increase in "sweating" when nervous. The only way you will know what is best for your body is to try one. I really think it is "six of one" and a "half dozen of the other". If one doesn't work, then you try another.
Avatar n tn like increased anxiety and a little depression now too!? I really want to throw the towel in but will not. I also was given Xanax .5 mg to take 3 times a day as needed. I have been fighting to take it so I don't get addicted! If I would take the Xanax to help deal with the anxiety...let's say everyday, maybe 1 or 2 a day for the 4 weeks, will I become addicted? Somedays I haven't had to take it.
Avatar n tn I am going through a divorce and moving etc. having some depression & anxiety, I don't tolerate antidepressants well, tried paxil made me spin, effexor same thing. Just started 1/2 of 50mg of Zoloft and feel a bit groggy and take 1mg xanax at night. Hope it works, my new Love things a couple of hits on the wacky tabacky does the same thing.
Avatar m tn I managed to convince the gp to do more tests because I didn't agree they could all be down to depression. Some of the symptoms are fatigue,depression that comes and goes,joint pain,hair loss,cold hands and feet even in the middle of summer, feeling the cold more than normal etc. Results I had were: TSH 1.40 mu/L ( 0.35-5.5) T4 16.4 pmol/L (10.0-19.8) Other than the tpo antibodies we tested ferritin,b12,folate and vitamin d amongst other things.
Avatar n tn The last 4-5 months have been perhaps some of my worst and more depressed since that initial depression in 2003. Thus, if I merely recovering from the situational depression I experienced at Mount Union as a 20 year old (triggered and furthered by immaturity, drugs, booze, breakup, and an unclear future), I would by this point not be experiencing such dramatic, consistent, and destructive highs and lows.
387056 tn?1200447377 By the time my head started involuntarily twitching and I was noticing shortness of breath doing activites that were easy two weeks before (this is two months after the dual anti-depressant treatment began), I stopped the medication and went to go see an internist. My internist says I was suffering from a slowly progressing Serotonin Syndrome. 2 weeks after stopping the medication, none of my symptoms have resolved.
Avatar m tn antidepressant drugs because I have a terrible reaction to everyone that I have tried. And my doctor has tried all of them from A to Z and the same things happen, my tongue swells, my throat closes up and my blood pressure drops really low just to name a few of a list of side effects. My doctor has been treating me with Xanax 1mg twice a day. It helps with the panic attacks, but now I feel shaky and tired all the time. I even go numb and my body tingles. Its driving me nuts !