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457745 tn?1212925510 Anxiety and depression can go hand in hand. They certainly did for me. My doc told me that antidepressant medication works to cure anxiety too, but there is never any guarantee for a particular individual that a med will do the job. You are wise to seek help immediately. You may be in depression, or heading for one, or just need help pulling through this tough time.
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411389 tn?1230124477 You also need to taper off of benzodiazepines like the valium. Paxil is good for depression and I believe it is also good for social anxiety.
Avatar m tn He was very good and after a couple of meetings he prescribed me with medication for what he called a chemical imbalance in my brain that caused depression. The meds worked and I definitely wasn't as sad most of the time. So for seven years I've taken meds. More recently I've started to feel, emotionless and even angry (on the inside). Im not suicidal like I was in middle school, but I definitely don't feel good.
1248885 tn?1285832739 I now am on Celexa HBR 20 mg. I have been on it almost a month. I am taking it for Depression. It seems to be helping. The thing is I am not sure if I should increase it. Does anyone know if the dose of the Celexa is equivalent to the Cymbalta? I do still have moment where I begin to cry out of the blue, even when things become overwhelming. Any sugestions would be a great help. thank you for reading, responding.
Avatar m tn If you are taking medication for depression does that make your system take longer to ejaculate and also make it harder to gain an erection?
Avatar f tn I am currently looking for a new depression medication. I need some info on something that is NOT a SSRI, a hormone, and is not zoloft, celexa, or prozac......also something that does not contain salicylic acid aka aspirin. If anyone can help I would appreciate the help.
Avatar f tn does your partner masturbate frequently or take any medication? If he masturbates frequently tell him to leave his penis alone for a couple weeks..the "tightness" one can apply with his hand is considerably different than that of you and his penis/brain or whatever stuff is involved becomes used to reaching orgasm this way.
Avatar f tn i mean im a medical student i studied a psychiatric course and what i read from many lectures about depression is it says one of the etiology is genetic! so do i have higher risk for depression than someone whose mother is not depressed?
Avatar f tn t need to test more than either lamictal, seroquel or abilify. These 3 are the best for your case. The 1st AC for depression. The 2nd is antimanic and a moderate MS. The 3rd is AP atypical like the 2nd but a 2nd generation stabilizing the dopamine instead of supressing it.
Avatar f tn ve not had depression but I know with anxiety medication and counselling has helped. Have you tried either?
Avatar f tn Psychologist (talk out problems) they help you connect your behaviors to things that have happened in your life and help you face them, deal with them and move forward in a healthy way. Psychiatrist (prescribe medication for depression, anxiety,...etc) they help you medically when just talking isn't helping. Sometimes, medication works differently for some people than it does for others. This means that some medications work for you and some don't.
Avatar f tn Get a copy of what was tested. Get a copy from your doctor of from the lab. Prolactin is rather tricky even though the docs tend to think it is simple. Make sure you had a lot of tests - thyroid, pituitary and a lot of general tests. The depression you have, if not for a reason in your life, could be a symptom of hormonal imbalance - other hormones. GPs are not that suited to treat hormones - heck, most endos cannot do it well... sad. Was your MRI scan done properly?
Avatar f tn Im on medication for depression and anxiety. Also occasionally I have a sedative in case I go bizzercerz. Would that hurt my child more than stress would?
Avatar f tn I'm on 50 mg Zoloft
1653617 tn?1301898264 my best days i can get up and play with my kids and others i just want to sit arround the house and watch tv. i take a depression medication and some days it feels like it istn working. im lost and dont know what to do if anyone has any tips please let me know.
Avatar f tn It depends on which medication, there are some that are safe. Ive been having issues with it, because ive already taken all the ones that are safe at one point and there are very few that are safe.
Avatar f tn Your son probably should be evaluated by a mental health professional to address the depression. In turn, this might increase his desire and motivation to lose weight should this be his goal. The school counselor might be a good resource for this support.
Avatar f tn does anyone know anything about celexa? for depression I have been on wellbution 300 mg lexapro paxil ... i can't find anything that continues to work for my depression. It seems to work for a little while and then stops. Or maybe it's just me? my diagnosis is bipolar 2 although sometimes I think it's bipolar1 with depression. I never have any energy and i feel trapped in my house. I am very antisocial. I don't want to be. I just cant help it .
Avatar m tn i still have a prescription for tramadol (50mb) - i dont take it everyday but it really helps when im feeling stressed is it unreasonable to ask for tramadol as an anti-depressant\anti-anxiety medication. from what ive been reading about tramadol is that its only prescribed for pain - would a doctor prescribe this medication for my condition? I really dont want to take anything else.
Avatar m tn I have been taking Amitriptyline for a while for depression and pain but 6 weeks ago I suffered a stroke and my depression is worse so was given Sertraline along with the other.
Avatar f tn t universally true, but generally general docs know virtually nothing about medication in general because they prescribe for so many different conditions and so get all their information from their pharmaceutical salespeople. Psychiatrists can be pretty ignorant too, but at least you get a better chance since they presumable prescribe these specific meds regularly and only.
Avatar m tn I have been living with BPD for my entire life. I have been on Prozac for my Depression and Geodon for my mood swings for almost a year now. I believe these medications aren't doing anything for me and what I've read about Geodon its an unsafe risky drug. I am 18 and I am going to ask my doctor if I can start lowering my dosages so I can safely quit taking them. Is it legal for him to deny my request of lowering my dosages?
619354 tn?1222576638 You have to think of depression as a disease state, because in fact that is exactly what it is. Would you withhold medication to yourself if you were diagnosed with high blood pressure? Of course not I( well I would hope not). Keep in mind the following statistic. Patients with generalized anxiety disorder experience worry or anxiety and a number of physical and psychologic symptoms.
Avatar f tn I was perscribed it because the chemicals responsible for cause depression are also responsible for causing anxiety. If the chemicals in your brain are in-fact, out of wack..then an ssri should help. I take a benzodiazephine on an as-needed basis.