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Avatar m tn I hve my wife and a good friend watching over me...and hopefully God will remove the anxiety and give me some peace...I am going to go try take a nap...that's for all of the support.
Avatar f tn on 11-22-07 i'll hit 24 years sober.Back in 1983 the docs wouldn't prescribe any anti-anxiety or anti-depressant drugs for newly sober folks needing relief.They'd growl we ain't giving u nothing...u were on drugs!I'm happy to see this mindset change today.Antabuse been around for a long time but it doesn't seem to kill the craving for alcohol like the Campral does.I've never taken Campral.It is 3 years old.
Avatar f tn I just filled my mind with positive thoughts remember everything is in gods hands and i downloaded the Redeemer app on my cell phone that app is great for any situation it gives you peace comfort and guidance.
Avatar f tn I have found an app for smartphones that helps me alot with my anxiety. It is called Heal Depression Hypnosis by Kym Tolson. It cost me $4.99, I have a Droid. I just lay in bed, turn off all lights, put on my eye mask and just tune everything else out. I do this a few times a day and it has helped with my anxiety A LOT! The intro is kinda weird but listen to it to the end. Hope this helps someone, it has for me.
Avatar f tn Hi i am 20 year old female and i have been suffering from anxiety for the past four years and its really taking hold of my life and relationship with my bf...I am looking for some answers..i keep thinking something elsa is wrong but i have had many test done and nothing has shown...they put me on e medication called welbutron cause i suffer from depression to because of my anxiety...
Avatar f tn Anxiety can cause all kinds of feelings, and numbness is certainly one of them. If your doctor is aware of your anxiety and he says it is nothing, then I would try not to worry too much about it. However, if he is NOT aware of your anxiety condition, then I would tell him about it and how it seems to correlate with your being anxious. Just another thougth, have you seen a chiropractor for this?
Avatar f tn why must i have it but others don't. its so annoying. i don't do things anyhow. i always stay safe.
Avatar m tn I have had no episodes of it since then. I have dealt with anxiety for about 6 or so years now. It was fairly well under control until just recently. I am pretty sure what I am experiencing is my anxiety again, but it has me worried about some sort of heart rhythm problem. It has me convinced of a fib. So I have downloaded a couple apps, and like this one the most so far. Cardiograph uses the camera to give you an idea of your hear rate.
899454 tn?1295587538 In the meantime he prescribed Clonazepam if needed for a panic attack (if I get one from the day of the app till our next app). I told him that I wanted to take something on a daily basis so I can control the anxiety and eventually panic attack. He said that we will discuss that in my next visit. I thought that in the first app he is going to prescribe something but that was not the case. Maybe he has to evaluate somethings first. Is this normally done so?
1224351 tn?1325378417 she gave me some diazepam for anxiety and ive gotta see her again in 5wks
Avatar n tn What are the chances of this?
Avatar f tn Been smoking for around 8 years and have some anxiety issues.I was put on a treatment of Seroxat 20mg for app. 8 months. Now am drug free for about 4 months. Lately i was experiencing shortness of breath, chest pain (like electric shocks) and pain in my heart every time a smoke a cigarette. I saw a cardiologist last week and had some tests done and he assured that its not a cardiovescular issue. Also i have some muscle twitching and burn sensation in my left leg every time am at rest.
4059843 tn?1541422896 Hmmmm well where to begin.... About a month or so ago, I tried, and I mean tried, to eat very little. I was sort of at a point where I looked in the mirror and saw how chubby I was, and thought 'well I am going to do a lot of exercise, lose these kilos, and finally be skinny. I was doing a lot more exercise than last year. So anyway, with my lack of patience, and for some reason I was quite anxious... I decided to make myself feel worse.
Avatar n tn for the last 4 week i have been having this burning feeling in my arm ,shoulder ,chest or( breast)not sure it goes right up to my neck and face on the left side.i have a app at a breast clinic in 2 weeks because of this pain.i have also been to the hospital they did xrays all clear....
Avatar f tn Sounds about right. You'll be fine, mama. I know anxiety is heightened when you're pregnant, but it sounds like your symptoms are spot on for normal pregnancy. I think you're nerves are normal and it's just a sign that you care so deeply for your baby. Do try to calm yourself, you don't need to worry. I know what you mean about the days going slowly. I hate that part.
Avatar f tn Hey I need some help. I am a gay male who joined Grindr last summer.While on the app I have had many meet ups with other guys last summer. In cases where I hooked up with them I've always used protection during anal penetration. I don't recall the condom ever breaking at any time. I always have played it safe and cautious and to be honest I don't last for long so the likely hood of the condom breaking might be slim. However I have sever HIV anxiety.
Avatar n tn i always get nereves for a test or dr. app. umm things like that i am just mad and i am not getting good sleep cause i am nereves then i have been taking my heart rate and it has been fine i am charting it too what should i do please help me?!??!?!?!?!
Avatar f tn Panic attacks come and go, but anxiety can be constant, but that doesn't mean you have an anxiety disorder. You could have any number of physiological problems, including thyroid or sexual hormone fluctuations related to your still recent pregnancy. Having a child causes all kinds of issues for people. Personally, I wouldn't rush for the medication, since that brings a whole new set of problems and doesn't cure the problem, it just mitigates your symptoms.
7251241 tn?1389567812 I went to the doctor again and sure enough, everything I have checked up on relates to anxiety and panic attacks. Not everyone feels panic when anxiety kicks in. Some people feel chest pains, nervousness, tightness. I really believe what you are going through is anxiety. Maybe it's time you accept it cus it wont kill you and you wont have a heart attack. I know it ***** to accept and just ride it. Dont let it scare you and I know one of these days it will all just go away! This is my hope!
377493 tn?1356505749 He is going through what I think is pretty normal seperation anxiety where I am concerned. He gets very very upset if I am out of his sight for even a minute (just to go to the bathroom). I am working around it and not that big a deal. The big problem is naps and bedtime. He needs pretty much 2 naps a day, and 7-8 is usually bath and bedtime. He absolutey will not sleep in his own bed suddenly. He will only go to sleep if I am laying next to him.
Avatar f tn I've been feeling so alone and depressed but I don't want to bother my family with my issues. I have not been clinically diagnosed but I think I might be suffering from anxiety disorder. I have most of the symptoms and occasional moderate panic attacks. I've actually had panic attacks in the past but at the time I had no idea such a disorder was even real. Call me naive and closed minded but I didn't think I could have an anxiety disorder. I never got help it just kind of got better.
Avatar f tn I look forward in continuing my pregnancy with this app. Because women and young ladies go through similar situations and I think its pretty unique how we may all feel like its so fearful , and you have people who care to tell you it's OK, youre not the only one, I know I face battles but I know my greater is coming . keep believing for the best . it's OK to cry . I just finished a bucket load if tears just by thinking in fear . BUT HEY WE ARE ALL BRAVE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE .
Avatar n tn I have been reading about anxiety on the net and I just don't understand so much! I don't feel anxious and I'm not worrying. I'm happy go lucky, puttering around my house, watching movies, completely relaxed and then BAM! I get hit with such intense dizzyness and a fuzzy head. I feel like I'm going to pass out. It stays with me for hours and hours. I have lost entire days to these feelings. The past three weeks of my life have been a living hell. I only worry AFTER the symptoms start.
Avatar f tn Hi! I would like to know if somebody tried homeopathy drugs due to anxiety. What is your experience? Is it waist of money and time or it may help?
6389103 tn?1390502802 Hi im 24 weeks and 4 days...i had anxiety before i got pregnant but now it seems like it just never goes away...its an all day thing and nothing.makes me happy anymore. I try to watch tv to take my mind off of it but i just cant get into the show. I have seriously tried everything and its like nothing helps. I havent taken anything for it and i dont want to because i dont want to affect my baby girl.): im just so over it.
Avatar m tn Valium is usually administered for surgery before the anesthetic. This is more anesthesia than just anti-anxiety. If you're unsure ask the dentist and your general doc if it sounds right and remember, it's your choice ultimately.
4928337 tn?1362754766 But has learning disabilities as well as speech. Possibly dyslexic and autistic. As well as having terrible anxiety. He is my baby and is really needy and shy. My daughter i know will adjust just fine . She loves babies. But i just worry i will be in some way neglecting them. Or not have enough time or love to give. Is it normal for me to feel this way. I am 9 weeks and suffered a miscarriage last year so i am truly happy and greatful to be pregnant. Just having weird emotions.
Avatar m tn It could be either withdraw symptoms of Lexapro, or more Anxiety. Don't be afraid to make another Doc. App. that is what they are here for. Explain him the symptoms after Lexapro about your Therapy and what he suggest for you to do. Good luck!!!
Avatar f tn I am wondering why and how to control my anxiety. but foremost im having alot of trouble sleeping these days, and i feel like my vision is also being affected....sometimes this will be blurry or words will appear to be melting im wondering if that has something to do with it?