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Avatar f tn Its getting so much worse. Luckily i have an appointment next wednesday with my OB and see if i cant do anything about it.. i have had thoughts of self harm. Which i havent did in almost a year and a half. I just get so depressed. Or anxious. When my husband leaves with out telling me i want to die. Idk why. Just do. I freak out. Any remedies you moms use for depression?
6531549 tn?1382156890 My moms side of the family and my dads have struggled with severe anxiety and depression and it led to my dads addiction to alcohol, so I've come to believe that it's genetic.
Avatar f tn Hi.ive had depression and anxiety that i went on citalapram for after the christchurch nz earthquakes.ive just movd 2brisbane australia.the doctor told me to go striaght of the citalapram when i got pregnant so im just wondering if any1 else has had to do this and if they have any natural remedies or tips to help me cope? I dont want to end up very depressed again.and i have to stay well for the pregnancy and my toddler. Btw the dr was very rude and just told me to deal with it.
Avatar f tn Now that I'm pregnant my depression and anxiety have become a full blown daily battle. I'm taking holistic remedies suggested by my midwife but nothing seems to be helping. Anyone else experiencing mod to sev depression? If so how r u coping?? Plz help.
Avatar f tn I'm currently receiving counselling and am 21w pregnant suffering with severe depression and anxiety. Both my GP and counsellor have recommended I take medication again but have refused due to the fact I do not want that going into my child. If I still feel bad after I have given birth them may see about medication again but that's just my view.
Avatar m tn Healthy and active! background- i used to take paxil, a anxiety and depression medicine during my High School years. i havent taken them in like 5 years or so. But out of nowhere i now feel tired, and confused, and drowsy, and like the feelings i feel are weird. It's like im not aware of a lot of things. and its hard for me to think sometimes and remember things at times. Like im a little more forgetful about things. Im still working out and run daily to keep active and keep my blood pumping.
Avatar f tn Seen my doc but didnt tell him about depression.
1913857 tn?1322263556 I was wondering about anyone taking herbal remedies for anxiety or depression. I do take Cybalta (spell?) but I also take a stress B complex in the morning with my vitamins and Holy Basil at night with my meds. They seem to really be helping. I was wondering about if anyone else has some herbal remedies that helped them?
Avatar f tn Hi, has anyone tried homeopathy for dealing with anxiety and depression? I just started seeing a homeopath this week and he gave me a remedy that I have been taken for 4 days. He put something in it to give me the immediate benefit of better sleep (and it's working!), but since this is a holistic treatment I know my body has to heal itself, and so it'll take time to see my anxiety and depression improve. But I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this sort of thing.
Avatar n tn When I don't feel it, I am getting discouraged. Anxiety is up and dow, and depression strikes sometimes. One day is very good, other slow, tired no emotions, pessimistic, and the worst questioning myself all the time. Do you guys have something like that or it's just me? How to live with something like that?
Avatar f tn have been suffering for 18 months with depression and anxiety after removal of thyroid for cancer. Has anyone had any luck with natural remedies? I am hesitant to try prescription meds.
Avatar n tn as soon as i wake up in the morning i feel like something bad is about to happen to me( for example im going to die) this feeling stays as soon as i wake up and until i go to sleep in the evening. my head feels very tired and heavy and my eyesight has changed everythings looks dull and i have to concentrate sometimes to look at things. i have panic attacks on a regular basis and i feel hopeless.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if there was anything I could possibly take thats all natural for depression. I am 13 weeks pregnant. I'm suffering really bad from hormones, and very depressed. I do have a history of depression, I usually take Celexa, but I cannot take that while pregnant, and I am really not comfortable taking a prescription antidepressant while pregnant.
Avatar n tn The other problem is depression very often is accompanied by or caused by anxiety, and substances that help depression can be stimulating and thus aggravate anxiety. Still, it's worth trying if one can afford it and can find a professional who has experience with this. A good book to read on what's available is Natural Highs by Hyla Cass, a psychiatrist at UCLA.
Avatar m tn There's no history of any neurological problems in my family as far as I know, but there is anxiety and depression (and dementia) on my fathers' side of the family. My sister has anxiety, she's been on antidepressants. My mom's mother did have Parkinson's late in life, now that I think about it. I also see a therapist bi-weekly (been doing that since the divorce 2 years ago), and just saw someone yesterday who specializes in anxiety and meditation.
Avatar m tn I don't know if it would help you, but when I had my baby I was told Fish Oil Omega 3, they are said to help Depression & Anxiety. And since I can't take anything due to nursing that's what I take and it does help.
Avatar f tn My husband mom and dad were told last year that I may not live bc I got sick with ards and I was fighting depression and anxiety I also had to go to a mental center to get help bc I would flip at nothing and cry for nothing I come off my meds this year and I feel like Im still fighting the drepression and anxiety but I dont want to go back on the meds what could I do to stay away from the meds
Avatar f tn Klonopin is long-lasting compared to other benzos, and is specific for anxiety. Lexapro targets serotonin receptors, so is for depression and anxiety. Most serious anxiety sufferers end up on both. Ssri's aren't addictive because you don't need more for it to keep working, but as jake says, quitting can be hard, though benzos are probably overall more dangerous to quit.
200828 tn?1209921575 "Some say magnessium (sic), some say your diet has a lot to do with it, St. johns wart (sic). Do some research on natural rememdies (sic). It really is trial and error. Good luck." There have not been any clinical studies to support magnesium being helpful in depression or anxiety symptoms. St. John's wort has been studied, however, and found to be helpful with symptoms of *mild* depression only.
490665 tn?1210337612 Hi all, Yes anxiety can happen with ADD, me and my daughters have ADD, my eldest daughter gets anxiety to the stage where she was pulling her hair out, I was giving her rescue remedy and councelling to try to help and I did not want her to be put on an anti anxiety medication, what has seemed to help was changing her medication, she was on Ritalin but has now been put on a slow realease Concerta at a much higher does.
Avatar m tn no sleep, depression, anxiety, numbness in fingertips and toes. Just feel terrible. Are there any natural remedies I can try to bridge the gap? Many thanks.
Avatar f tn I do not have any depression-just anxiety and panic attacks. I have used the Rescue Remedy in the past and I don't think I really gave it a long enough chance to work... I have a counselor who speciaizies in anxiety that I see and that has helped. I spoke with her right after the attacks started and a day or 2 before I started the Wellbutrin. I felt much better after speaking with her but still started the meds... now after 2 months of meds I think they are making me feel more anxious!
656198 tn?1226790436 But I stuck with it and have been extremely happy with it - once both the anti-depression AND the anti-anxiety effects kicked in gear. With the support of all the afore-mentioned people (and God) I hope to come off Lexapro in a while and see how I am do without it. As Hensly (on another thread) wisely suggested, how well I do will be dependant on if my depression and anxiety were "situational" or "biological/chemical" (i.e.
237053 tn?1258832026 Does anyone else suffer from anxiety? I've been having on and off anxiety since symptoms started. I get it worse at night. It is scarey and comes from nowhere. I don't know if this is a normal lymes symptom.
203342 tn?1328740807 But when I get lazy or busy and let time go by without doing that then the stress and anxiety comes back and it can come back strong. I have to learn to not let it get so bad before I do something, I guess. Because If I wait till it's real bad then it's harder to calm myself down. I guess I'm just rambling here, lol. Sorry.
Avatar f tn Back in sept 06 I started having bad anxiety and now I fell depression and I am on antidepressants for the anxiety. I have female problems as well that have gone worse. Does perimenapause or menapause cause anxiety ? Is there blood test so they can determine if I am near menapause?
446896 tn?1237806342 My humble advice would be to take a home pregnancy test and get that question solved. It might help clear up some of the anxiety/depression you're dealing with, and it might be just the ticket to get your cycle going again if that "concern" is off your mind. I would then suggest when you begin therapy next week, discuss all your feelings about taking medications.
331673 tn?1199357885 Someone, somewhere, has to give it a name and depression and anxiety sound like good enough ones to me. But rather than speculating over what its going to be called, let's focus instead on doing something about it.
2111850 tn?1334369185 I have a severe anxiety and depression during Hepatitis C treatment. My symptoms were shortness of breath, dizziness, I could not swallow, I could not talk, I didn't want to see anyone, I was not driving and much more. I felt save only in my bedroom. Thanks god I have very supportive family and great doctor. Few month past, but we steal searching for right combination of medications. My symptoms are MUCH better, I stated to drive, my panic attack are mostly under control.