Anxiety and depression in teenagers

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Avatar n tn Oh sweetheart, from your post I gather "you" are the "friend". I am so sorry you went thru this horrible thing. My daughter was raped when she was 15 by a "friend of the family" and she went thru horrible depression. I imagine that the drinking and the pills have done quite a number on your insides that will take time to heal. You may even have IBS from all of this. Get therapy, get therapy, get therapy. I cannot stress this enough.
203342 tn?1328740807 Her counselor kept a close eye on her depression and gave her tests once in awhile but felt like her depression was situational. He isn't a pyschiatrist though so I don't know if we should also see a child psychiatrist. She's no longer cutting and she's been acting happier lately. She has a few friends on anti-depressants so I think she thinks it's a cure all.
Avatar f tn Overall, if its only mild depression, a balanced diet rich in fruits and veggies and raw nuts and fish can help a great deal, since your body takes what it needs out of the food.(many people forget they need essential oils for the brain) A daily walk outside helps, too, since sunlight plays a great role with seasonal depression disorder, especially in winter. Good luck!
Avatar f tn My son just started Effexor and only a small dose of 37.5 mg for anxiety and worry and hx of headaches. He is 18 and has ADHD too. He has had severe insomnia since starting this and is supposed to go up to double the dose after 7 days. Is this normal during the inital phase? what is the best anti anxiety med for an 18 you male?
Avatar f tn I am only 16 years old, but I'm in love with my daughter already. & if anyone says I'm not going to support her, or be a good mom, etc.. You don't need to comment on this post.. I don't have any type of support other than people supporting me to get an abortion.. I cry myself to sleep all the time because of it... I don't talk to either one of my brothers due to the fact they both wanted me to give her up. & I said no.
Avatar m tn I was not trying to imply anything by the teenage anxiety remark other than all teenagers have a lot of anxiety - and it just tends to worsen depression. You had mentioned you were worried that people thought you were stupid, upset with your appearance, etc. I'm glad you've made it past all that, though. I doubt I would have made it past 17 if I had worried about that stuff. I know it's difficult to tell anyone - I waited over 4 years to even tell my parents.
Avatar f tn There is nothing shameful about taking anti-depressants and in lots and lots of cases they are absolutely necessary for becoming well. But nevertheless you don't want to go on them unless you have to - they take weeks to kick in, there are some side effects, there are withdrawal symptoms when going off them, adjusting symptoms when going on them - not terrible things, but things you don't want to deal with unless you have to. Also, try talking to your closer friends about it.
Avatar f tn Hi Im 16 and live in England, i have been feeling really down and low lately, i have since i was young had problems with starnge thoughts about things going fast and like im on rollercoster, i have recently become very anxious and also quite paranoid over stupid things and wonder if it all links to Paranoia or not, i also get headaches and feel sick sometimes, i also dont want to eat, i feel very secluded sometimes and get very upset, when i get to sleep i wake up and feel really tired stil ju
Avatar f tn I also suffer from migraine headaches, empty cella, anxiety, depression, OCD TO NAME A FEW!! I work full time and raise 5 teenagers! I have to sleep at least 8 hrs or I can't function! I'm very upset because he doesn't understand why I don't like having 8-10 ppl over on Weekends because I'm usually doing laundry, cleaning and getting ready for the week! We r on the verge of him leaving me! Today he told me he was fed up!
Avatar f tn So I'm 17 and I suffer with Anxiety, social anxiety, PTSD, bi polar and depression. I went to my doctor about it and he said that he won't prescribe me with anti depressants because I'm not over 18 he told me to get professional counselling but If I can't even tell my parents my problem how does he expect me to tell a complete stranger how I feel?
Avatar f tn We all get the blues and get nervous, but clinical depression and anxiety fit a criteria set forth by experts in the field. Medication that corrects this imbalance is invaluable to people that suffer from these conditions. Actually saves lives in many cases.
1130576 tn?1260154370 what are some ways to deal with teens and depression and how do you read the signs that depression is near in a teen and how do you go about speaking to them.
Avatar n tn Hi, My daughter, 14-yr old, has lost over 10 pounds to 82 ibs during the two past months. Then she has built very high anxiety over the school and so on. Two weeks she went to children's hospital over the rapid weight loss and low heart beat (45 per minute when awake, 38 when asleep.) She cries a lot and has no interests at anything when she cries. Basically she shuts down herself during the down mood. But when she is in the up mood, she is happy but doesn't want to do anything.
Avatar f tn There are various depression symptoms to be on the look-out for as parents of teens, teachers, helpers, friends and influencers in the teenagers life, particularly if these depression-like symptoms are uncharacteristic of the teen, disruptive to daily life and normal functioning, leads to negative behaviour that impacts or endangers the interpersonal social and family relationships, consistent low self esteem vented as either aggression and/or withdrawal and feelings of worthlessness and futil
Avatar f tn My mom stayed at home and took care of us, and held the family together when he was in bad times. My mom is widowed and has 6 kids now, and things have been rough big time BUT she always takes time for herself. That's the most important thing. I don't know what it's like to have 5 kids.
Avatar n tn That statement may sound silly and minimal to a person who doesn't understand anxiety, but those with first hand knowledge would know what I am talking about. Really, we (as a society) only just started treating this whole anxiety, depression, ADD thing in kids within the last 15 years or so. And to be honest, I'm pretty sure we don't have it all figured out. You have doctors/therapists quick to treat symptoms of which they don't have the first clue (only a textbook definition).
784382 tn?1376934640 My GP and therapist are thinking some anti anxiety meds and anto depression meds are a good thing for me.i dont really know, would love to know if your taking meds? if so which ones and are they working? side effects? will i have to take them for the rest of my life? i will see the therapist a few more times and he is going to do some hypnotherapy.
1260240 tn?1336081048 I have 2 daugters(10y, 12y) diagnosied with depression and son(5y) with mild anxiety. My girl are both prozac(in australia is called Lovan). It took them about a year to really show any major improvement but they are younger than your son and I really dont think that depression is there main diagnoise's. i suspect my 12y has asperger like her 14y old brother and I suspect my 10y really has OCD like me.
Avatar m tn I take comfort that you have written because in doing so you have reached out and that means there is still some hope and life in you. Creston, depression is NOT a character flaw, YOU are NOT flawed. Others do understand but what you need to realize is that your sadness and despair is unique to you so you will never feel completely understood even as all these folks stand in the darkenss right next to you.
Avatar f tn There are different levels of Depression and anxiety. I can only say that when I was at my worst with my condition that I was completly non-functional. I guess the closest I can describe it was feeling like I was on some kind of never ending bad LSD trip. I felt constant fear in my head, I was utterly hopless, I couldn't concentrate enough to even read, My body would tremble, Thoughs of suicide actually made me feel good inside.
Avatar m tn By the way, many teenagers feel depression and anxiety, it is indeed the hormonal rush that comes with your developing body that does this. Research and statistics bear me out, and most teens will not openly discuss how much fear they're carrying around inside, so that's how come you haven't found anybody like you. Once your bronchitis goes away, your breathing problems should subside.
Avatar n tn Extremely suicidal. And I was ONLY suffering from depression and social anxiety, not any psychosis. So if you really think that the medication might be causing it, change it immediately to another one, especially if your husband really needs a medication.
Avatar n tn Although I know it up to me to change is there any laws or rights to protect me from verbal and psychological abuse while being in recovery from alcohol and depression. He threatens I will never see kids or have anything if I leave and I believe it. I tried eight years ago when I left to get sober once and for all and his family money bought everyone and everything. Even my attorney told me I'll never win. Do people have rights or laws to protect them like in the workplace.
702147 tn?1289835970 Yes, strattera can cause problems. The other thing is that depression and anxiety are very common co-disorders of AD/HD. Many times its due to the AD/HD and how it affects them in school and among friends. Strattera is not as effective as the normal stim meds. It may well be that she is suffering in school and the pressure is beginning to get to her. It might be time to consider a milder stim med like Ritalin - as long as her heart/lung docs agree. Please do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn They might offer medication to help with the anxiety or psychotherapy. It sounds as though you may have social anxiety or just anxiety in general. Working with someone on issues such as self-esteem, etc could be really helpful. I would advice just being yourself. If you try being someone you're not you can lose yourself. This can create more stress. It sounds as though a couple of therapy sessions could point you in the right direction.
5536886 tn?1455830946 For most people, youthful fears don't result in adult anxiety and depression. People in general are anxious about change, but that doesn't make it a serious mental problem, it makes them human. It's important to ascertain whether a problem is a chronic mental dysfunction or something that will pass with time and experience or is just a bad time -- and teenagers go through more bad periods faster than any other age.
Avatar f tn What I've discovered from reading all the posts is that it is probably related to my anxiety. I had anxiety issues when I was in high school and I am having them again now in my 30's. For 10 years plus, though, I didn't have any. What I know is that during that time, I was "other focused" rather than "self focused." After a cancer scare and some major turmoil in my life, I started re-evaluating and really trying to decide what to do with my life.
574118 tn?1305138884 As far as the sleep issue, there was a study done that made news headlines that teenagers who struggle with depression stayed up late versus teenagers without depression who had parents that enforced a bedtime. When I was in the hospital there was a room full of 30 patients who said they had sex to relieve their depression. There is some research that says people who have depression have more sex than people who don't have depression. I personally can't take Vitamin E.
Avatar m tn For a few months now I have been dealing with some mood swings, which I assume are normal for a male of my age, which can reach stages of anxiety and even depression. I take no drugs relating to these mood swings. I have also recently experience low sexual desires, trouble maintaining an erection, and my getinals are noticeably smaller. I have never participated in sexual acts, do not smoke, drink, or do drugs. I am active regularly, with good cardio and muscle build.
Avatar f tn He said my symptoms could be from depression/anxiety. He looked at my past labs and says they weren't normal and he did more blood test and then we'll go from them. He says my heart has a murmur and we're testing to see whats going on with that. He seems to care and talked with me, the best I've been to so far.