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Avatar m tn The lactulose is something that needs to be continued in order to remove the ammonia. If you Dad has a damaged liver this would be something he should take every day or his ammonia will go up. I hope he is better soon.
Avatar m tn I have 57 ammonia level in July and in August 97 ammonia level. Took Lactulose and two weeks later had 101 and added the antibiotic effixir (sp) just last week. Will this be chronis? Is there hope to get it down and keep it down? The test showed a slightly enlarged liver. Could this be caused from spreading fertilizer, coloring my hair and spraying poision? I cut out the protein except for fish, eggs and a few other things. Driking lots more water to flush my system. Any other suggestions.
Avatar n tn Try lowering the ph, ammonia, and nitrates by doing a 25% water change. I really cant think of anything else that is causing your oscar to "shed" unless it's dropsy. Try adding medication that contains anitbiotics like Melafix, Anit-Bacteria, Fungus Clear, E.M. Tablets, Triple Sulfa, Maracyn, Maracyn-Two, or Anti-Bacteria Medicated Fish Food.
Avatar n tn You haven't said if your tank is a fish only setup or fish and inverts. I think however that your nitrate levels may be to blame 220+ ppm is very high, even in a fish only setup. What is the nitrate level in the water you are using for your water changes? This maybe so high that you will never be able to get the levels down to an acceptable level no matter how many water changes you do.
Avatar m tn In patients with advanced cirrhosis, the liver is no longer able to metabolize the ammonia and convert it to urea so the ammonia builds up the in body producing and travels to the person's brain with psychological and other effects.
Avatar m tn When these waste products are not expelled from the body, they create the product of ammonia. Too much ammonia can lead to disorientation and swelling of the brain. If your problem is liver related, you will need to go to a gastroenterologist for exam and bloodwork to measure what is in your blood - including ammonia levels and your liver enzymes. I have had a liver biopsy 2 years ago and found out I had the cirrhosis.
1184842 tn?1264268787 I only have small snippets of memory from that episode. You also should have a low protein diet, no red meat, just chicken, fish and tofu. I didn't like the taste of lactulose either but you can drink lots of water or juice immediately after. A good doctor told me how to regulate it. You want 2-3 soft stools daily. If you have more, use less.
Avatar m tn It ma be high ammonia or nitrite els levthat stresses the fish's skin and the fish alliviates the pain by producing more protective slime. This can also happen when the fish is not acclimated slowly enough, bought online and had a rough trip, or has some other sort of skin irritation or ailment. It could also be poor immune system. I believe you can breed fish up to the 7th generation. After that you will most likely get sick fish. Also, try doing a search for Brooklynella.
Avatar f tn I really reccommend finding a store that specializes in aquariums and fish care, sometimes they will let you bring in a fish so they can take a look at it. It sounds like you will need to give antibiotics again, but you need to get the dosage correct and not just try a bunch of different kinds. The wrong medicine or dosage won't work and worse could be fatal.
Avatar n tn I do not need to be super buff or ripped, it's more cardio then anything. Is fish protein better for the liver and/or ammonia levels then any other protein? I have a freezer full of salmon so can eat that in the place of red meats. Any ideas, dietary or otherwise, to reduce ammonia levels would be great. I currently only take Rifaximin (Xifaxin) 200mg/twice daily. I've heard that L-arginine and Glutathione naturally detoxify ammonia from our systems. Should I try those as supplements?
Avatar m tn Symptoms of HE are forgetfulness, confusion, inverted sleep-wake pattern (sleeping by day, being awake at night), marked irritability, tremor, difficulties with coordination and trouble writing, lethargy and eventually coma. If you can have ammonia without mental symptoms? No. Ammonia levels can be detected with a blood test so it is easy to assess. In summary: No you don't have the indications for ammonia buildup and hepatic encephalopathy (HE).
Avatar n tn I have 8 female fighting fish in a 20 gal tank and so far so good. Your fish may just be stressed. Stressed fish stop eating. It could be there are too many different fish living in that tank or it could be you're buying unhealthy fish. Have you resarched on compatibility?
Avatar f tn Risk was specifically associated with high intake of meat and fish, but not with dairy products or eggs. While experts have long suspected that diet might play a role in inflammatory bowel disease, Carbonnel and his colleagues note, the only links identified previously were with eating a lot of fats and certain kinds of sugars. Those studies were more prone to error than forward-looking or prospective studies like the current investigation.
Avatar n tn None of them are showing any kind of illness (the ones that die). I added some new fish (about 6) and this is when the dying fish problem began. All the fish looked healthy and yet, two or three would be dead the next morning. I don't have anything unusual in my tank that could kill them and I feed once a day and all the fish eat their food.
Avatar m tn At one point I had high ammonia levels (and still are a bit) My doctor prescribed xifaxin/rifaximin and it did help bring down the ammonia levels. He also said reducing protein intake from meat was very important, That bout cleared up. About a year later had another episode and was prescribed lactulose which which works as a laxative that binds the protein and removes it in elimination. While this did work it was frustrating for me.
Avatar n tn 3) avoid onions, jello, frozen fish, and avacados--all these food contain high levels of ammonia.
Avatar f tn He advised me to stay away from any fat-food. He warned me not to eat any sort of meat and fish(except smoked fish). The only thing that am worry is stopping meat/fish in my meal. Pls is d doctor right by telling me not to eat fish/meat?
Avatar f tn Before they died they hang on the bottom of the pond. I had the water tested for ph and ammonia. Both were normal. I have been running the waterfall off the tap. I'm afraid to put more fish in the pond because I don't know what happened. There's a fair amount of debrie on the bottom. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn I bought a new tank, first ever tank and was given very little information on how to keep them going. I was told I could mix all the fish in and that would be that. Great! But not for long! My tank is 480x250x385mm (not sure how many gallons that is) I bought 4 Disus and 6 Clown loaches. As well as 4 black fish, 3" long with a feather like fin running most of the way down the belly. they can swim forward and back just as quickly.
Avatar n tn i think i will stock up on that and some fish, wich suppose to be good for the memory as well, i forget,lol. well, i hope everyone is doin well.
Avatar n tn if he does so, he has to stop it. Replace it for fish and be sure that the lactulose is working, I mean be sure that he goes to the bathroom at least once every day.
5536514 tn?1373503602 I was told not to eat any red meat as it tends to increase ammonia levels. Besides, chicken and fish, you can eat tofu and eggs. And I ate pork too. Try adding flax seed meal to your smoothies. I ate tons of ginger while I was sick and still do. Chili peppers are fine as is garlic and various herbs for flavor. Turmeric is good for our livers as well. I used to take capsules as well as add it to my food. But do avoid sodium. You don't want ascites, I can assure you of that.
Avatar n tn I bought 10 Blue and Dwarf fish. All of the barbs I purchased are all doing fine. Even the Rainbow Shark is doing well. Thank you for asking. But all of gouramis died but one. Is my ammonia level too high?
Avatar f tn Evening Primrose oil and an enteric-coated fish oil supplement that contains DHA and EPA. 3. I stopped using permanent dyes and only have highlights put in once or twice a year. It took several months to see a real difference, but two years later my hair is much improved (and so is my skin and my problems with dry eye)! I feel sometimes like I'm caught in a struggle between looking like I'm trying too hard or looking like I completely gave up . . .
Avatar n tn I have it and my P and A levels have always been high, which simply shows good liver function in spite of . You trust your doc?
Avatar f tn My daughter and her husband are vegetarians but they eat cheese, eggs and fish so maybe I need to eat more like they do. Minus the cheese and limiting the eggs. I wasn't told to cut out all protein but to limit it to 5 ounces (cooked) a day. Now I have to figure out about how much that is. This can get really confusing.
Avatar n tn It contributes to higher ammonia levels. Stick to fish, chicken and tofu. In fact tofu, soy milk and egg whites are really good for your albuminum levels. .
377412 tn?1283813246 but did anyone notice a change in vaginal odor and discharge during their pregnancy?? All the books and websites Ive been on not ONE mentioned this. And its just odd smelling (of course I have HYPERSENSITIVE nose these days too). But I just recently noticed it. And the discharge is very slight no spotting or anything to be alarmed about. But just wanted to hear what some of u much further along experienced. Ericka 8.
505363 tn?1211210560 so, with doctor out of town, no reliable history of good medical care even for my seizures or doctors who listen to me or understand that i have a strong intuition and understanding of my body, and a week or so to wait for my titer results, i'm miserable. most of all, i want to know if any of you had this ammonia and toxin buildup in the brain... and if you have any layperson suggestions as to what to do.
Avatar n tn I would start gradually - just start reducing portion size a day at a time and add in the good stuff - use olive oil, tomatoes, blueberries, colorful veggies, brown rice, kashi, whole grains are great and crunch, fresh and organic. Fresh fish, free range chicken, etc.