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Avatar m tn We are using high doses a Vitamin C to help flush the brain of the ammonia. The blood levels came back into normal range with in 36 hours but the cause is undetermined.
Avatar m tn I have 57 ammonia level in July and in August 97 ammonia level. Took Lactulose and two weeks later had 101 and added the antibiotic effixir (sp) just last week. Will this be chronis? Is there hope to get it down and keep it down? The test showed a slightly enlarged liver. Could this be caused from spreading fertilizer, coloring my hair and spraying poision? I cut out the protein except for fish, eggs and a few other things. Driking lots more water to flush my system. Any other suggestions.
Avatar n tn I think however that your nitrate levels may be to blame 220+ ppm is very high, even in a fish only setup. What is the nitrate level in the water you are using for your water changes? This maybe so high that you will never be able to get the levels down to an acceptable level no matter how many water changes you do. Recommended nitrate levels for a fish only setup are below 50 ppm and for an invertibrate setup you should aim for no more than 5ppm.
Avatar m tn In patients with advanced cirrhosis, the liver is no longer able to metabolize the ammonia and convert it to urea so the ammonia builds up the in body producing and travels to the person's brain with psychological and other effects.
Avatar m tn For at least 2 to 3 months I've been experiencing ammonia type body odor to a weird meaty body type odor. It's like I can actually smell ammonia in my nose. Sometimes it feels as if it's in my throat. Other times I can taste a "meaty" type of odor smell? I know this sounds weird but please bear with me on this. It's not my imagination working over time either! My car and apartment takes on my body odor.
1184842 tn?1264268787 This is the method I used because my ammonia was not terribly high, and because I know the sucralose adds a chlorine molecule in its breakdown process, which is not good. Since my ammonia was around 120 I decided to go the natural route only...smaller protein portions, and more fiber, and it worked for me...down to 22 now. However, if levels were very high then I think the lactulose would be the only prevents the absorption in the first place.
Avatar f tn I really reccommend finding a store that specializes in aquariums and fish care, sometimes they will let you bring in a fish so they can take a look at it. It sounds like you will need to give antibiotics again, but you need to get the dosage correct and not just try a bunch of different kinds. The wrong medicine or dosage won't work and worse could be fatal.
Avatar m tn My doctor thinks I'm crazy... Says if I had enough ammonia in my blood to smell it in my nose, I'd have serious mental issues. I always thought ammonia was a later stage cirrhosis issue and not an early warning. I didn't have this problem when I was drinking more. It has only developed during (slow) withdrawal. I know lots of fats come out of your liver during alcohol detox and I'm hoping this is just a artifact.
Avatar n tn I do not need to be super buff or ripped, it's more cardio then anything. Is fish protein better for the liver and/or ammonia levels then any other protein? I have a freezer full of salmon so can eat that in the place of red meats. Any ideas, dietary or otherwise, to reduce ammonia levels would be great. I currently only take Rifaximin (Xifaxin) 200mg/twice daily. I've heard that L-arginine and Glutathione naturally detoxify ammonia from our systems. Should I try those as supplements?
Avatar f tn The only thing that am worry is stopping meat/fish in my meal. Pls is d doctor right by telling me not to eat fish/meat?
Avatar n tn I have 8 female fighting fish in a 20 gal tank and so far so good. Your fish may just be stressed. Stressed fish stop eating. It could be there are too many different fish living in that tank or it could be you're buying unhealthy fish. Have you resarched on compatibility?
Avatar f tn Another recent prospective study found that a diet high in omega-3 fatty acids decreased inflammatory bowel disease risk, while eating lots of omega-6 fatty acids increased it, Carbonnel noted in an interview with Reuters Health. Omega-3s are found in fish oil, flax seed oil, and a few other sources; omega-6s, which Westerners tend to eat much more of, are found in several types of vegetable and nut oils.
Avatar n tn None of them are showing any kind of illness (the ones that die). I added some new fish (about 6) and this is when the dying fish problem began. All the fish looked healthy and yet, two or three would be dead the next morning. I don't have anything unusual in my tank that could kill them and I feed once a day and all the fish eat their food.
Avatar m tn This can occur at the late stages of liver disease as the liver begins to fail more and more and is unable to clean the blood of toxins as it does in a healthy person. Ammonia levels do not always correspond with HE. 75 is not that high. I have ammonia levels that high on a regular basis. Then again I'm sure many on this forum thinks that explains a lot. Vomiting blood due to varceal bleeding in also a common common complication of ESLD.
Avatar n tn I am probably somewhat in denial here because I have a husband that is end stage and I am sure that I know what ammonia levels indicate in someone with cirrhosis. Maybe if you can just say the words to me it will help. I had ammonia levels of 50 the first time I was checked. I was experiencing problems with getting lost when I was driving and confused other times. Can't remember my PO box number, names numbers are difficult. Spelling is becoming quite challenging for me.
Avatar f tn I have been running the waterfall off the tap. I'm afraid to put more fish in the pond because I don't know what happened. There's a fair amount of debrie on the bottom. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn Removed poorly fish to bucket with new water from tap. Morning 5) 2 dead discus fish, other 2 in tank not doing so well. day 6) 2 discus fish eating gravel again, clown loaches laying on bottom of tank all day hardly breathing. Somtimes they are energetic. Mostly hiding behind the coral. Now, I do not have any other equipment such as thermometer, nitrate or ammonia detector. What can I do now to prevent a full scale massacre!!! Please can someone tell me step by step what to do!
Avatar m tn Aim playing racket ball three times a week for well 2-3 hours. I notice this ammonia smell with my sweat.Now I always sweat heavy when I work out. But this ammonia smell new. Other than this smell aim fine losing some weight.
Avatar n tn It contributes to higher ammonia levels. Stick to fish, chicken and tofu. In fact tofu, soy milk and egg whites are really good for your albuminum levels. .
Avatar f tn Bile is produced in the liver and aids in digesting fats. Normally, it travels down the bile duct and some of it gets stored in the gallbladder to be ready to dispense in the sudden presence of a fatty meal. If too much bile gets dumped into the small intestine - as in people or dogs who have had their gallbladders removed - explosive diarrhea can result. Bile is also what gives feces its brown color. If a dog's stool is light tan, that means bile is not getting into the small intestine.
475555 tn?1469307939 I can understand ammonia levels are in range because I also take Lactulose. Anyone else at this advanced stage or above? And still having in range Levels-please comment.
Avatar f tn I've been reading a lot of posts about "smells" in the nose, but I haven't seen anything with my particular circumstance. Three weeks ago, I had sinus surgery. I had thickening in the frontal and maxillary sinuses, and a couple of polyps removed. Recovery was going fine until yesterday when I began to have this smell in my nose. I have a relative who has chronic bad breath. The only way I know to describe the smell is to say that it smells like my aunt's bad breath.
Avatar m tn I am taking Kristalose to relieve the build-up of ammonia in my blood due to hep-c. My doctor wants to see 4-5 bowel movements a day. He prescribed 2 - 20mg packs at breakfast, 2 at lunch and 1 at dinner. Some days I have 6-8 before dinner and since he does not want me to have more than that I will skip the dinner dose. My question is - If I have a movement the first thing the following morning - prior to taking anything - is that movement still removing ammonia 12-14 after the prior dose?
Avatar n tn About 48 hours ago, I noticed this heat sensation in my left shin. At first I thought I was standing too close to a heat vent in the floor at work! It is a warm, sort of tingly sensation that lasts 5 seconds and occurs, I don't know, 10 times throughout the day. I wonder if I slept on the leg funny?? Stress?? I am 43 and in reasonably good health but seem to be a hypochondriac (spelling?) at times.
Avatar f tn Since i am mostly vegetarian, and only break this rule with fish a few times a month, i was careful to note that the ammonia smell only occurred after eating fish. My physician tested me and found that i definitely had an ammonia buildup and i should stop eating animal protein. Once i dropped eating fish the problem went away. My physician told me that the ammonia buildup can lead to encephalopathy - brain fog - that can be very damaging, so i'm sticking to a vegetarian diet.
Avatar n tn You touched on a very emotional issue in all hepatitis forums, so keep that in mind when you read through the responses. My hepatologist (liver specialist) allowed light, social drinking both prior to treatment and after treatment but not during treatment. I asked another prominent hepatologist regarding post treatment social drinking and he also said it was OK. I started treatment as a stage 3. Some doctors, however, permit no drinking.
Avatar n tn same here for months now started with flu like them to lungs, thought I was better after 12 weeks of flu, then the smells in my nose, sinus, lungs?..HORRID and some are very distinct and also some are multiple, some are triggered by certain smells, sometime I smell smoke, exhaust, rancid, just hard to explain, it drives me crazy! ]And my nose will burn also my lips. nothing really smells like it should and most things smell horrible, taste too....
Avatar m tn With cirrhosis how can I control my ammonia levels, what are my options in medications,
Avatar m tn all juveniles. the ph is at 7.4, i have tested for ammonia which is at 0, temperature is 25 celcius. i do a quarter water change weekly. tank has been up for 2 months. 3 days ago one of my oscars looked out of sorts... it was lethargic, hanging round the bottom of the tank and , i figured it might be whitespot about to come on so i put in some white spot remedy even though no white spots were showing.
Avatar m tn Lactulose is considered the first-line therapy for HE. The usual oral dose of lactulose is about 15-30 ml given twice a day to induce 2-3 soft bowel movements daily. Abdominal bloating and a sweet taste in the mouth are the principal adverse effects associated with normal doses of lactulose. Xifaxan/Rifaximin works in a different way. It's an antibiotic that reduces the amount of ammonia produced in the gut. (It doesn't draw fluid into the bowel like lactulose or kristalose does.