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Avatar n tn I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I take baths in ammonia, borax and Dr. Bronners peppermint soap in my bath water. This has helped the most. I either steam iron or boil my clothes, towels and sheets. I drink a glass of red wine every night before going to bed. Theses are the things that have helped me get them down to almost nothing. I hope this helps. I've just opened a facebook page just for discussion on these bugs, life, support, etc. My name there is bugedout thugbugs.
Avatar n tn I started getting bit by gnats all over, not just my scalp, in early spring of last year & it got steadily worse til I was also at the end of my rope. I tryed all kinds of different ideas but none stopped biting til I found repellent by( that helped, he also told me about a company that makes a natural enzyme soap, (Safesolutions.
Avatar m tn One thing I think a lot of you are missing that's important. YOU are the host, @LGAMMA1 mentioned how they are so small you need a good microscope to see them. Now, if that's true, are they not small enough to enter your pours? How small must their eggs be? The eggs, the parasite, it's using your body as it's host. 90% of them in your environment are "hatched" from your body. When you move several times and get rid of everything this quickly become obvious.
Avatar n tn The same thing also happened to me 10 yrs ago, after I ate some fish; I thought at the time maybe the fish was bad, but now that the same exact thing happened again, I know it wasn't food poisoning. I do get diarrhea with bad cramps maybe 4 or 5 times a month, but not to the extent of fainting. Both times the fainting/diarrhea attack happened to me, I had just finished eating. The diarrhea lasted about 3-4 days, with some minor rectal bleeding.
1647691 tn?1363727302 I agree- that seems strange. Were they concerned w/ your hormone levels? I almost had to stop even though my follicles weren't ready b/c of my hormone level jumping so drastically between visits. Fortunately I didn't get sick so they let me continue. My Dr also wants mine to be between 15-20. But another Dr in the practice was OK w/ a 22...I guess it depends on teh Dr-a second opinion never hurts!!!