Ammonia nitrate nitrite fish

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Avatar n tn All the fish were doing fine up until 3 weeks ago when my tiger barbs started dying. Ammonia, Nitrate, and Nitrite levels are all 0. Ph and water temperature are fine. I have tried a broad spectrum medicine, parasite tablets, and bacteria medication. Every week I do a 10-15% water change and every 5 weeks I do a 20% water change and vacuum the gravel. So far I have lost 7 tiger barbs and 1 algae eater. Currently in the tank I have 3 mollies and an algae eater.
Avatar n tn what are the amonia levels? a new tank is bound to have high ammonia levels and not much nitrite or nitrate yet. Keep feedings light-once daily and only 1 or 2 flakes or pellets per fish.
Avatar m tn Nitrite: Nitrate: pH:7.2 Hardness: Alkalinity: Went to Petsmart and the guy said the parameters were all "fine." Didnt give me a number. Said the water was a little hard is all. Symptoms and Treatment How has your betta fish's appearance changed? Metallic looking splotches in the light. (Gold or rather brassy color.) Getting more yellow at the top of his head. Head is starting to look a little swollen to me. White patch on face has spread and now has red lesions.