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Avatar n tn Try lowering the ph, ammonia, and nitrates by doing a 25% water change. I really cant think of anything else that is causing your oscar to "shed" unless it's dropsy. Try adding medication that contains anitbiotics like Melafix, Anit-Bacteria, Fungus Clear, E.M. Tablets, Triple Sulfa, Maracyn, Maracyn-Two, or Anti-Bacteria Medicated Fish Food.
Avatar n tn Tons of red algae, some brown hair algae, etc. The nitrates are 220+ ppm, nitrites 0, ammonia 0, ph 8.0, and the tank is at 80 deg. We never overfed or dump chemicals in there w/o testing.
Avatar f tn You need to make very sure your water quality is immaculate. Check your pH and Ammonia as well as your Nitrite readings. Ulcers usually are caused by the Aeromonas bacteria or more rarely Pseudomonas bacteria. The ulceration may appear with red abscesses, or red edges around the ulcer. In some cases it can become rather large and expose muscles. Symptoms: The fish has one or more open sores on its body or at the base of its fins. The sore has a red abscess or red edges.
Avatar n tn I have 8 female fighting fish in a 20 gal tank and so far so good. Your fish may just be stressed. Stressed fish stop eating. It could be there are too many different fish living in that tank or it could be you're buying unhealthy fish. Have you resarched on compatibility?
Avatar n tn None of them are showing any kind of illness (the ones that die). I added some new fish (about 6) and this is when the dying fish problem began. All the fish looked healthy and yet, two or three would be dead the next morning. I don't have anything unusual in my tank that could kill them and I feed once a day and all the fish eat their food.
Avatar f tn Before they died they hang on the bottom of the pond. I had the water tested for ph and ammonia. Both were normal. I have been running the waterfall off the tap. I'm afraid to put more fish in the pond because I don't know what happened. There's a fair amount of debrie on the bottom. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn tank that i just set up 3months ago with an tiger oscar, a firemouth and 2 black convict cichlids. all of the fish are less then 3 inches long. within the last week the oscar has lost alot of color and doesn't seem to eat much if anything. the water temp is about 74 the ph, and nitrite levels are good. i don't know what is wrong with him. all his tank mates are doing great. bright colors and eating vary well. what can i do to save my tiger oscar? i need help.
Avatar m tn all juveniles. the ph is at 7.4, i have tested for ammonia which is at 0, temperature is 25 celcius. i do a quarter water change weekly. tank has been up for 2 months. 3 days ago one of my oscars looked out of sorts... it was lethargic, hanging round the bottom of the tank and , i figured it might be whitespot about to come on so i put in some white spot remedy even though no white spots were showing.
Avatar n tn what i found out is that it is our body's inability to regulate our ph levels due to hormonal fluctuations, antibiotics, certain foods (i notice an ammonia fishy odor after eating fish only ~odd i know) but there are lots of things that can throw our natural good bacteria off leaving us with off ph. this leads to all bad bacterias to cause infection or irritation such as we experiance. so what ive used is acidophilos for women from natures cure co.
Avatar f tn In a large 750ml water-bottle I put one bromelain tablet,1/2t raw natural sea-salt, 1/2t baking soda add filtered water and wait till dissolved. Then I sip throughout the day. I Monitor urine PH levels to be around 7 (average) Do a search for alkalizing and acidifying foods so you can adjust you urinary PH levels to range from 6.75 to 7.35 if possible. Just get some testing strips from the drug store. You will feel better using the above remedies. Take care. Blessings.
1008841 tn?1293602560 I believe that the lactulose reduces the ammonia in your gut and brain and that's why it is important to take, if the ammonia gets too high it can cause you to have problems thinking, driving, cooking etc. I am not as good as explaining things as Hector so I have taken one of his explanations and am pasting it here. I also just read an explanation that the lactulose helps your body do the job the liver would do if it was working right. I hope this helps, I found it in the cirrhosis forum.
Avatar n tn I have a ammonia kind of smell in my underwear, my discahrge can sometimes be thick and sometimes it's also very watery which makes my underwear wet/damp and it's really embarresing.. I also don't think my vagina smells normal! if that makes any sense? Sometimes there is a strong unusual smell & sometimes it smells like fish. what is wrong with me?
Avatar m tn The premise of most pathophysiologic theories involves the accumulation of ammonia in the central nervous system, producing alterations of neurotransmission that affect consciousness and behavior. Ammonia interferes with brain function at many sites. Ammonia crosses the blood-brain barrier and directly depresses the central nervous system.
Avatar m tn DETOXIFYING AMMONIA Ammonia toxicityIn part 2 of AMMONIA TOXICITY we are going to find out what we can do to remove ammonia from our body, both by supporting the organs involved in processing and disposing of it, and by taking supplements with an affinity for removing ammonia. We have seen that there are 3 organ systems in the body that produce and/or deal with ammonia: the liver, the kidneys and the intestines.
Avatar f tn It did not. I really think these new fish have brought fin rot to my tanks I need to treat my fish but I am afraid the water is too hard to affectively treaty please give any and all advice u have I would love to get this under control so we can continue the move safely. Also if u have any favorite or recommended treatments please please let me know I appreciate your time and thank you for reading !!!!
Avatar f tn Vinegar scented moisture or discharge is a sign of normal pH. It will change throughout the month. Perhaps while you are ovulating it will smell a little stronger or a bit sweet. During menstruation it may smell more metallic (discharge of minerals). Don't worry about normal vaginal scent with your boyfriend. If he doesn't like the smell, well he doesn't like vagina. Chances are he will as your body is releasing pheromones too.
Avatar n tn I had the same ammonia smell and my Dr. told me it was caused by vaginal PH imbalance. You can treat it with Rephresh gel from any drugstore or Wal-Mart. You can also naturally maintain healthy vaginal ph by eating yogurt containing lactobilli and live cultures a couple times a week. Vaginal ph imbalance is caused by soap, douche, and tampons.
Avatar n tn any suggestions on maybe a type of fish that doesn't taste real fishy? kidding i gag when i try to eat fish...been feelin good since off the psychotropic drugs and out of system...i see shrink tomarrow and maybe stay off for awhile to see how i do..he is willing to try the ones you suggested 52tele.thanks. and paris47 where are you??
1358341 tn?1282213443 5 more means too much carbohydrates, less too much meat / ph paper sold for fish aquarium is less expensive than for saliva and it is the same paper). :) Take your time.
Avatar f tn When I stop the lemon juice, I notice an ammonia smell in my stool within a couple days. From what I read, ammonia comes from being too alkaline.
Avatar m tn Nitrite: Nitrate: pH:7.2 Hardness: Alkalinity: Went to Petsmart and the guy said the parameters were all "fine." Didnt give me a number. Said the water was a little hard is all. Symptoms and Treatment How has your betta fish's appearance changed? Metallic looking splotches in the light. (Gold or rather brassy color.) Getting more yellow at the top of his head. Head is starting to look a little swollen to me. White patch on face has spread and now has red lesions.
Avatar n tn does it smell like ammonia if so then you need to go to the doc and get pap test for bacterial vaginoisis it isnt a std it is a infection cause by an overgrowth of bacteria. you vaginal ph is off balance. try to drink mor e water only take showers only use antibacterial soap such as dial, eat yogurt , and stop having sex until you get the pap test the doc will give you metronidazole(flagyl) or metro-gel to treat the infection.
Avatar n tn Fish smell is the bacterial tric. It is not yeast or vaginosis. Triconomis..(sp). Fish smell, actually fish smell. Dr can give you something to clear it up. Can be spread between people, techincally a STD. Real tired of women saying Fish is yeast or normal. Another way I would go if I was desperate and broke and I had severe itch and Fish ordor is a VERY VERY weak bleach ******. I have done this myself once and I learned it from my Mom.
Avatar n tn Very rare, diet changes may help because it is caused by the liver not processing food like fish or dairy properly. Controlled w/mostlyveg diet and nutritional supplements to neutralize odors. It has to be tested by urine sample. I saw it on inside edition w/deborah norville on 2/22/07. You can check out the website and there is a support group and dr listed at the bottom after you archive the show. It may not be exactly what you have, but maybe some help with diet changes or something.
1388445 tn?1289270988 Just random amounts of liquid. Feels like you've started your period. It's not urine. Urine has an ammonia smell to it and this has either no odor or kind of a sweet smell like amniotic fluid at times. I am not pregnant that I know of. (tubes tied) I have a menstrual period every month. No idea what it is or why it happens. Maybe hormonal changes throughout ovulation..?
Avatar n tn I started getting bit by gnats all over, not just my scalp, in early spring of last year & it got steadily worse til I was also at the end of my rope. I tryed all kinds of different ideas but none stopped biting til I found repellent by( that helped, he also told me about a company that makes a natural enzyme soap, (Safesolutions.
Avatar m tn This is due to the fact that the pH of the hypertonic saline solution is different from the pH of the water in your body. This will not affect the power or safety of the saline solution, just the comfort level. The comfort you are looking for is to get rid of sinus problems. You will get used to the burning sensation, to the point where it doesn’t bother you anymore. The burning will not damage your sense of smell. In fact, it will improve it. I keep a small bottle of Dr.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I take baths in ammonia, borax and Dr. Bronners peppermint soap in my bath water. This has helped the most. I either steam iron or boil my clothes, towels and sheets. I drink a glass of red wine every night before going to bed. Theses are the things that have helped me get them down to almost nothing. I hope this helps. I've just opened a facebook page just for discussion on these bugs, life, support, etc. My name there is bugedout thugbugs.
Avatar f tn I have problems with sinus pressure and pressure behind my left eye as well. Fortunately, no one else can smell it, but it does smell horrible; ammonia is the closest I can come to describing the smell. My ENT told me he thought it would go away in time, but how long is too long? I'm just worried about an infection spreading to the brain. Should I be worried?
Avatar m tn I'm also in the PH and have been suffering from PATM for about 3 or 4 years now.