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Avatar m tn People who have celiac disease cannot tolerate gluten. Symptoms of celiac disease vary from person to person. Symptoms may occur in the digestive system or in other parts of the body.They include diarrhea which is pale, voluminous and malodorous. Abdominal pain and cramping, bloatedness with abdominal distention (thought to be due to fermentative production of bowel gas) and mouth ulcers may also be present.
Avatar f tn They can also recommend an allergist if they feel it is an allergy other than a gluten allergy. Keep your appointment with your doctor and ask for allergy testing- hopefully this will help you get to the bottom of this. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Then I surfed on net and came to know that HLA-B27 positive people have gluten sensitivity and intake of gluten does not let intestine to absorb vitamin B12 and hence continuous intake of gluten creates vitamin B12 deficiency which lead to itchy eye problem and B12 deficiency related problems. I have celiac disease related symptom like fatigue but that is also related to vitamin B12 deficiency. My mother has chronic diarrhea and headache problem since 2005 which seems celiac disease.
380253 tn?1204291103 Is a wheat allergy and gluten/celiacs disease much the same???? and are the symptoms the same??? Please someone let me know if the treatment is the same diet etc, Im so mixed up with it all and find it really difficult to get information here in Scotland... I dont know what to eat and what not to eat!! ............Can I eat oats??? for example............... Thank you ...........
Avatar n tn I had had a lot of severe eczema on the heels of my hands over the years, in spite of my best efforts to use the hypoallergenic and fragrance-free products of all sorts. My doctor told me that eczema is actually one of the symptoms of Celiac Disease. She mentioned this, because I had told her that I hadn't had a severe outbreak on my hands since I stopped eating gluten and dairy products. When I say severe, I mean that I used to have it quite severely.
Avatar n tn I have IBS and I clearly have gluten intolerance, regardless of what any of the official tests say. If I want to suffer, all I have to do is eat something I know has gluten in it. Then, it takes forever for the colon to stop cramping and having constipation. I think it's better to just stay away from gluten if you have any doubts or if you're having symptoms.
Avatar m tn Is dizziness upon standing a symptom of gluten intolerance, wheat allergy , or oat allergy? I have read that oats don't have gluten is this true, or will they affect people who are gluten intolerant? Im pretty sure they do affect me.
268911 tn?1213744781 over a month or two i became intolerant to dairy and gluten, and i started to develop asthma and had all of the symptoms of allergies. i finally went to an allergist who did an allergy test on me, and found that i am allergic to diary, wheat, nuts, eggs, but that i was much more allergic to a lot of the grasses and trees which were around. he told me that all of the trees and grasses had my allergies going and the food just pushed it over the edge.
Avatar f tn Have also been told maybe an allergy to wheat/gluten as I also tend to deal with stomach issues. Frankly, I am at the endof my ropes with this because nobody seems to have a definate answer.Any ideas?
Avatar m tn Is dizziness upon standing a symptom of gluten intolerance, wheat allergy , or oat allergy? I have read that oats don't have gluten is this true, or will they affect people who are gluten intolerant? Im pretty sure they do affect me.
Avatar f tn Thanks, I have tried a few gluten free foods every now and then, but not because I thought I had a gluten allergy. I will try eliminating that and see if it helps.
6224500 tn?1388947668 I have been getting a lot of digestive problems after eating gluten/lactose containing food and drink, however I only seem to be getting these issues in the morning. Typical pattern each day: I eat gluten/wheat/flour/lactose containing food in the morning and within 5-20 minutes I get bloating, gas and a sudden urge to go the toilet but am constipated (it comes out hard and in small bits).
Avatar f tn Yep, all that you have listed are symptoms of an allergy. You are fortunate to have figured out the cause so soon! Some people have to go through a lot of investigation to determine what is causing their allergic reactions. All the best.
Avatar f tn With your grandma- she was having colon issues POSSIBLY because of gluten. The colon is a big part of the intestines which are lined with villi, which are what absorb nutrients from your food. Gluten damages and wears down villi in many people over time, thus giving them intestinal issues and malabsorption problems. As far as what you have? I don't think you have gluten intolerance as your said your intestines feel/act/work fine, but that you most likely have a wheat allergy.
2206935 tn?1373638605 A friend of mine is allergic to guten. Gluten is in many kinds of food including bread. Her allergy to gluten was discovered through a blood test. She no longer eats any products with gluten. There is a really interesting book written by David Permutter MD called " Grain Brain". I'm reading right now as a matter of fact. All the symptoms you are describing such as fatigue, dizziness, feeling anxious, depression can be caused from an allergy to wheat and gluten.
Avatar n tn I have gluten and seafood allergy and I don't have Celiac Disease instead I get rashes. The rashes last to almost 3 months and they are very itchy. Can someone tell me why the rashes last so long? Please help..
Avatar f tn I am a 27 year old white female-After 26 years of problems I was diagnosed with a severe gluten allergy (no tests run but appears to actually be celiac's)-have been gluten free since february with only 3 accidental ingestions-had pnemonia 2 months ago and it lasted 1 month (allergic reaction to azithromycin)-symptoms now: constant dull lower right quadrant pain w/sporadic but frequent stabbing pains in abdomen (X4 weeks); lower right quadrant stabbing pains in abdomen after eating/drinking
Avatar f tn It sounds like you have a food allergy that you are not addressing. Perhaps you are gluten intolerant. I would cut out all gluten containing foods for two weeks and see how you feel.
Avatar n tn It will be interesting if this allergy becomes less rare with the current trend of gluten free diets and the onslaught of gluten free products on the market. I did not realize that this can be an ingredient in beer! Perhaps a brewmaster friend of yours will come up with a special recipe that you will not react to and name it after you. :-) Thanks again for sharing and I hope it helps someone else as well.
Avatar f tn I am on a gluten-free diet right now and all of the symptoms have vanished. I have read that Synthroid has gluten in it -but this does not seem to bother me. Anyone experience the same? I have an appt on Wed with my GP, but I am not very optimistic she'll have many answers...
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with GERD and given omeprazole which never really helped worked and now im trying ranitidine instead. my symptoms began after a year of monthly tonsillitis which i was on antibiotics for each occasion - after this ended i began getting nausea and it has steadily gotten worse. I have literally no social life because even when i feel reasonably well im too nervous to go out and i do suffer from anxiety because of it.
Avatar f tn Hey, everyone :D I'm new, and I wanted to let everyone in on this cool thing I found. I have a parasympathetic nervous system disorder that has caused my IBS, along with a liver disorder. For this reason, my doctor has cut gluten from my diet to try to help out my digestive system. I was in the health food store the other day buying gluten-free waffels, and I found thes pills. They're called GlutenEase, and they're like Lactaid, but for people with gluten and caisen allergies.
Avatar f tn ©2010 American Academy of Neurology “Gluten sensitivity is a systemic autoimmune (allergic) disease triggered by the ingestion of gluten in genetically susceptible individuals. Neurologic dysfunction can be the presenting feature even in the absence of an enteropathy (gastrointestinal disease and symptoms) .
Avatar f tn I'd like to back-up FurballsMom's comments on celiac issues. My husband had no 'outward' problems until he hit about 50 years of age. Then suddenly developed symptoms. He had eaten gluten-containing items (wheat, rye and barley) his whole life without any problems before this happened. It took us a long time to figure out what was going on because the blood tests came up negative on everything including possible gluten issues.
634941 tn?1222839802 My boyfriend experiences mood changes, lethargy, diarriah and painful bowl movements. We were talking about the possibility of him having a Gluten allergy. Are there any particular foods that are good for people with Gluten allergies? Any good references for gluten free foods?
Avatar n tn I had to request an endoscopy to confirm it - the GI dr agreed to do it but says she probably just has a wheat/gluten allergy and that an allergist will have to diagnose that. I thought celiac was an allergy to gluten...any input would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn Can you still be gluten intolerant despite a clean food allergy panel test? Aside from the existence of a disorder, wouldn't you know if you were gluten intolerant the moment you ingested it? Also, would an underactive thyroid be the cause of why I can't clear my bowels out in just one trip to the bathroom?
Avatar m tn White tongue is a sign of a yeast overgrowth. This may be the cause of many of your problems. Start taking a strong probiotic, and look up candida overgrowth and try to follow the diet for it.