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Avatar m tn I take a slew of supplements though and think I corrected this problem. However, I still get chest pain and the other aforementioned symptoms. Does anyone think this is a heart issue? Hiatal hernia sounds closest. My pulse is usually normal though and I have exercised vigorously. Sometimes exercise compounds the problem, sometimes it has no effect. Sometimes a large meal will trigger symptoms, sometimes it's anxiety.
Avatar n tn i am having the symptoms, shortness of breath, can't breathe normally, chest pains, cough, light headed, feeling faint and weak, also, left arm feels strange, what are these symptoms? They have been occuring at least 4 to 5 times a weak, but today I cant's breathe at all on my own.
Avatar n tn Hello, Coughing ,sneezing and difficulty in breathing are a common symptom of mold allergy but chest pain and tingling and numbness are not.As cardiac causes have been ruked out in your case,the other causes which need investigations are GERD,pulmonary causes,anemia,costochondritis and biliary tract disease.
Avatar n tn Today I am trying to get an appointment with an allergist. I just want the chest pain to go away. The hives I can deal with! I told the older doctor that I had looked up on line and found quite a few people who have chest pain with hives; I'm not the only one. All he said was, "hmmm no doubt"...... Unfortunately, the one on the internet are also looking for answers and there seems to be too few of them out there.
Avatar m tn I had 6 x-ray in the last year due to recurring chest pain. What is wrong with me.? Is it allergy or asthma?
Avatar f tn I recently have had a stent put into my right coronary artery because if a 99% blockage,since then I have had nothing but trouble,I've had arthralgia ,oseaophigitis,rashes and chest pain .
Avatar f tn The pain is not related to allergy and it can be due to musculoskeletal pain which causes sharp pain in chest. This happens due to over usage or uncomfortable position of upper trunk or arms. I suggest you to take analgesics which will relieve pain as well as inflammation. I suggest you to consult physician for further management. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn Are you jhaving any runny nose,sneezing or appearance of any rashes?You can check out if allergies are acusing your symptoms by allergy tests like skin ***** tests and blood tests like RAST from an allergy specialist. Other causes of chest tightness may be lung pathologies,cardiac causes and acid reflux.Take some ant acid like Mylanta or some PPI like prilosec and see if your symptoms improve.Costochondritis can also cause chest tightness.
Avatar m tn I usually get every joint in my body arthritic symptoms once a year but it seems to be getting worse. As of recently I have been having chest pain, and left arm pain and numbness (indicative of a heart attack, but no heart attack). I have had numerous blood tests MRIs and X-rays for everything form diabetes, arthritis, MS, lupus, thyroid problems, anemia, and lord knows what else, they tell me everything is normal, yet I am still sick and in pain.
Avatar n tn I have developed strange and scary symptoms during chemotherapy. I have chest pressure and pain (center of chest), and pressure in my abdomen. It has become difficult to even wear a bra. When I eat, I can not eat very much because of the pressure. I had a normal mammogram. What is going on? I even went to the Er once because I thought I was having a heart attack, but had a normal EKG and X-ray.
Avatar m tn Recommended medical treatments are have been largely unsuccessful in the control of my issues, other than treating the symptoms. Oral steroids (prednisone) are the most effective treatment, and it cures almost all of my symptoms, but the relief is short lived as I taper off the dosage. Over the past two to three years symptoms also include severe migraine headaches, joint pain, and sleep disorders. Now I am 44 years old.
Avatar m tn The most dominant symptom for the previous few months is a heat type pain in my chest and abdomen with chest pain. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn if someone were to get allergy shots for a year or so and were to have their IgE levels checked, would it be in normal range of would it be elevated? in other words,. does getting allergy shots lower an allergy sufferers IgE levels? Secondly, I have been having a BUNCH of symptoms and I dont know the cause of them,. i have a few theories and allergies is one of them, I was wondering if these symptoms could be from allergies.
Avatar n tn I have some very strange symptoms going on for 6 months. Basically, it feels like there is this extreme tightness around my abdomen. My ribs, spine, and chest often feel bruised and very sore. The weird part is my nose is all messed up, like it's being blocked off or flooded with some type of horrible sickness, but I don't have any infections or colds. The weirdest part is the breathing problem seems to change with position.
Avatar f tn I started feeling ill at the begining of june i started with a sore throat the next day allergy symptoms the next the allergy symptoms were gona and the sore throat persisted then for the rest of the month i feelt dizzy nauseous weak tired and alot of headaches then at the middle of july i started getting more sympyoms chills loss of appetite vomiting lost alot of weight internal tremors cold feet alot of chest pain went to the dr and said that mono test came back positive has anyone else experi
Avatar f tn I have been through a battery of tests due to abdominal pain, headaches, vision problems, back pain, chest pain. I had a CT abdomen without contrast and I'm wondering what the results mean: The lung bases are clear. Evaluation of the solid organs is limited due to the lack of IV contrast. The liver, kidneys, adrenals, spleen and pancreas are unremarkable. The gallbladder is absent status post cholecystectomy with surgical clips in the gallbladder fossa.
Avatar f tn d worry about a cardiac arrhythmia with the pain between your shoulder blades, but you have no other symptoms - no shortness of breath, no chest pain, etc. Do you ever get dizzy? You should get this checked, though, to make sure you don't have one. That's really important. I hope someone else comes along to chime in on other possibilities, too., and I hope you feel better!
Avatar f tn I recently had strep throat or what is believed to be, while taking one-a-day womens vitamin. I stopped taking the vitamin when I was placed on a zpac antibiotic which seem to be working. I started to feel better after the 5th dose. I then started taking the vitamin again and all the symptoms of my strep throat came back. Severe sore throat with swelling, hurts intensly when i cough. I now even feel pain in my chest.
Avatar f tn ve had seasonal allergies my whole life and I have definitely become sore in my chest and abdomen from sneezing/coughing. If allergy treatments don't work, you can also try a humidifier. Like mentioned, stuffy noses are common during pregnancy, and the coughing could be from the air in your home being very dry. A humidifier might help.