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Avatar m tn 10 days ago, I woke up with sore throat kind of symptom (with pain in neck, normally i will get such pain in neck in allergy season), headache, etc. Dr prescribed me antibiotics which helped me a bit. 4 days ago i went to allergy Dr to get Kenalog steriod shot for my allergy treatment. I woke up that night with night sweat and it has happened few times in last 5 days. I also logs 4 pounds weight in last 10 days (i was 172, now 168).
Avatar n tn Can one experience "late-phase" allergy symptoms like malaise, fatigue, headaches, Eustachian tube dysfunction etc. without EVER experiencing "early-phase" symptoms like runny nose, itchy eyes etc. ? I do occasionally have a scratchy throat, but this is very seldom. I have been experiencing these "late-phase" symptoms for several months now, and was recently diagnosed (via skin ***** test) with allergic rhinitis to dust mites and pollen.
Avatar n tn You get those BEFORE you get the symptoms that are like allergy symptoms but they also can be signs of a cold. :>) How often does this happen?
Avatar f tn You can get skin tested by an allergist pricing you with an actual piece of the onion. Also, I read that oftentimes cooked onion is ok but not raw.
189372 tn?1219833358 Hi, It's good that your MRI was normal. Allergies are a common cause of sinusitis. Since you've been having these symptoms for almost 2 years, yours is a chronic case. Your symptoms of headache, ear pain, fatigue, and nasal congestion all points to this diagnosis. It is important to know your allergy triggers to prevent your symptoms from happening. House dust that can cause allergic reaction include molds, pet and human dander, cockroach waste and the dust mite.
Avatar n tn Hi, How are you? Are there other symptoms present? This could indeed be due to allergy and it is important that you identify the offending allergen or trigger. There are many possible allergen including latex allergy, as mentioned above. To identify the underlying cause, allergy testing may be done. Check with an allergologist for proper evaluation. Try to wear hypoallergenic materials, whether clothing or in your toiletries. Antihistamine medications may also help provide relief.
Avatar f tn My whole body turned red, blood pressure jumped, nausea, headache, lightheadedness, weak. Symptoms came on slowly, but soon after eating. Had crab wontons with dinner, but have never had a reaction before. Could it be a milder form of shellfish allergic reaction.
Avatar m tn Ive had this headache for 4 weeks now i woke up with it one morning. it was above my left eye. it has since migrated to around my eyes and then towards the back of my head and has decreased in intensity. its not throbing but hurts when i exert myself or bend over. if i sneeze it hurts my head pretty bad for a couple minutes. about a week ago i started having hearing problems. I have loud ringing or buzzing in my ears and voices sometimes sound like robots.
Avatar f tn I was in the rain for 3 hours June 22nd, had sinus drainage ever since, saw an allergist he put me on an antihistamine last week, Sept 22. Now I have a severe sinus headache. Do you think this is an allergy or something else?
Avatar f tn Clariton is an antihistamine that has something in it to keep you from getting drowsy (antihistamines normally make you sleepy and can be used for insomnia). I suspect it is the additive in the Clariton that gave you the headache. Some people react badly to it. If you want to try a standard antihistamine get Benadryl. If your symptoms go away then you know it is an allergy and not an infection. If it doesn't work, go to a doctor.
762020 tn?1234319614 Pharyngitis, inflamed tonsils, allergy to food or any other allergen etc can all cause swollen throat. Headache could be a symptom associated with tonsillitis or pharyngitis with accompanying sinusitis or fever. Try gargling with warm saline water, drink plenty of hot fliuds and take over the counter antiinflammatory drugs if you feel you have a throat infection. However since the diagnosis cannot be confirmed on net, I would advise you to consult your doctor first. Hope this helps.
1208279 tn?1289020783 I really get these same reactions from my body. headache, dizziness, lightheaded, the general feeling of body weakness, body malaise and sometimes if it gets really worse i'd get palpitations. it's really not a good feeling. after the great drink comes the great consequence of all the symptoms. I just don't get it why I experience this. and also i only experience this when the drink is cold.
Avatar n tn so far, no other symptoms after 10 hours. If I keep taking Doxy for the next 10 days, will my symptoms likely get worse or stay the same? With such a long half life, I'm likely to have this experience for several days anyway.
Avatar m tn I just wanted to know how everyone first found they had a tumour on the brain...what were your symptoms? I have a continuous headache but not so bad that I can't stand it! I also feel very dizzy with it and sometimes feel like I'm moving away from my body (if that makes sense). I have other conditions (hypothyroidism) so not sure if its connected or something entirely on its own. Thanks for reading.
3072999 tn?1356414732 My daughter has always had sinus infections and now 5 months after CM surgery she is having the allergy symptoms full throttle...stuffy head, sneezing, sore throat and a headache! Yuck! So she's on Zyrtec along with Diamox and Topamax. Here's hoping everyone feels better soon!
Avatar f tn Hi, welcome to the forum, allergy shots can be associated with flu like symptoms. Other wise it can be a sign of upper respiratory tract infection or sinus infection secondary to influenza virus A and B, parainfluenza, coronavirus and human metapneumovirus. This can be complicated by bacterial infections. If bacterial infection is suspected then appropriate antibiotics will help. Otherwise pain killers against prescription will give you quiet a relief for your headache.
12216401 tn?1424138136 t had any nausea either, although lots of other symptoms. Feel very lucky - the worst symptom so far was a 2 day headache earlier this week, but that may have been related to a food allergy I have.
Avatar m tn So I guess one of the reasons causing my headache is allergy. For one thing, I can not bear the smell of grass, especially when I see people mow grasses outside. I will start feeling itching in the eyes and nose, then, bad headache. So I took Excedrin for pain relief. It worked well after a little while. But the worst of all, I seem to rely on the Excedrin whenever I had the same kind of headache, which I do not really know a name for the kind of headache.
Avatar f tn Well the symptoms are accurate, as the temperature changes, your body reacts to it, considering that you already have many issues related to allergy, as much as I am not a great believer of prescription medecine and tend to orient my lifew towards a more natural way of living, I think that you would need some meds to alleviate your symptoms, and give you back some quality living, talk to your doc, or see an allergist, if you do not get any satisfaction, get another one. good luck.
779797 tn?1263618235 s called intoxication, not allergy. None of your symptoms point to an alcohol allergy. I suggest you stay away from it. Why make matters worse? Have you seen a doctor for any of these symptoms? Something as simple as an inner ear problem can also cause dizziness. Allergies can pop up out of nowhere. Did you test positive for anything?
Avatar m tn For the last month I am sneezing up blood and coughing up blood(coughing up blood not sure if it is from nose), have headache all the way down the middle of the brain and when I swallow, also I am short of breath and wheezing, also have chest pain and back pain, right now I have itchy back. But, I had an x-ray 6 months ago that showed clear lung. I had 6 x-ray in the last year due to recurring chest pain. What is wrong with me.? Is it allergy or asthma?
Avatar f tn Then in June I got a sinus headache and my life has not been the same. I have been to the family doctor, the ENT, allergies and now I am going to a neurologist. My symptoms are burning sensation in cheeks leading to ears and teeth. Throbbing pain in my nose (like pulse or heatbeat), constant headache, darck circles under eyes and severe post nasal drip.