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Avatar m tn Hi. My son chews and ***** on clothing as well. He does it as a self soothing thing as he has sensory integration disorder. What we do to combat it is to first, look for ways to help the overall nervous system remain calm. We call this regulated. Physical activity is one of the best ways to do it--- heavy muscle work. And man kids respond well to deep pressure. I have many ideas for this if you are interested or you could google occupational therapy and 'heavy work'.
Avatar f tn There is a clothing boutique in LosAngeles that is selling jersey style shirts with prescription drugs on the back...Aderall, Vicodin and Xanax. How sick is this? That someone is glorifying...even making a joke out of prescription drug abuse? This shakes me to my core because I shutter at the thought of young people buying these shirts and thinking its "cool" to show their recreational drug of choice on their back like its a badge of honor or something to be glorified.
Avatar f tn I would wait and only use dreft b/c when I was a baby I had an allergy to any kind of detergent with fragrance. Once your son is here and all rub one of your shirts on his hand and wait to see if he gets a rash.
Avatar m tn A lot of kids have stuff about clothes that their parents can't quite get, sensory kids, for example, just hate stiff clothing, especially things like jeans. It sounds like she either does not like her bare arms to be touched, or is self-conscious about how they look. (When I was young I used to think my upper arms were too skinny, and would refuse to wear shirts with a certain length of sleeve because they cut off right where the skinny part was and showed it off.
Avatar f tn I look more like 30 weeks lol. Anyways, i have baught maternity pants and only wear those but i havent got maternity shirts at all. I just wear my old shirts, they strech. Buuut, lately they feel so tight around my stomach area. Can it affect my baby? Is it squishing her?
Avatar m tn I do not eat chocolates or cola very much. I drink coffee 2 times a day with milk and sugar. I wear fitting T Shirts mostly those are just fitting ones but not very tight. T Shirts are washed after 2-3 time using. I do not walk much and drive car mostly. After leaving Gym no walking or jog. Weather warms here and almost summer here so I use Fans and A/c. I got 4 Adult Kittens whom I give shower every two weeks and maintain job cards for complete maintenance.
Avatar m tn Hm. So, those who get all hyped up about May 5th and buy salsa, margarita mix and Corona beer are good for celebrating but if a Mexican American celebrates something important to their nationality, they are bad? I can't imagine a school where race tension is so high that kids would make a huge deal out of wearing an American flag to school that day to thwart the patriotism to their nationality other kids might be showing. Sounds terrible.
291100 tn?1265991790 I am a special educator and I have a clothing line for kids with tactile sensitivity. We are looking to develop seamless undergarments and other seamless items to add to our sensory friendly clothing line. Out of the following, what is your largest dressing challenge if you have a sensory sensitive child? This discussion is related to Clothing sensitivity, so hard to get child dressed , only getting worse.
1206353 tn?1307250410 I get something like that too but only in spots where my skin is in contact with my clothes. Pants and shirts that do not bug me any other time of the year, make me feel itchy and tingly occaisonally.
Avatar f tn m hungry again! My breasts are leaking like crazy! I have to change shirts 2 or 3 times a day! Anyone else experiencing this?
Avatar m tn People actually develop an allergic reaction to cigarette smoke, and even without it not having clean air can aggravate the sinuses and lungs. However, if you take a person with an allergy out of the environment of that allergy their symptoms get better and if they're away from it long enough the symptoms usually disappear. Cigarettes are also known to cause havoc on a persons immune system, making it weaker...
Avatar f tn I been having bad pains under my ribs what do I do it really shirts bad :( BTW 29 weeks
Avatar n tn For maternity clothes, if you want new, buy what you can on clearance. Basics know no season. Saturday I was at Kohls and got 2 pairs of jeans and 3 shirts out of the maternity section for $52. If used is good for you, try online consignment shopping from poshmark or threadup or eBay. As for baby gear and furniture there is really no magic way to score big for way cheap. Your best bet is buying 2nd hand. A lot of things you'll come across will hardly be used.
Avatar f tn Maternity wise I only have 2 shorts, 1 Capri, 1 pants, a 4 shirts and 3 dresses. I get by on comfy shorts from Wal-Mart and t shirts (that I'm starting to grow out of lol.
Avatar n tn The doctor told me it looked like a fungal rash on my armpits and an allergy from my belt on my belly. A fungal cream and changing my antiperspirant cleared up the armpit rash but a prescribed cortisone cream did nothing for my belly. I haven't worn a belt since that day and am careful to tuck in my shirts but my rash will dry up, flake and peel, then the skin will turn bright purplish red, raise, itch, burn and start again.
Avatar n tn ) that relieve their stress. Kids suck the arm of their shirts and collars. If he gets in trouble to much for it, he will then become anxious about that! But I do know how you feel. I have the same problem that comes and goes but I don't like it when it is happening. Good luck!!
Avatar f tn I'm considering doing allergy shots for my kids. Has anyone had any success with them? Is it worth the time and effort?
1105450 tn?1375683721 I like the t-shirt thing bc a lot of kids love! Having ppl read their shirts. And if they don't notice u can always be like (childs name) tell (grandparents) what ur shirt says.
Avatar f tn t due August so i added long sleeve shirts to my list since that is close to winter again.
Avatar f tn My husband joked about me wearing a moo moo, you know what not a bad idea. Lmao! I stocked on larger sizes for my yoga pants and larger shirts. Nothing too fancy and most of the stuff got it on sale. Maternity clothing is super expensive!
9777116 tn?1415541757 30 am my husband and I will welcome our last baby into the world. Since we will be gone by the time my other 2 kids wake up, I wanted to leave them a care package to open before school. I was thinking hand sanitizer, big brother / big sister t-shirts and a few other things. Have any of you lovey ladies done anything like that or have any suggestions for me? We have an 8 year old daughter and a 7 year old son, and expecting a baby girl. Thanks ladies! I'm so excited!
328630 tn?1213620350 I swear just putting on my clothes takes a big effort, put me on a wall Im freaking Humpty Dumpty and still have about 10 weeks to go, my kids take joy in watching me put my socks on like the fat lady at the circus Im gonna start charging there azzes admission, I never had to manuver my self in a 360 just to wipe my butt LOL and I cant wait to stand against the damn kitchen sink and not feel like a T-rex trying to wash the freaking dishes, How bout you guys?
Avatar n tn This has been an ongoing issue with my husband and my 2 girls (13 and 9). My husband wants them to be respectful and obediant (fair enough) but when they arn't he resorts to shouting at them in a very harsh voice and shouts shut up at them. My youngest daughter considers this as swearing as it is something I have brought them up to not say to one another. He does not seem able to talk reasonably with them and doesn't think he should if they have misbehaved.
Avatar m tn My shirts and sweaters tend slip a little backwards while I am wearing them so that my shirt is a little longer in the back side and a little short on the front side. Why is this the case? (I am 21 years old).
Avatar f tn Well I decided to take 6 dollars and go to the indoor kids play gym for 3 hours. It was fun, the kids had a balst, but are currently cranky because I woke them up from their naps lol. I was that was the only thing I could think of doing. Besides it's better for them to get some exercise then sleep all day.