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550719 tn?1263261102 So my son was born on the 11th of February, and we were thinking of having his birthday party on that Sunday, which happens to be Valentine's Day. I have been trying to find cute ideas for the party, but its so hard to incorporate Valentine's Day when everything is pink and hearts and girly stuff. Do any of you have ideas about keeping the party "BOY" but also Valentine's Day?
Avatar n tn Just 20 more weeks to go and then all will be revealed!! Going to be forever so planning my daughters first birthday party, anybody got a good theme!? Any ideas will be great!!
Avatar f tn Are you having the party at your house instead? You can still have the farm theme party, just get creative with decoration :) That teddy bear picnic idea is wonderful too!
94902 tn?1330479667 I LOVE to use themes for my kids' b-day parties!! For Cooper's first b-day in July, I'm gonna use a bug theme. His invitations will be segmented caterpillars, circles connected with eyelets or brads, and pieces of info on each segment. We are also gonna have a bbq at our house. (I don't go all out with the first birthday as much as i do with the older kids, since they won't remember it anyway. Mostly just family, few close friends.
979425 tn?1251403163 I have a birthday party i have to go to on sunday. Its my boyfriends friends and i dont like them. But my boyfriend goes to all my partys so how do i go and have fun? My anxiety is high about the party. Should i not go or would that be selfish of me? Any advice?
Avatar f tn I'm planning my daughters birthday party and I wish you all could come!! I can't believe we've made it through the first year!!
Avatar f tn Something cute to do (or at least I think so because I did it at Aspen's first birthday party) is to buy the kits to make pizza. If you have older kids something that keeps them quiet and entertained for a little while is throwing their pizza together. Tada 10 minutes later its out and they can eat it. I also got lots of chips and juice.
Avatar f tn So, I am planning Hunter's 1st birthday party, and long with this we are also doing 3 in 1 birthday, So not only will it be hunter's birthday party it will also be my nephew 2nd birthday and my niece's 2nd as well, because there birthday are with in days apart(18/25/30) We thought it would be best to thought One huge party instead of having one each weekend!! LOL We are going to go all out as its 3ppl paying for it! So my question is, I need some more good ideas for this party.
569254 tn?1267372644 We had Brock's 1st birthday party today! It was great, but exhausting...for everyone! We had 30 people here. We started at noon, and everything was wrapped up at about 3:00! We had lunch, cake, and then presents! I worked out great! Normally, I would do cake after presents, but I wanted Brock to enjoy it without being so tired after presents! A lady at school made a 3D teddy bear cake! So cute! I'll post some pictures! There are so many more toys now!
Avatar f tn Just wanting to get ideas for my dd first bday party. How many guests did you invite? Was it a big shindig or did you keep it low key? Did you have a theme? Did you buy a smash cake or just give her/him a piece of the big cake? My dd still takes 2 naps per day and most relatives live 2h out of town (and my sister is due to give birth any day).
408901 tn?1274687198 Im still thinking and thinking and thinking. How about having Zoo as the birthday theme? get all kids dressed into their fav animal and comeover, have animal rhymes and animal games...(just a thought)! will this work or 1yr old is too small for all this? :) lemme know your ideas, how abt goodies bag? cheers!
7981160 tn?1400440941 I would just do a cook out or bonfire (not sure where you live). I turn 21 in July and we are having a bonfire/cookout. I also find out what I'm having right after my birthday so we are going to wait and do gender reveal at the same party!
938812 tn?1297651988 My son turns 1 next month on the 20th, and i was thinking on the 18th i am going to do something with him and my friends that have kids around his age. But what do you do at a 1st birthday? Please give me some ideas!
640548 tn?1340553355 My daughter was invited to her first birthday party this weekend for a set of twins in her class. They are a boy and a girl, and they will be turning 5. She enjoys playing with the girl in school, and considers her a close friend in her class, so she will be going to the party.
Avatar f tn how many of u mommas have birthdays coming up in may for your older ones and how old =) my baby boy will be 3 on sunday goodness how time flies :) he's still my baby boy no matter what he was my first born he is my life :) idk what i would do without my son he has made me the woman i am today!
Avatar f tn Can you let your son play a part? If you're doing cake.. Let him help cut it? Or whisper it to him and let him tell everybody, or let him open the box of balloons, you get the drift, whatever your reveal method is, include him. So when you look back, and see pics, it can be 'look what big important thing you got to do on your second bday, what a special day for many reasons'. Vs his bday getting trumped by a big announcement.
Avatar f tn ( SO Any fun birthday ideas?? I know I cant do too much and I definately cant drink soo what should I do???