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Avatar f tn ve been pregnant for almost a year, no its not morning sickness) ~tingling/pain in my arm including joint pain in my wrist and elbow (no injury) ~Extreme pain from my hip to my knee (my doctor thinks may be sciatica) I know I am senstive to mold in general as I have a skin allergy to outside mold (skin rash from mold on the leaves).
Avatar f tn Could mold poisoning cause some type of Lyme test to come back positive? Can my husbands and my symptoms be from mold poisoning? Please help because I am desperate. I am poisoning my body with this Lyme antibiotic and I'm not even sure if I have it. It's been the only answer I received though.
Avatar n tn They did a blood test for mold and it came back i was right about the mold, they said i was allergic to mold and dust. They gave me medacine for the breathing, symbicort and some depression pills. The breathing has got a little better but not 100% but the chest pains are still there. The pain is mostly in the middle of my chest. I just want to know if this is normal with an allergic reaction/exposure to mold?
485259 tn?1519047026 House is being professionally tested soon. But wondering, any chance that the mold is causing my symptoms? I am just curious. Always looking for an answer of WHY. Because then I might feel like I might have a chance to FIX IT! Thanks all..
Avatar f tn How about mold or mildew? I had anaphylaxis during my allergy testing because of mold.
Avatar f tn I have black mold on my balcony, which is dripping down from the roof of my apartment building. I have not been to a doctor, yet, because I cannot equate my symptoms to the mold. The doctor will tell me it is all in my head, until I can be more specific. Have you been tested for black mold allergy symptoms? What is the test, and how reliable are the results? Have you sued an employer for black mold poisoning? Do you have parasites?
Avatar f tn I decided to look in the air vent that is above my bed and found black mold. I cleared the vent, so will my symptoms clear up on their own or do I need medicine?
Avatar m tn It seemed like we were in the doctors office every other week. Finally they sent us to see an allergy specialist. They ran the allergy test and found that indeed my youngest son was allergic to mold. I didn't know where the mold spores were coming from so we did an extensive and massive clean up of our home. Low and behold the mold was mainly behind the washer and dryer in the laundry room. The doctor wanted to put son through a series of allergy shots, which I researched.
Avatar f tn It is quite evident that you are allergic to penicillin mold like penicillin notatum and chrysogenum spp. Such allergy in patients ranges from mild rash to severe reactions and depends on the body's magnitude of sensitization to such molds. This can be possible that you are not allergic to other type of molds. Penicillin molds have thiazolidine ring which may be the cause of allergy. The allergic reaction keeps on worsening unless exposure to offending mold is discontinued.
Avatar n tn My other thought is that it could be caused by a fungus, not necessarily a mold-allergy, but just irritation from the mold or fungus. Is there a lot of industrial pollution in the area? It could be air pollutants that your body isn't used to.
Avatar f tn Is it possible for allergies to persist even after you've removed yourself from the allergy inducing environment? I started getting allergies after moving into a new place and I think it may be the dust. But the allergy symptoms persist even when I'm away from the place, though with less severity. Do I need to stay out of the place for a prolonged period of time to see relief? Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn Well, HIV symptoms do not appear within 20 days, except for flu like symptoms. But since the symptoms started after the episode, do get a complete STD panel (which includes HIV, gonorrhea, trichomonas, Chlamydia, etc) done to be on the safe side. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn Mold allergies can give you all of the above symptoms. I have snow mold allergies, mold allergies, and allergic to the worst mold of all...penicillin. lol I can't take allergy pills as they either make me sick or put me to sleep ( so much for non-drowzy ) so I take the baby liquid allergy medicine. No gluten in it. I really feel for you. Have your ears and eyes tested, just to make sure the dizziness isn't being caused by either of those. Keep us posted. And good luck.
Avatar f tn Let's rationalize. Rain, less allergens, which should ease allergy symptoms, right? But what likes humidity? Mold and fungus. Boil water on your stove and (carefully, don't scald your sinuses) breathe the water vapors for about 15 minutes. If you have an allergy, it should help. If it makes your sinuses more congested, suspect some type of fungal infection.
Avatar n tn When the filters do not work properly, allergens may be released into the air, causing typical allergy symptoms, such as watery eyes, runny nose, and wheezing. Wash shower curtains, bathroom tiles, and grout regularly and use a dehumidifier in your house. You can use OTC antihistaminic like benadryl, zyrtec.Nasal decongestants and corticosteroids are also useful. If there is any difficulty in breathing then bronchodilators can be used. In severe cases, Immunotherapy is advised.
Avatar n tn I do not have a headache but my head feels like it has pressure and tingling that moves around to different areas. This has been going on for over a year. The symptoms come and go for about a month at a time; it's as if I get "attacks" where symptoms get worse and stay worse for about a month or so and then slowly improve. I've been to several ENT's, a neurologist, and a infectious disease specialist.
Avatar m tn Last Friday morning on Friday the 13th..I got results back from an allergy test....mold allergy of 1313 for the IgE levels in my blood....the regular max range is up to 170....I am on flonase and an antihistamine and a yeast mold powder for my stomach......the burning still comes and goes and feels more permanent now.....will the burning and swelling go down through time from an undiagnosed mold allergy? I wonder if there are still trigeminal nerve damage from this?
Avatar f tn My 17 year old son suddenly has developed random swelling and sometimes hives around or beside his joints. This happens randomly and could be his elbow, thumb, knee and even pelvis around the hips joints. We took him to a doctor and he did blood tests and said he was allergic to mold. Well we live in a dry climate and in a brand new house so I'm ruling out mold. The mold he eluded to was alternarius tenius (sorry spelling may be off). Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn I've had recurring sinus, sore throat/ laryngitis, asthma, PND, lower respiratory infections (viral and/or bacterial) since last spring, worse since this past fall. Antibiotics seem to quickly albeit temporarily clear up the green/yellow but other lingering symptoms persist. A few weeks ago I asked for a sputum culture (the results below) which were negative. My GP says it is allergies and quite frankly I feel written off.