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Avatar m tn However it is generally well tolerated.TAllegra tablets 120mg are used to relieve symptoms of seasonal allergy to pollen, also known as hay fever, and perennial allergy, such as allergy to animal fur, mould and house dust mites, which both cause allergic rhinitis with symptoms including nasal congestion, runny itchy nose, sneezing, tearing, itchy, red, and puffy eyes and problems sleeping.The best medical treatment for acne often is a combination of medicines.
Avatar f tn We were told that there can be a lot of different stuff triggering my daughters acne, and also found out you can actually have acne with a a type of Roseaca. She is now on Finacea with an antibiotic and her face is clearing pretty quickly.
Avatar f tn Yep, all that you have listed are symptoms of an allergy. You are fortunate to have figured out the cause so soon! Some people have to go through a lot of investigation to determine what is causing their allergic reactions. All the best.
Avatar m tn I every now n then have acne like stuff on my upper arms and lower arms and also at the back side of my head known as donor site i dont why is it hapening pls help
Avatar f tn t cystic, but a bit more problematic than mild acne. Also, a sulfa allergy limits that option for treatment. Current regimen includes Azelex (for redness and inflammation) and Tretinoin. I'm curious if there is an effective treatment that takes the fibromyalgia into consideration.
Avatar f tn I too had that kind of allergic reaction, although I'm immune to fish allergy until I ate a Salmon last month & got acne after 5 hours, I thought it might be due to some poison in fish meat & I thought right because the fish that I brought I used it 3 time in 3 weeks & got acne, I then bought it from another location fresh Salmon & now I don't have any acne or any other allergic reaction.
Avatar f tn Once your Dermatologist determines if you have an allergy or not, then he/she can refer you out to another physician to further address your symptoms. Cushings Disease does cause acne, but guess what? A soy allergy can cause acne AND asthma or nasal passage thickening making it difficult to breathe making you have to take a cold medicine, which would normally contain cortisol which would trigger elevated cortisol over time, which would cause hirsutism!!
Avatar f tn They can also recommend an allergist if they feel it is an allergy other than a gluten allergy. Keep your appointment with your doctor and ask for allergy testing- hopefully this will help you get to the bottom of this. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Afew days after the injections my face broke out in what looks to me like acne. How long will it take for the Bvitamins to leave my system and will the spots go away?
Avatar n tn Doctor, do you think these patches of folliculitis could be from food allergy, like some facial acne. Also i have taken doxycycline before and that took it away for the most part. would starting another regiment of that help clear the infection?
Avatar f tn better go to doctor of allergy.. it's more on inside so better treat your acne by orally what ever medicine the doctor will give you.. it's useless to treat your acne by topical if the problem came from inside your body. it will just worsen your skin the more you treat it with topical only.
Avatar n tn Hi i've been having acne with very oily face for many years, it's like those tiny bumps scatter all over my face. My doctor told me that it's a comedonal acne and i am glad that my acne is well controlled over the years and not getting severe, but no matter how i prevent it from getting severe...I just couldn't solved the problem by clearing all my comedonal acne. I've been to the doctor two weeks ago and he prescribed me a cleanser, a Co-Trimoxazole and acnotin.
Avatar f tn Not being caused by pregnancy I don't think. Your skin could just be irritated. Try taking a warm shower with soap that you have used in the past. You could get some cortisone cream and put it on if it's itchy.
Avatar n tn Normally it does not cause any allergic reaction or contact dermatitis but some people can show semen allergy. It is due to proteins in semen or other allergic substances transmitted in semen like some medicines. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn My doctor told me that it was acne.. He found that the symptoms were clear as day.. He provided me with some antibiotics and a gel called Differin.. Which is supposed to dry out your pimples and anything else concerning the " acne".. As I used the differin I did not notice any changes in the rash.. I went back after a while and my doctor decided to give me prednison for a week.. Which did ok..
Avatar n tn Hello and hope you are doing well. Zyrtec can cause side effects like skin nodules, rash, pruritis (itching), acne, urticaria, photosensitivity reactions and eczema. So, the itchy red cheeks could be due to Zyrtec. Discuss your symptoms with your consulting doctor he may change the dose or the medications. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I am wondering if maybe he is allergic to dairy or something...but he has no other allergy symptons other than the acne on his face.
Avatar m tn Secondly if the symptoms persist then get perioral dermatitis ruled out. Perioral dermatitis like acne is a chronic papulopustular and eczematous facial dermatitis. It mostly effects women and appear around the nose, mouth and eyes. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar f tn Ive been in allergy shots 3 sessions so far an severe acne and only gotten a pimple or two here and there my whole life previous to this around stress or period. This is so bad and looks like kind that will cause very bad scars. I think I may quit the shots, having scared face isn’t worth this and 5 years time doing it. Rather keep taking pills and sneeze than look and feel this way! 42 yearsold never had skin issues till these shots.
Avatar n tn My wife developed this red rash on her on her face mostly on her cheeks and nose about six to eight months ago. At first we thought it was acne but no acne treatment helped. Our dermatologist doesn't know what it is. It happened about the same time she had her ears pierced. The backs of her ears have been swollen and red and she has a rash down the side of her neck starting from the base of her ears. She also says that her neck is itchy.
Avatar n tn i was given a rash lubricant, allergy medicine, and viral antibiotics. the rash was gone within 2 days. i had no fever and no swollen lymph nodes. i felt better in 2 days, and there was no followup was done. Fast forward to the summer. i have had a 2 groupings of pimples on my face for the past 3 months. acne has also gone on my back and i am peeling what seems to be white heads on my chest and back. i also have wat appears to be folliculitis on my lower penile shaft.
Avatar m tn Hi there, I can confirm the exact cause of your son’s symptoms only after a clinical examination. It could be some allergy, inflammation or infection. The common possibility is that it is contact dermatitis which may occur after allergy to any soap, deodarants, food or medication. There are red rashes with itching in this condition. You may try giving him an over the counter antihistaminic like hydroxyzine.Topical application of calamine lotion may provide relief in itching.
393165 tn?1420760445 This sounds more like contact dermatitis than acne vulgaris, as acne doesn't tend to itch. Adhesives used in plasters and surgical tape can cause this. I would buy some anti-histamines such as Piriton from the drugstore as well as some hydrocortizone cream. These will reduce the allergy and soothe the itching. Mention this reaction to the doctor or nurse when you have monitors or dressings in the future.
Avatar m tn An acne spot which doesn't become inflamed or infected will heal quicker than one than does. Skin allergies tend to itch, where as acne doesn't itch.