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Avatar f tn Also, to deal with the asthma symptoms related to your allergy, be sure to always have your rescue inhaler with you (eg Ventolin), and talk to your doctor about whether you need inhaled corticosteroids (eg Flovent) as a preventative. Also consider getting a dehumidifer for your work space. I hope this helps. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone has any ideas? Could mold poisoning cause some type of Lyme test to come back positive? Can my husbands and my symptoms be from mold poisoning? Please help because I am desperate. I am poisoning my body with this Lyme antibiotic and I'm not even sure if I have it. It's been the only answer I received though.
5897684 tn?1376332978 We just discovered mold in the home we are renting but the landlord won't do anything about it. Can mold cause symptoms like this? Is mold overlooked by doctors? My husband has also been having trouble breathing and post nasal drip and my daughter has been getting fevers and always wakes up with a stuffy nose. Could my chest pains be an asthma-like reaction to mold? Thank you so much in advance! This has been a nightmare for our family and the doctors are stumped.
Avatar m tn We are wondering if it would be possible for our son to have a mold allergy? We have another son who is almost 6 who is in school and will bring home bugs on occasion which is what we thought it was at first, but lately it seems that our youngest is the one that is ill all the time. We just aren't sure how to proceed with the issue.
Avatar n tn Hello, Symptoms of sick building syndrome range from specific symptoms such as itchy eyes, skin rashes, and nasal allergy symptoms, to more vague symptoms such as fatigue, aches and pains, and sensitivity to odours. Mold and dust exposure are important causes in sick building syndrome and if you have been found allergic to them,then chances of them causing such symptoms can be there.Pls get it confirmed from an allergist/respiratory physician and get asthma also ruled out. Hope it helps .
Avatar n tn They did a blood test for mold and it came back i was right about the mold, they said i was allergic to mold and dust. They gave me medacine for the breathing, symbicort and some depression pills. The breathing has got a little better but not 100% but the chest pains are still there. The pain is mostly in the middle of my chest. I just want to know if this is normal with an allergic reaction/exposure to mold?
485259 tn?1519050626 I don't know much more than you do about the mold, it's one of those things that seems hard to get an answer to, hard to find a direct exposure/dx. Try the link above and see if you can get some more information as well as some of the related discussions. I'm not an expert so I can not advise or diagnose, but I personally always wonder. I assume you are referring to exposure in the past and not to current living conditions.
Avatar n tn FINALLY after MRI's, blood work, etc. she had to be admitted to the hospital. They were going to do a spinal tap to check a few things out. I had mentioned to the Doctors that she had alot of mold in her home and I read about Cryptococcal Meningitis that can be caused from molds, bird droppings, etc. She didn't have any birds around, but she sure had the mold!! And low and behold, she had Cryptococcal Meningitis.
Avatar m tn and wondering if I need to get to a doctor or could just go to Walgreens and buy something to end my symptoms. I cleaned everything (clothes, me) uoon my return and the smell is no longer in my belongings but I am still uncomfortable. Any idea what I can do, doctors out there? Thank you!
Avatar f tn Do you know what doctor I can go to to find out if I was exposed to mold or something? I know I am allergic to penicillin.
Avatar n tn He went to a neurologist who did a study of his brain activity and sent him for an MRI, both came back normal. We are out of options. Does anyone know if this could be a mold allergy. He is an electrician and is under houses and in attics alot of the time. He has had these symptoms while under houses with evident black mold, but this is not always the case. He said it almost feels as if he's being poisoned by something.
Avatar f tn You may also try to use a good sun screen and protection from direct/indirect sunlight. This may also be due to allergy to some irritants in the air as you described. Your doctor may be help you there too. Meanwhile, you may try to use some anti-allergic medication and calamine lotion to decrease the intensity. Hope this helped. Let us know if you have any other queries and keep us posted on your health. Best regards.
Avatar n tn Hello, For prevention of allergy symptoms due to mold,maintain/clean dehumidifiers and air conditioners regularly. Air filters of the ac trap allergens, like molds, dust and pollen. When the filters do not work properly, allergens may be released into the air, causing typical allergy symptoms, such as watery eyes, runny nose, and wheezing. Wash shower curtains, bathroom tiles, and grout regularly and use a dehumidifier in your house.
Avatar f tn Hi Thanks for writing to the forum! Yes, some of the symptoms could be due to mold allergy. There are various skin tests and a blood test called RAST which can detect mold allergy. You could also be having a systemic fungal infection. However there are other causes too like diabetes, hypothyroidism, polyarteritis nodosa that should also be looked into. Anemia and low blood sugar too can be a cause for your symptoms. Hope this helps.
975357 tn?1252708323 When I was 19 I only had mild symptoms through the month of September. Problem is, I went to an allergist, and he tried to do the skin scratch test and stopped and told me my skin was dermatographic and that the test would generate false positives on everything. He did a east panel, but it was for mostly food allergies not pollen and outdoor allergens. So how do I go about finding out what I am allergic to in order to be able to get immunotherapy. Apparently, about 4% of people have this..
Avatar n tn They did a blood test for mold and it came back i was right about the mold, they said i was allergic to mold and dust. They gave me medacine for the breathing, symbicort and some depression pills. The breathing has got a little better but not 100% but the chest pains are still there. The pain is mostly in the middle of my chest. I just want to know if this is normal with an allergic reaction/exposure to mold?
Avatar m tn Hi Thanks for keeping me posted! Well, HIV symptoms do not appear within 20 days, except for flu like symptoms. But since the symptoms started after the episode, do get a complete STD panel (which includes HIV, gonorrhea, trichomonas, Chlamydia, etc) done to be on the safe side. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar m tn ETD can also occur with allergies. The symptoms of your suggest that patency of this tube is lost. Allergy can be managed by nasal decongestants with or without topical steroids against prescription. Mold is unlikely to cause this as it usually affects external ear and is known as otomycosis. It can be usually seen in immune compromised state. See if you both are exposed to air pressure changes. I suggest you to consult ENT specialist and get evaluated. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn Hello, The symptoms of mold allergy are mostly respiratory in nature but it can cause skin rash and itching as well if there is a prolonged and continuous exposure. So the possibility of mold allergy causing this itchy rash cannot be denied. I suggest you to get a biopsy skin of the effected skin and get other skin causes like seborrheic dermatitis and eye causes like blepharitis ruled out.
Avatar f tn Mold grows in areas where the moisture levels are higher and sometimes are hidden behind walls and not visible to anyone. My suggestion is to get a mold elimination expert to check it for you. The health implications can be nasty! Please don't take a chance. Mold is dangerous type of fungi and extremely hardy. It can survive under any type of conditions for long long time. So make sure it's eliminated from your enviroment!
Avatar m tn The materials inside the bench were cleaned (not removed) and the bench recovered. I'm concerned that the inside of the bench is moist and the mold continues to be active My questions are: 1) Is asp/pencili only an allergen? It doesn’t cause other damage?; 2) Hubby feels we can’t see or smell the mold and that the spore levels of 264 (after air purifying BTW) are so low they should not be the cause of my symptoms.
Avatar n tn Not quite sure why you're forced to stay in room but I would suggest getting outdoors ea day as long as possible & breathe deep to expand air in lungs. Through nose/out mouth slow. Many people will get ill/hdaches just from the smell of a damp room. A Dr can do a nose culture for aspergillus spores & send to lab to determine if harmful type or a colonization type that can just be making you ill from allergy or into lungs. Ask Dr to repeat stethascope & listen to chest.
746512 tn?1388811180 Determined in the last couple of days I am allergic to outdoor mold - especially the snow mold that is out there now. I started wondering in the fall during one of my labs for fungal biology. I was getting allergy symptoms during our labs when we were looking at specimens so the air in that class must have been full of spores. My cats also start shedding a lot when it gets this warm so I'm always the worse when the snow is melting.
Avatar f tn I feel like I want to move out of my home and that my recent sickness is infect due to the mold. Is there anyway to really know. Mold terrifies me! Thanks!
Avatar n tn Should I seek professional help? Since my work is not likely to fix the mold problem till next week what should I do to keep myself safe and help myself get better? I'm also worried about my residents who also have history of respiratory problems. What should I do for them? Thanks!
1874425 tn?1321976260 He suggested I see an allergist right away and find out if and what kind s of mold I was allergic to, and we would decide how aggressively to treat the mold or if we needed to move out, etc. From there. Today, I went for my first allergy test ever. I was allergic to all of the molds I was tested for. I was actually allergic to 59 of the 62 things I was tested for.
577603 tn?1217703805 It is common for people to get mold allergy if they or other family members are allergic to substances such as pollen or animal dander or dust mites. The symptoms of mold allergy are very similar to the symptoms of other allergies, such as sneezing, itching, nasal discharge, congestion and dry, scaling skin and reduced lung capacity and difficulty breathing. Treatment is to avoid contact with the spores. Reduce the humidity indoors to prevent fungi from growing.
Avatar f tn I started getting allergies after moving into a new place and I think it may be the dust. But the allergy symptoms persist even when I'm away from the place, though with less severity. Do I need to stay out of the place for a prolonged period of time to see relief? Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn I'm here seeking advice because I can't afford to see a doctor at the moment. I'm 23 / male / good physical shape. Which of these symptoms COULD be caused by an allergy? Ongoing Symptoms: Enlarged groin nodes (1 year) Enlarged neck nodes (3 months) Mild cough (3 months) Random rashes (3 months) Isolated petechia or angioma (3 months) Cankor sores in mouth (4 years) Sore throat (1 week) I was over on the HIV forums, but based on my risk they told me that hiv was out of the question.
Avatar n tn Hi Welcome to the forum! Yes, it is possible that your symptoms are due to the black mold allergy. You can confirm this by simple blood tests which detect the toxins in blood. The next step would be treatment, which is usually aimed at removing the toxins from the body. Left untreated the toxic black mold syndrome can affect other systems too. Do consult your doctor regarding this and preferably consult an allergy specialist for this.