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Avatar m tn Four years ago I broke my ankle and have several pins that still remain. I experience extreme itching on and around the ankle bone now. Could this be an allergic reaction to the metals inside me? Has anyone else had this problem. What should I do? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Undiagnosed-Symptoms/Severe-Itching-after-Ankle-surgery/show/619524">Severe Itching after Ankle surgery</a>.
Avatar n tn Hello, If the tingling and pins and needles sensations are present only after cutting grass,then allergy to grass or the pesticides used can be responsible. If however,you are having such sensations(called parasthesias) otherwise also,then the cause is other than grass allergy. Chronic paresthesia indicates a problem with the functioning of neurons.
Avatar m tn t know what these symptoms in combination mean. A rash could be due to an allergy to the medication. You can sometimes get pins and needles from anxiety (or any number of other reasons). From memory some members have mentioned pins and needles when withdrawing from medication. You could always discuss this with your doctor. Pain may affect your compliance therefore it would be really important to do so. Also if you're just starting these medications it may be a normal response.
Avatar f tn I get this pins and needles feeling all over my body as soon as my body temperatureTemperature measurement gets warmer or i engage in any sort of pysical activity or if im around alot of heat. I usually have to run out into the cold to calm this feeling or cool down my body with a fan or cold water. It usually occurs in the winter.I also get small red bumps on my skin. I tried allergy midicine from the doctor and it didnt have any affect.
Avatar f tn Hi my name is Atik, im 23 My first time here, I want to inquire about this problem i ve been having for a few months now. I get this pins and needles feeling all over my body as soon as my body temperature gets warmer or i engage in any sort of pysical activity or if im around alot of heat. I usually have to run out into the cold to calm this feeling or cool down my body with a fan or cold water. It usually occurs in the winter.
Avatar m tn m mahesh, 30 yrs old, working in latex company,kerala, india, feeling pain in the back of ear in the vain, starting from bottom of ear and proceeds and end with the top corner of head lightning for 1-3 seconds and reduced after some times. But i feel pinching pain like pins made has been feels on the corner and and that vain portion got some swelling(not much) effect and pain. I feel the blood clotted in that area something like that. Now i feels the some irritations in head.
Avatar n tn Any physical activity that warms up muscles, be it walking, climbing, lifting or even sneezing and laughing triggers pins and needles all over my body. Slightest hint of anxiety, stale air, warm air, the Sun, hot bath, humidity.. you name it. Pins and needles turn into massive sensations of crawling and prickling and unless I stop and cool myself the skin flares up in tiny red spots with unbearable nettle burning sensation.
Avatar m tn Waiting for your kind advise
Avatar n tn they go away and come back and now i am having Tingling or a pins-and-needles sensation on my upper body(hands,neck,back,sides) i have been taken allergy medicine and using caladryl clear lotion but seems to be no help. Does any one know whats wrong with me?
Avatar m tn People actually develop an allergic reaction to cigarette smoke, and even without it not having clean air can aggravate the sinuses and lungs. However, if you take a person with an allergy out of the environment of that allergy their symptoms get better and if they're away from it long enough the symptoms usually disappear. Cigarettes are also known to cause havoc on a persons immune system, making it weaker...
Avatar m tn Hello Vishal1109, I see you recently joined Med help. Welcome to the allergy community. I am wondering if you have a pinched nerve(s) in your back somewhere along your spine. This might account for the pins and needles feeling in your neck, hands and wrist. If you have access to a chiropractor, perhaps that is something you should consider. I myself go to a chiropractor for what it known as adjustments. I have neck, shoulder and back issues myself.
Avatar f tn I'm considering doing allergy shots for my kids. Has anyone had any success with them? Is it worth the time and effort?
Avatar m tn Two years later I had rotator cuff surgery on my other shoulder and after that, I started feeling like I was stepping on marbles in both feet. Now, that sensation has become pins and needles and burning sensations on my skin throughout my body and ringing in my ears. My skin in my forearms and neck has turned blotchy red with no pain or itching over time. I have seen the best doctors at Boston hospitals, including neurologists, spine specialist, hematologists, rheumatologists, etc.
Avatar n tn Recently I keep getting extreme dizzy spells and pins and needles type feelings, mainly in my legs or arms. Im also generally fatigued, always feel tired, and having muscle/joint aches even though Ive pretty much stopped training recently. Over the last week Ive started having high sensitivity to light and bad headaches in temples and behind my eyes. Anyone get any ideas?
Avatar f tn Hi .. have you been to an allergist? Do you have any thoughts on what you may be allergic to? You may be very right bcz sometimes once the allergin is removed the asthma can get better. Have they considered what is called in the States Singulair at all ? It's a asthma prevention med aimed at blocking the leukatrins and works oftentimes with allergy driven asthma or RAD (reactive airway disease).
Avatar f tn I want to know your kids' names and ages! Share about them here... it's always fun to know about these things because sometimes you meet someone on here and don't even think to ask about their families and children. I have two little girls. Elaina is 3 and Abigail is 18 months!!! One is sensitive and one is very independent. One is empathetic and sweet, the other is a goof and clown!
Avatar m tn My symptoms include an itch in the throat, a dry feeling in the throat, throat tightness, dry feeling lips, dry mouth, dry upper part of part, itchy pain at back of mouth, and tongue burning after eating hot food. Please note my mouth FEELS dry, but it actually isnt, its perfectly normal. I also have pins and needles in my hands and feet. I have seen an ENT who did a barium swallow which came out normal.
Avatar f tn I went to an allergist who tested me 3 years ago for allergies which all turned out to be negative to talk about the iv contrast allergy. She noted that it appears that I'm over the contrast episode but that my throat is very irritated and suspects its from GERD which I've had before and that is causing the lump sensation. The strange thing is that I wasn't having very bad GERD symptoms until I had the iv contrast allergy.
Avatar n tn re all stopped up in your nose, the sort of hyperventilating or lack of deep breathing that may go on from that, especially when you do sports, can cause those pins and needles and strange sensations. Allergy is often responsible, especially to MSG, which is a food enhancer used in Chinese food, soy sauce, that sort of thing, altho it's put in a lot of foods.
Avatar f tn I was nauseous in the morning and shaky. Sometimes my legs and arms felt like pins and needles. I had a lose of appetite and was losing weight. I had seen an ENT and she thought it was reflux. I saw a GI and he did a scope and said everything was clear and my biopsies all came back normal. This was going on for months on and off. I went to my allergist and they did environmental tests. Found out I had allergies to most trees, grass, and weeds.
Avatar f tn We wash her hair every night in the shower with kids shampoo and use regular adult conditioner. My only other thought is dry scalp?? Do they make a dry skin kids shampoo? Any other ideas as to what this can be and how I can help her? Thanks!
1900997 tn?1321659956 The gas is still a bit of a hindrance. Usually kids laugh hysterically when someone farts but my kids are so used to me farting that they don't even bat an eyelash anymore. LOL Also, skim milk has a higher lactose content than whole milk. I only get the whole milk. Last week my hubby accidentally grabbed the skim and I ended up having to just throw it away because I couldn't tolerate even a little. You can give the Lactaid tablets or milk a try.
Avatar n tn After a lovely day yesterday in the sun my chest shoulders arms and hands caught it ... woke up this morning to pins and needles kind of pain in my hands and when i looked down at them they are twice the size, both hands swollen and very itchy. been up all night itching and trying to relieve it. why has my hands swollen up?? please help its horrible and feels like frost bite and hurts if i catch them on anything ???
Avatar f tn Hello, Deficiency of vitamin B 12 can cause anemia, fatigue, palpitations, headache, numbness or 'pins and needles' and decrease your sensitivity to touch, vibration or pain. It can also cause confusion, depression, poor concentration and forgetfulness. To treat vitamin B 12 deficiency take a diet rich in vitamin B12 diet like a non veg diet and meat and liver products. If the levels are low, then you may need to take injections of vitamin B12 as well.