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Avatar f tn Just wanted to update those of you who gave me wonderful insight into the world of preschool (from a teacher's POV). Anyway, I sent a note this morning reminding them of her allergy and to let them know I provided a bag for her bedding. When it was time for Daniel (DH) to pick up our daughter I asked that he go and get her extra uniform and to make sure they had put her bedding in the bag. Well.................. they put EVERY child's bedding into their own bag. Yay!!!
Avatar f tn I just picked my hospital bag and was thinking I should also pack bags for my other 2 just in case they need to go somewhere quickly too. We live 400 miles from our family. We have them scheduled to come in on April 15th and stay until delivery. I'm due on the 30th. So my kids will stay with friends if he comes earlier.. Did any of you with older kids pack overnight bags for them in advance or just wing it when/if it became necessary?
Avatar f tn It was very frightening and I wonder now if I could have a chocolate allergy? The doctor seemed reluctant to admit that I did but it could be possible, I guess.
Avatar f tn I have a 4 year old, about 2 months ago she attended a birthday party and came home with a mouth full of bubble gum (Bubble Tape) and a bag filled with candy. No big deal, she woke up the next morning with a big red splotch on her left cheek. At first I thought she had been in a bad position over night causing the red mark. Throughout the day the splotch got brighter red. I called my sister in law, to find out what all she had eaten during the party.
Avatar m tn People actually develop an allergic reaction to cigarette smoke, and even without it not having clean air can aggravate the sinuses and lungs. However, if you take a person with an allergy out of the environment of that allergy their symptoms get better and if they're away from it long enough the symptoms usually disappear. Cigarettes are also known to cause havoc on a persons immune system, making it weaker...
973741 tn?1342342773 Place the flour mixture in a paper bag or large sealable plastic bag. Shaking off excess marinade, place one or two pieces of chicken at a time in the bag and shake to coat. Shake off excess flour and place the chicken on the prepared rack. (Discard any leftover flour mixture and marinade.) Spray the chicken pieces with cooking spray. 4.Bake the chicken until golden brown and no longer pink in the center, 40 to 50 minutes. Tips & Notes Make Ahead Tip: Marinate the chicken for up to 8 hours.
173939 tn?1333217850 no nuts, no egg-derived food, no cinnamon allowed because there is one child in class who is allergic to all of the above. How could particles of egg, mixed into a pancake, travel through the air and cause an allergic reaction I wonder? I guess it is serious, otherwise there wouldn`t be those rules, but I just don`t get it. Can someone shed some light on this please?
Avatar f tn I'm considering doing allergy shots for my kids. Has anyone had any success with them? Is it worth the time and effort?
7184931 tn?1390773745 I almost feel like homeschooling my son. I seen on the news that some public schools lock kids in padded boxes with no lights if they act up in anyway and using eltric shock therepy on high schoolers as a form of detention. Parents weren't even informed of this and one teen was killed as a result.
Avatar f tn It is $30 a week to feed school lunches to our kids. Granted, there are numerous healthy choices including salad, vegetables, fruits.... but everything is ala carte. Even a hand full of salad is like $2-. So by the time you grab an entree, a salad and a piece of fruit.... $5 bucks, baby! Frequently the kids will pack a lunch. Obviously it is more cost efficient and will probably become more common around our ranch if things keep going this way....
Avatar m tn hi guys before 2 days My sister brought me new clothes but it was in the bag for around 3 weeks new then I try it to see if it is my size or not but the problem that I tried with out wash it and I don't wear any thing in the top it were 8 tshirts and two shirts after when I'm done with this tshirts my back was itching then I went to take a shower what should I do remember it was 3 weeks in the bag no body touch it .
Avatar f tn They are crusty and burn, and I have wrinkles in the corner of my eyes and my lids seem to droop I also have a huge bag under the eye that had pink eye. I dont know what has happen to me can someone plese help?
Avatar n tn Your allergist may order allergy tests, including food allergy testing, albeit there are many false-positives with food allergy testing. You could eliminate a food from your diet and see if you remain symptom free. Then reintroduce that food to determine if that is the trigger. Again, I must recommend you ask your health care provider about the Epi-Pen.
768015 tn?1333652075 I already started packing my bag Nini =) I don't think it's ever too soon. You just never know. I packed baby's things like her going home outfit, her lotion, her blanket, her little gift from mommy, dadd, brother and sister, my copy of my tubal ligation form, my slippers, my robe with pjs, underwears, bras,my cell phone charger(I had an extra one) and socks.I even have her carseat ready in my car simply cause I wanted the kids to get used to it in the car.
Avatar f tn I have never had allergies in my life, but at 21, I began having extreme sinus congestion and mucousy eyes. Allergies run in the family so I knew i needed to get allergy tested. No suprise I developed allergies to almost every outside allergen. Shortly after i began allergy shots. To sum it up allergy shots were actually making my allergies progress instead of get better, and I would be sick 3 days post every shot until i developed sinusitis.
Avatar f tn , This Morning, I woke up and my right eye (especially the bag underneath) was really straining to open. When I finally did get it open, my right temple started to have a shooting pain, as if it was the worst migraine ever. The pain lasted only a few seconds, but I had to curl up it was so bad. No eye doctors want to help me in my area with Charity Care. I have included a picture. I am embarrassed to take pictures with friends. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks I'm advance.
Avatar f tn Hi .. have you been to an allergist? Do you have any thoughts on what you may be allergic to? You may be very right bcz sometimes once the allergin is removed the asthma can get better. Have they considered what is called in the States Singulair at all ? It's a asthma prevention med aimed at blocking the leukatrins and works oftentimes with allergy driven asthma or RAD (reactive airway disease).
Avatar n tn Do you mean for the hospital? Aside from a blanket and your take home outfit (or 2) and car seat- you won't really need anything for the baby. The hospital gives a care bag and everything you'll need for at least the first day or two. The stuff you'll want to pack is the stuff that you will need.
Avatar f tn I want to know your kids' names and ages! Share about them here... it's always fun to know about these things because sometimes you meet someone on here and don't even think to ask about their families and children. I have two little girls. Elaina is 3 and Abigail is 18 months!!! One is sensitive and one is very independent. One is empathetic and sweet, the other is a goof and clown!
Avatar f tn Ok ladies I'm 34 weeks this is my 5th baby all my kids.and pregnancy 100% always healthy . I know they say the more kids you have the sooner they may come . I THINK that may be true I'm having a lot pain like a Contraction every 15 mins or so. I m hoping he stays at least another 4 weeks to be on the safe side but I do think.its time to.have the.bag ready .??
Avatar f tn i have been cooking for last 5 days...while cooking when i opened my bag of spices i felt that some spices entered my nose and after that i sneezed too much. i didnt washed my nose thereafter . this happened for 2-3 days,whenever i opened my bag of spices to put in the frying pan i felt the spices entered my nose and caused sneezing. from day before yesterday i am feeling symptoms of common cold. runny nose,nasal congestion,mild headache, weakness,very mild body aches.
Avatar n tn its an allergy, go c your allergy specialist.
Avatar f tn Hello ladies I'm 31 weeks going on 32 weeks in two days when should i pack my hospital bag???
Avatar f tn I'm using a Vera Bradley duffle bag for me and a baby/diaper bag for baby!
Avatar f tn We wash her hair every night in the shower with kids shampoo and use regular adult conditioner. My only other thought is dry scalp?? Do they make a dry skin kids shampoo? Any other ideas as to what this can be and how I can help her? Thanks!