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Avatar f tn How do y'all deal with cat allergies?!?!? I've just recently become super allergic to my best friends cat's and I wanna be able to go see her without her cats killing me!!! (or me wanting to kill myself for that matter!) It's really bad, and my eyes, ears, throat, nose and basically whole body have really become anti-cats lately :( What should I do?!?!?! Thanks for the tips and suggestions friends!
Avatar f tn Hi all I just found out I'm pregnant and I stopped taking loratadine (aka claritin) for my allergies a few days ago bc I don't want it to do any harm to my baby, and I'm not sure whether or not it would. It's a class b medication which means they haven't done studies which show any harm or safety. The only problem is, when I don't take it I have post nasal drip which drains into my stomach and makes me nauseous.
Avatar f tn s possible that you have something else bothering your allergic system a little bit and that, on top of the cats, is making you more sensitive to the cats.
Avatar f tn Personally I wouldnt have any of my pets let near my baby because theyre new to the world and it can cause early on allergies and or asthma. But if you want to try it out, I would just keep an eye on the cats when they get close to baby and do my best to teach them that baby isnt a toy or another animal.
Avatar m tn her allergy tests showed tiny allergy (small welt) to cats and the allergist said no need to find a new home for our beloved cat. Everyone was amazed how well she's doing since our cat has passed on. To play it safe we have gotten a hypoallergenic dog and everything's been fine. We had rabbits, too, for a few years and they were okay.
365714 tn?1292199108 t like the thought of not being able to cuddle with our cats anymore, having to keep them out of my room, or have to rehome them altogether... Trying not to panic. I will try to rule out other allergies before having to resort to that...
Avatar f tn Need some advice. My niece is allergic to cats and other things. She takes meds every night for her allergies. Just woke her up for school and her left eye and cheek are puffy and swollen. She was playing with a cat last night but no more than usual. Should i keep her out of school or what?! Any advice is appreciated.
440120 tn?1211724496 I've recently been to an allergist because of newly acquired allergies. I'm 43. I developed an allergy to cats in my 20s after having cats since I was a child. I got a new kitten and found that her saliva gave me hives. Since then I've always had a mild cat allergy. I was tested and found allergic to cats and dogs and a mild reaction to milk. Everything else was negative.
Avatar f tn Works wonders for me, defintely have more symptoms when the cats are due to be washed. Vaccuum a lot and groom the cat regularly outside to help keep the hair down in the house. I would double check first that there is a true allergy involved, no use going through everything if you aren't allergic and it's from something else. Also look at the cat litter you are using, some have strong perfume or a lot of silica dust which is known to affect some people.
Avatar f tn My mum is allergic to cats, what can i do to my cat to help her with her allergies??
874521 tn?1424116797 I know you and Akira both suffer from allergies too, that can be such a complicated issue to tackle, but getting back to basics is good for 'everyone' whether they have issues or not, best to do the natural thing before an allergy starts.
Avatar n tn You want to make sure that your kitty continues to eat, even if you have to force feed him after a few days, because cats who don't eat for a prolonged period of time can develop feline hepatic lipidosis, or fatty liver disease. While this is more common in overweight cats, it can affect any cat who goes for a long time without eating.
Avatar f tn I was told with my first they don't develop allergies until the age of 1 or 2 yrs. I can't remember which. It's been 5 yrs ago lol. Having a cat will actually help build up their immune system.
Avatar f tn so dealing with cough with home remedies only...nt to worry at all ur baby will be absolutely fine...
658901 tn?1403814634 Hello...I am sorry to hear that your cat is having some problems. First question: What kind of food is he currently on? Next: Are you seeing any blood in the diarrhea? If you are, please take your cat to the veterinarian as soon as possible for an exam and possibly xrays. If you are not seeing any blood, you can try to prepare a bland diet for your cat using white rice and chicken.
Avatar f tn I am 9 week pregnant and I am also allergic to my indoor cats. I am also scare about getting toxo from my cats.
7845323 tn?1394873413 Cats won't care as long as you still love them too.
3170462 tn?1344717552 t mean to sound obtuse, but a specialist of what? Cats? Allergies? Cat allergies? Do these specialists have a title or a specific field of study that I can begin searching for one by?
Avatar n tn Today in revisiting and playing with a couple of cats I developed allergies. When I went home I played with my cat and the allergies returned. What could have caused this and should I adopt a new cat if I somehow now have cat allergies?
Avatar n tn My 9 year old son has had a dry cough for 2 weeks with no other symptoms. He has not been sick or been around anyone sick. We have 2 cats that we have had for 3 years with no problems but I'm hoping he has not developed allergies to them. He went to his grandparents over the weekend and they don't have any cats but the cough DID NOT get better. He also coughs just as much at school where there is no animals.
531835 tn?1215615037 I have a wonderful boyfriend who can not come inside my apartment becasue I have two cats. I want to continue my relationship but I am unsure about what I can do to reduce him having a reaction. He has told me that in the past was was able to be around cats and to a point can be in a house with cats as long as they are kept out of the room he is in. Thats great except I have to have the litter box and everything in my bedroom and can not put it anywhere else becasue I share my apartment.
Avatar f tn Someone asked for suggestions on what to feed itchy dogs/dogs with allergies, though I couldn't find the original question. Anyways, I had suggested grain-free dog foods with limited ingredients, (as most allergic reactions come from food). I just came across another one, by **** Van Patten, "Natural Balance" "Limited Ingredients Diets" which is grain-free and (comes in a purple bag, Sweet Potato & Venison formula).
Avatar n tn try clariton oral, nasal crom and allaway(eyes) or just try the clariton and alaway first and if needed add the nasalceom. I have severe allergies to cats and dogs, pollen etc. and it works for me.
Avatar n tn my vet is closed today but my cat wears a hood due to skin allergies and has some how removed the hood and scratched the fur and skin off his face and can not open his eyes!
Avatar f tn I LOVE cats with all my heart but in allergist to them :(((((((((( whenever I'm near them I get hives! My allergies might be getting better but I'm not sure. Also I'm going to be working at a animal shelter soon were I have to be around cats and dogs. So if any1 would know if there something I could do or take besides allergy meds then can u please tell me?
Avatar m tn Cats can be allergic to dust, mold, and even other cats. But it is very likely that it is a food allergy. I might suggest switching to a natural grain free cat food and keeping his claws well trimmed, this worked for my kitty at least (with the help of a cone to stop her from irritating her sores while they were healing.) Good luck!