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7406493 tn?1453999212 Not sure if I have caught a lil cold or have allergies cause the Chicago weather Change.but I'm a bit nervous because can you actually get a cold while prego and be fine? I do get seasonal allergies which I have symptoms of but Im not sure what to take cause I never had allergies while pregnant before. But im not coughing. So Im really leaning to the allergies vs.the cold IDK im confused. I can treat a cold but how do I treat allergies?
211605 tn?1219455746 How can I tell if my son has a cold or if its allergies?? My son starting coughing yesterday and today his nose is really runny and he still has his cough. My husband has severe allergies and sinus problems so we were thinking that since it runs in his family it could be that. But I don't know because today he has been really fussing and congested. He hasn't had a fever at all. I have been sucking his little nose out with the little snot sucker but it is constantly running.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had really bad allergies or a cold lately if so what did or do you take?
Avatar f tn I am beginning to wonder, does my son sound like he have allergies? Or is it a viral cold? His nasal drainage is clear and his fever is low. Our symptoms are similar, but now I am beginning to wonder if it sounds like allergies? If it is allergies, can he take any medication for it? Or are we just going to have to deal with it like the doctor ordered?
Avatar f tn is it me or does it seem like when allergies flare up, it's so much harder to deal with during pregnancy than before pregnancy?
Avatar f tn How Do i know if i have allergies? I mean I usually get sick at the same time every year it seems like. right now i have a sore throat, headache, and runny nose(been blowing it all day). I went to rite aid and asked the pharmacist what I can take with my symptoms and she said Clariton. so I bought it and have had the biggest headache all day. Will that work for a cold though? I need quick relief!! Anything else I can take?
Avatar f tn Ok, so I get red dots which depending on how cold i am could turn into red patches usually it does not even have to be cold just with the wind blowing and it brushes my skin or if i change temperatures for example if im in the parking lot of a grocery store once i go in the store i start breaking out really really bad I avoid shorts because it is embarrassing when people stare when out in public places .
Avatar n tn It seems like i start feeling better with morning sickness and something else hits! Im not sure if i have allergies or a really bad cold . Ive tried allergy meds and cold meds and nothing helps ! Puffs tissues with vicks and lotion are my best friend right now.
Avatar f tn I am 7 weeks and have either a cold or allergies, not sure which. Is it safe to use cough drops?
Avatar f tn I had a really bad cold a little over 3 weeks ago and have had a remnant cough ever since. I cough so bad when i wake up that i almost throw up. I don't cough much during the day. And now FINALLY that my nose was almost 100% clear it's back to feeling cold like again. I never experienced this with my first pregnancy so I just don't know what to expect. And on the downside, there really isn't anything you can do for allergies in pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I was diagnose with thyroid since 200 and i have taken the radio active treatment and am now on levothyroxine 0.05mg which i take daily. I don't know if it's because of the thyroid but i have been experience serious allergies for the past two year. I have seen my doctor and been on medication, every year during the allergy season, i will have to take special treatment for three day to be able to breath again normal.
Avatar f tn How can you tell whether someone (preferably a kid) has a cold\flu or allergies?
Avatar m tn Cold is not usually associated with all you listed out. Though it comes with cold or winter season often or with somebody that responds to change of temperature readily. All the things you said shows more of allergy, it now depends on if you have a family history of such or is just occuring to you.
Avatar f tn I had allergies soooo bad a few weeks ago it was the equivalent to the world's worst head cold! Luckily I was around 32 weeks then and Dr gave me OK to take zyrtec or claritin. Call ur Dr bc once I took allergy meds I felt so much better!!
Avatar f tn Im 10weeks and I've always had allergies throughout the year. Sneezing and runny nose, but since being pregnant I feel like ive just been sneezing, coughing and having a runny nose all the time. I know colds are common but it makes my sickness worse and I feel so run down and worry about my baby. Is anyone else like this?
Avatar n tn Air conditioning can worsen or aggravate the symptoms in patients with sinusitis or rhinitis - the filters would not help much. Let us know about how you are doing and if you have any other doubts. Regards.
Avatar f tn I a like what? Now a day later the bumps have scabed over. So is this a cold sore or allergic reaction? Can anything other than hsv1 (herpes) cause water blisters or cold sores on the upper lip. Please get back to me asap. I am freaking out sighs!!!
Avatar m tn my opinion, this is a sinus issue, secondary to what is the question. Being that this has been going on for 4 months I would find it difficult to believe or say this is any "cold" or any other viral or bacterial infection unless you are experiencing reinfections. No physician's visit yet? If not, please do that.
Avatar f tn It certainly does sound like allergies or chronic sinus problems. I live in the Ohio Valley and it is allergy capital of the nation. I have the itchy nose, sneezing, watery itchy eyes, etc. that you have mentioned. I have COPD too, but also suffer with allergies and sinus problems. You in no way have COPD thank goodness. Just a real bad case of allergies or sinus problems. Which can be very aggrevating and miserable as well I know.
Avatar m tn Hi, welcome to the forum, your symptoms of common cold may be due to infection or allergic rhinitis. Some viruses causing infection are rhinovirus, adenovirus, echovirus etc. Infection is transmitted through inhaling droplets and touching infected areas. You should take rest; drink plenty of water, salt water gargle. Antibiotics, antihistamines, cough syrup will help you but to be taken against prescription. Identify the environmental factors you are allergic to like dust, pollen, pets etc.