Allergies or a head cold

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Avatar n tn It seems like i start feeling better with morning sickness and something else hits! Im not sure if i have allergies or a really bad cold . Ive tried allergy meds and cold meds and nothing helps ! Puffs tissues with vicks and lotion are my best friend right now.
225237 tn?1333138999 With influenza, your bones would ache, you would feel very cold with possible rigor (shaking due to feeling cold) and your temperature would be very high. You don't always get a runny nose or congestion with an influenza virus. Sounds like you do have some type of virus and possibly an infection. With infections, the body temperature can fluctuate by going up and down. There is no quick fix, but you can take cold remedies to help relieve your symptoms.
7406493 tn?1453999212 Not sure if I have caught a lil cold or have allergies cause the Chicago weather Change.but I'm a bit nervous because can you actually get a cold while prego and be fine? I do get seasonal allergies which I have symptoms of but Im not sure what to take cause I never had allergies while pregnant before. But im not coughing. So Im really leaning to the allergies vs.the cold IDK im confused. I can treat a cold but how do I treat allergies?
211605 tn?1219455746 How can I tell if my son has a cold or if its allergies?? My son starting coughing yesterday and today his nose is really runny and he still has his cough. My husband has severe allergies and sinus problems so we were thinking that since it runs in his family it could be that. But I don't know because today he has been really fussing and congested. He hasn't had a fever at all. I have been sucking his little nose out with the little snot sucker but it is constantly running.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had really bad allergies or a cold lately if so what did or do you take?
Avatar f tn I had allergies soooo bad a few weeks ago it was the equivalent to the world's worst head cold! Luckily I was around 32 weeks then and Dr gave me OK to take zyrtec or claritin. Call ur Dr bc once I took allergy meds I felt so much better!!
Avatar f tn frequently my cheeks get very hot and so do my ears it feels like im sitting in front of a heater but my hands and toes are freezing cold and the rest of my body is normal tempeture and the other night i used a thermometer on my forhead and it was 97.3F then i checked my cheeks and it was 99.9F my cheeks and ears were red and really hot so i would like to know what you think the cause of that might be or why that happens? as well i've been having a lot of migraines...
Avatar f tn I am beginning to wonder, does my son sound like he have allergies? Or is it a viral cold? His nasal drainage is clear and his fever is low. Our symptoms are similar, but now I am beginning to wonder if it sounds like allergies? If it is allergies, can he take any medication for it? Or are we just going to have to deal with it like the doctor ordered?
Avatar f tn I'm 8 weeks and have a head cold with sinus congestion. Sore throat and such. Looking for some home remedies or opinions on what to help.
Avatar f tn I went to rite aid and asked the pharmacist what I can take with my symptoms and she said Clariton. so I bought it and have had the biggest headache all day. Will that work for a cold though? I need quick relief!! Anything else I can take? People always assume to drink and eat warm things but my throat LOVES slurpees, that's normal right?
Avatar f tn I've never had bad allergies before. In fact I would only sneeze once in a blue moon. But for a few weeks now my eyes have been itching so bad and I would itch them to the point that I've already had two infections of my eyelid on the left side.It would swell my eyelid almost till my eye was shut. I have a pretty bad history of staph infections. Also the roof of my mouth has been itching and when it starts to itch it will get these hard lumps on one side at a time.
460830 tn?1347219306 It started out with clear mucus, but since yesterday has turned yellow with blood in it, especially in the mornings. I also feel bad, but have had no fever. I get cold easily. Is this just a cold or a sinus infection? I know my immune system is low because I had tongue cancer surgery this past May, with a nasal feeding tube initially put in after surgery, and a trach also. The next week I had a PEG tube put in because of difficulty swallowing and got it out Oct. 4.
Avatar f tn Over the years ive gotten used to it and so have my surroundings when i go over to peoples houses they try to turn off their a/c or offer a blanket etc. , ive learned to keep a small blanket with me at all times and usually within 10 minutes of wrapping myself with it the rash disappears. ok but my biggest problem with this dumb rash is EXERCISING!!
Avatar f tn I'm due in about a week and I don't know if it is a cold or if it's just allergies due to weather change lately but I have been sneezing my head off and just plain old feel icky (but the ickiness could just e because of the pregnancy and my little one being stretched out with his feet in my stomach)! Only time will tell I guess! Hope you ladies feel better soon!
Avatar f tn It could be either. If you got your flu vaccine, however, if you do get one of those strains at least it won't be as bad as it would be if you didn't. It could Also just be a cold. If it's allergies, there are some meds you can have - if you ask your pharmacist they have a binder saying what's safe and what's not. Ps. I'm glad you're not one of those people who equate flu with throwing up type of sick! Feel better soon!
Avatar f tn I am 7 weeks and have either a cold or allergies, not sure which. Is it safe to use cough drops?
Avatar f tn I am not sure if I have a head cold, or if it's just my allergies. As of right now I am in the process of switching doctors so I can't really make an appointment since my records are still in the process of being reviewed and transferred. I have just been dealing with it but my nose is so stuffed and my eyes are all watery and red, I am miserable. I'm not sure what to take.
2863077 tn?1436670789 Is anyone else having allergies right now? I keep thinking I have a cold but it seems to be more of allergies. I didn't know it was allergy season... weird!
1448936 tn?1363206346 I had to work this morning and I felt a little funky because I took benadryl before bed for my allergies and didn't get enough sleep. Or I thought that was the problem. I was dizzy, lightheaded, off balance, and felt weird like the floor was moving even though it wasn't. Then I started getting really hot and clammy. Especially my face but my finger and toes were ice cold. I ended up taking a xanax and within 20 min the symptoms left almost entirely.