Cold allergies or sinus infection

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Avatar f tn Hello, everyone! Two days ago, I had a TERRIBLE sore throat. Went to the doctor to get swabbed, did not come back for strep. No fever, but I felt sweaty at night (I think it was due to bad dreams LOL). Accompanied by a pounding headache. The next day, I woke up congested with a runny nose, I coughed up some green phlegm and felt fine the rest of the day. Now, I'm sneezing a bit with clear mucus and it doesn't feel like a cold at all.
Avatar m tn my opinion, this is a sinus issue, secondary to what is the question. Being that this has been going on for 4 months I would find it difficult to believe or say this is any "cold" or any other viral or bacterial infection unless you are experiencing reinfections. No physician's visit yet? If not, please do that.
211605 tn?1219455746 How can I tell if my son has a cold or if its allergies?? My son starting coughing yesterday and today his nose is really runny and he still has his cough. My husband has severe allergies and sinus problems so we were thinking that since it runs in his family it could be that. But I don't know because today he has been really fussing and congested. He hasn't had a fever at all. I have been sucking his little nose out with the little snot sucker but it is constantly running.
Avatar f tn I would talk to your doctor, and consider seeing an allergist or an ENT. It might be allergies, but it also might be an issue with your sinuses. I have sinus issues, and post nasal drip makes my throat hurt. Cold fluids only help me!
Avatar m tn t had bad allergies yet this spring. So would you say allergies caused this? STD? Or did I possibly catch a sinus infection from her? Its just too much of a coincidence I got all this a day after the sex, even though it seems like just a sinus infection.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had really bad allergies or a cold lately if so what did or do you take?
2110469 tn?1335291083 If you are not having this type of pain, you should consider a head cold or a sinus infection........both possibly exacerbated by allergies. I can't tell you what this pain is from. See your doctor, who WILL be able to tell you exactly what it is and treat it. Sorry if I wasn't able to help.
Avatar m tn Now from last 8 years I am facing headache and clogging of cold in sinus passage. I do have cold and dust ( old accumulated dust) allergy and hence if I do some cleaning of old articles or spend more time in water, I get immediate cold problem. Cold accumulates for 2-3 months and then headache starts. Now days I also get pain back of my head, ears or some time below ears and jaws back side. Can anyone guide me about treatment for such sinus issues.
Avatar f tn It sure sounds like a sinus infection. Is the mucus coming out colored or sticky in any way? Does it drip down the back of your throat and you can kind of taste it? I'd say because of the tooth pain too it's a sinus infection. You could try saline to help rinse out your nasal passages or go to your doctor. They might give you a Z-pack or some other antibiotic if they suspect bacterial infection.
536455 tn?1213538065 s good to hear. Acute coughs usually begin suddenly and are often due to a cold, flu, or sinus infection. Coughs from a lung infection such as bronchitis can start out suddenly and then linger on. Other common causes of chronic or ongoing coughs include asthma, allergies chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, sinusitis leading to postnasal drip, smoking cigarettes or exposure to secondhand smoke or pollutants. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn Try a sinus rinse. I used it when my allergies were severe. It relieved sinus pressure and stuffiness.
Avatar f tn I've had complicated sinus problems over the past about 6 months and I'm not sure if it's allergies, a sinus infection, or something else. There is not an ENT doctor anywhere near me and my car will not make it all the way to the nearest one. Please help me figure this out. I don't want to depend on long term drug treatments since I'm going into the military soon and won't always have access.
Avatar f tn I feel like I have the typical diagnosable sinus infection. However, after being told about my MRI scan is this probably just allergies or maybe a real sinus infection? I am ready to rip my head off. Nothing over the counter helps. I've been taking zyrtec, benadryl, and ibuprophen for the pain. Lastly, my Husband, went to an urgent care about 5 days ago and was told he had a sinus infection. My symptoms started a day or two later.
Avatar f tn It is most likely a sinus infection or allergies or even a cold. The blood is most likely coming from congestion in your sinuses that are inflamed. Try putting a heat pad or if you don't have a heat pad use a clean sock filled with dry white rice and tie it off so it won't spill out of the sock and put it in the microwave until it's warm. Check to make sure it's not too hot and lay it on your forehead by your nose and eyes where the pressure is.
Avatar m tn no doctor is able to help me from out of dz situation....rt nw i am suffering tonsil infection ..i have allergies on smoke and dust i could prevent my self from cold and age is 23..
Avatar n tn Is doesn't sound like a sinus infection but rather allergies since your blowing clear. If you had a greenish color I would say its an infection. I've found Advil cold and sinus to be helpful for my sinus allergies. You need to make sure it won't interfere with medication you may currently take and also make sure your not allergic to it either. Others have found Allegra and Claritin helpful. You may also try a sailine rinse to help out.
Avatar n tn I'm thinking that your cold has developed into a sinus infection which can be very dangerous if not treated , My advice would be to seek medical attention as soon as possible so you can get an antibiotic started .
Avatar m tn You are absolutely right------ things can turn into a secondary infection (sinus infection) after a cold. I always do double the fluid intake with my kids as that keeps the mucus thinned out. there is an over the counter med called mucinex. Our doctor (and now me as well) swears by this, It is an expectorant which means that it also keeps the mucus moving. A sinus infection develops because the 'gunk' gets thick and just sits and festers becoming full of bacteria.
Avatar n tn It seems like i start feeling better with morning sickness and something else hits! Im not sure if i have allergies or a really bad cold . Ive tried allergy meds and cold meds and nothing helps ! Puffs tissues with vicks and lotion are my best friend right now.
Avatar n tn I started wheezing and trouble catching my breath mainly in cold and excercising. I also had itchy, dry eyes, swollen sinus and post nasel. I thought possible asthma and made an appointment with my allergiest. He did a routine chest x-ray and found swollen lymph nodes. A CT, blood work and biop later the only thing they have found is severe inflammation. My cough, wheeze, postnasel, swollen lymph nodes and swollen sinus' continue. I now suffer from double ear infections.
2863077 tn?1436670789 Is anyone else having allergies right now? I keep thinking I have a cold but it seems to be more of allergies. I didn't know it was allergy season... weird!
Avatar m tn try Sudafed, its always hel;ped me when I had sinus infections, u can take mucinex for the mucus, Tyenol cold and sinus congestion, and Claritin allergy if its allergy related, get losts of rest, Vitamin A,C& D is a good supplement for sinuses. hope these help u and hope u feel better soon! good luck hun!!!!