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Avatar f tn It definitely sounds like allergies or sinus issues, and it's very possible you have a combination of both. I do and it's a REAL challenge for my ENT to get me free of the facial pressure and pain, the stuffed and runny nose, the ear involvement, the upper jaw pain and the itchy, watery eyes. There are times I'd like to just pop my head off my shoulders and get a new one! A little bit of blood in your mucus discharge is nothing to worry about as long as it's just a small amount.
Avatar n tn I keep getting dizzy and headaches and fatigue. All the time though. I had a doctor treat me for sinus infection but it never stopped the symptoms. He checked me again and i didn't have an infection but i felt like it for months. What do you think it is?
Avatar n tn Get yourself tested by your doctor or have them refer you to an allergist to get tested for what you are allergic to. My favorite over the counter medication for allergies is Zyrtec, I don't have any reactions to it whatsoever and it works faster than Claritin does for me. The doctor may check you for rhinitis, which for the lack of better words is having very little to no lining in your nose, which, in turn causes the mucus to just kind of run out all over the place.
Avatar n tn Hello, All these symptoms can be a part and parcel of sinusitis or sinus congestion which can manifest as a result of allergies to air borne allergens.Sinusitis can cause headache,malaise and eustachean tube dysfunction also because of congestion of the sinuses with mucus.You need not be having any running nose or sneezing. I would advise you to get your sinuses evaluated from an ENT surgeon.Transillumination tests,X-rays and CT sinuses may be needed to confirm the diagnosis. Hope it helps.
1152061 tn?1262040956 Or you can do allergy shots, pain in the butt for the first year since they are weekly but sooooo amazing not needing medication and not having any symptoms of allergies!! I'm allergic to cats and dust mites too, have 2 cats. For 6 months that got bathed with water once a week, wiped with the allerpet solution (made a huge difference!) and all the typical precautions for dust mites.
Avatar n tn If the ear and sinus symptoms do not start to regress or lessen in a couple of days you should reconsult with your doctor. The symptoms you describe could all be caused due to the sinusitis alone but it cannot be said for sure without a clinical examination whether you have an ear infection or not. Let us know how you are doing after starting the prednisone. Also let us know if you have any doubts. Hope this helps. Regards.
Avatar f tn For 15 or more years, I've alwayas had what I believe to be sinus infections. Right now I am suffering from clear constant/drip runny nose, sore throat, mild cough, pain and pressure in my face and ears. My throat, nose, ears and eyes are also itchy. my nose is completely plugged. i don't have a fever now and never get them. Anyway, when I feel like this (usually about 4 x's a year) I go to an urgent care.
Avatar f tn I had skin testing last week and had no increased allergies, I think I have frontal sinus inflammation and congestion .
Avatar f tn Thanks for replying. My blood pressure is excellent, always below 120/80 or above 96/60. I have checked my blood pressure when I'm dizzy and it's normal. So, I don't have high blood pressure, or low bp. I thought about migraine, but it's not throbbing. I had 2 MRI's, one to check for MS, because my sister has MS, and another to check for a brain tumor. I think from reading posts on here a leak of CSF.
Avatar n tn I have always had allergies and in my teens did the shots. I am 42 now and I was fine until Jan 1 of this year 2.5 years after moving to Texas from Wisconsin. I literally woke up and could not breathe. Since then I have been to the doctor monthly for a dexamethasone shot and either a prednisone or a methylprednisolone course. My (3rd) family doctor want me to see a pulmonologist but I swear its not my lungs.
Avatar n tn The symptoms you list do not sound like allergies and sinus infection do me (dizziness, confusion, SOB, and head numbness). By head numbness, do you mean of the skin or inside your head?
1644331 tn?1372333656 I have food allergies, outdoor allergies, asthma and for the last 10 years have suffered from chronic sinusitis. These sinus infections occur two to three times a year. The worst part of all of this is the constant mucus which seems never ending. It has greatly affected my ability to sing which is my passion. When it goes into an infection I get the same symptoms that one would if you had the flu. Hot cold severe headache nausea it can be painful just to hold my head upright.
Avatar n tn The best thing would be to initially do the balloon and get a CT to figure out the causes of your symptoms. Do you have allergies? Deviated septum? Polyps? If you figure out the problem and take care of that, you will highly decrease you need for future procedures.
1402935 tn?1281958699 I was told it may be allergies. Was given Zyrtec. My sinus mucus swelled up so bad i could hardly breath and my face turned bright red. I did not take it again after that. I tried just general Benadryl and had the same reaction. Red face hard to breath through the nose. I was recently prescribed Allegra and am nervous to take it as it looks like it has a lot of the same medication as benadryl but stronger. Are these medications the same?
Avatar n tn I also have a lot of mucus and had some coughing the past couple of days. Since i usually have allergies I take Zyrtec but i dont even know what to treat in this case?? Cold, Stomach, Allergies?? Please someone help! I dont have a family doctor ...
865758 tn?1285952904 Does anyone know if having Hashi's effects your allergies and sinus? I have had a sinus infection diagnosed by a CT scan and have been treated with 42 days of antibiotics with no relief. I was referred to an allergist and have begun allergy shots but will take months for them to start working. I was just wondering if Hashi's plays a role in your immune system and its inablility to fight off infections.
Avatar m tn I feel that same way with mold in the house. Also around certain chemicals, or resins, like the resin in ink used in newspapers. I found out I was allergic to newspapers. These kinds of allergens always always causes "sinus"-like allergies. Find out if you're having a reaction to something in the house, living area, or just seasonal allergies. My only seasonal allergies are "sinus" allergies.
Avatar n tn whats the different between true allergies and non true allergies
377012 tn?1283965435 my son has had constant sinus and ear infections since he was 6 months old (doc said it was from allergies) he had tubes inserted dec.5th and has had 3 ear infections and 2 sinus infections since then....feb.10th was his last dose of antibiotic (OMNICEF) and he has started having the same symptoms as he did before. with a few new ones...i dont know if he has become immune to the meds (ZYRTEC, ALBUTEROL-as needed- and OMNICEF) -OR- if its something more than sinus and ear infections.
605877 tn?1301700646 i do have allergies and i do have acid refux but i had the allergies first. i think its the honeycomb part of my sinus getting blocked up or not clearing. in the morning i have to cough to get rid of any excess. not sure if that helps. but the noise is a constant high pitch like the air is having trouble getting through.
1025806 tn?1333572690 s still important to take all of your daily sinus medications for the chronic sinus pain and allergies. Saline sinus rinses can also be helpful for some people if done daily to avoid allergy symptoms, have you done a saline sinus rinse before? I know you said you use sprays, but sometimes rinses can be helpful too. It can be a little strange rinsing out your sinuses the first time, but after a while you get used to it. Also, do you use/have you heard of the sinus prescription Nasonex?