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6050747 tn?1378954343 Dr says he has migraines and to use iburpofin to treat it. At times, it does interfere with his school and sports. Curious if anyone has any thoughts/ideas on what kinds of foods could be causing or adding to his headaches? I know caffeine is one.
1606324 tn?1298293871 Many people think they are experiencing sinus headaches and issues when they are really experiencing migraines. Migraines can be triggered by allergies. It sounds like you have had migraines in the past and that they are a possibility for you now. Some things you can try are sinus rinses and a different antihistamine. Many patients and doctors think that loratadine is pretty close to a placebo. Zyrtec or its generic may work better for you.
764912 tn?1322711843 Seasonal allergies really seem to contribute my migraines. Extreme heat can also trigger my migraines. Also, many summer activities such as mountain climbing/hiking or sitting/lying around in the sun for too long can trigger my migraines or make them worse. When it goes from heat to rain, that almost always triggers a migraine for me, and that can happen quite a bit around where I live.
Avatar f tn I am hypothroid and have suffered from migraines for 30yrs. Recently my doctor discussed with me taking the medication topamax. Has anyone tried this? Does it work? Did you have any side effects? He did say I may lose weight, that's a plus. But any input out on the forum would be greatly appreciated.. I know it would be wonderful not to have these headaches and loosing a little weight would be a benefit.
Avatar f tn Your hormones can cause migraines as well. Talk to your doc if you are not able to function. I get about one migraine a week now that I am prego an they last 3 to 4 days. I was unable to function. The doc gave me migraine meds that are safe for the baby. Life is so much better! I hope you feel better soon.
Avatar f tn I had a hysterectomy 9 years ago (ovarian cancer but no chemo) and have since developed chronic migraines + headaches, allergy to cat hair that was treated with allergy shots over 2 years, and an exacerbated dust allergy that did not respond to shots. My migraines involve great sensitivity to odours and sounds. You are well within your rights to ask people around you (at work or school) not to wear perfumes because most of the new perfumes are chemical-based.
Avatar m tn I have the same problem, I have had chronic migraines before pregnancy and they have gotten worse with this pregnancy. Just talk to your doc, I am sure there is something they can give you. I used to take percocets for my mine and they did tell me it was safe to continue taking them up until my third trimester.
4980051 tn?1361868778 Hello. I have SEVERE migraines at least 3 times a week, and headaches daily. Does anyone know of a good medication that will work for Migraines besides Topomax? I cannot take it, as there are side effects that are dangerous to me.
Avatar f tn I will try to supply you with as much information as I possibly can for a proper diagnosis/advice. I am a 23 year old female and I have always had an issue with my allergies. The weather has been up and down for the past month here in New Orleans. I recently developed a migraine about 3 weeks ago (one of the worst ive had in almost 2 years).
Avatar f tn I think you need to try out more medications if the ones you have are not enough. You shouldn't have to take steroids this often. Just my opinion.
Avatar f tn I have done the diets to find a food allergy and do not show any allergies. I don't eat a lot of MSGs anyway. I have another question though...what is the long term prognosis? It seems that I have been having this problem for several years (7-8). I am even fainting (thought to be from headaches). I can't find any info that says what the prognosis is on this. Thanks for you response.
Avatar f tn I have Celiac/Sprue disease. asthma, allergies, and Atypical migraines. I have been told once you have an autoimmune disorder you are high risk for others. Recently I was told my Atypical migraines are considered autoimmune based on recent research. Are asthma and allergies also considered autoimmune disorders? Asthma and severe allergies developed in my late '40's 5 years after I was diagnosed with Celiac/Sprue. Atypical migraines developed this past year.
Avatar f tn t really know, but MS and Food Allergies are autoimmune disorders and I bet you that they are connected.
Avatar f tn I was checked inside and out they found brain lesions and my doctor said she thinks the migraines and vertigo are linked and causing the lesions because MS and various other tests came back ok. My ENT stated I have all of the symptoms of Meniere's Disease which I did know my memory was not so well anymore my hearing for low tones was worse and I had vertigo and bad fatigue.
Avatar n tn I have seen 3 separate doctors and nobody can see what I am talking about. There is a constant numb pain in my left temple and forehead. This is accompanied by and anxious feeling and dizzyness and faint feeling. Also having spells where I feel like I am spinning. I went for a ct scan and it came back normal, also blood work came back normal as well as the eye specialist says that my eye is healthy. Any Ideas?
Avatar f tn I have another suggestion for you. I've just learned that we can develop allergies to certain foods that can cause all sorts of havoc on our bodies and digestive systems. Look up eonsinophilic esophagitis - this can also have an affect on the stomach, but it mainly contributes to the heartburn and the proton pumps not helping. I have struggled with chronic heartburn for 10 weeks now with no help from the proton pumps. I'm going to call my doc tomorrow about some allergy testing.
Avatar n tn This could be anything from an ear(outer/inner) infection, allergies, chemical imbalance, to an onset of migraines. If it happens again, your symptoms are severe enough to justify seeing a doctor. Hope this helped take care.
Avatar f tn I thought caffeine was bad?
Avatar f tn 00pm in the evening in was companioned by nausea. I went to bed hoping it would feel better but today is even worse. I have diareah, a awful headache and I feel like I'm going to puke just by moving around, but when I go to puke nothing comes out and it turns into a cough! What is going on with my body?? Someone please help me!!
969042 tn?1259067775 A doctor can help pinpoint what things a person is actually allergic to or sensitive to. Food sensitivities and allergies that a person is unaware of can cause the body to feel fatigued all the time, too. As you know already, migraines cause a great deal of fatigue, too.
1810724 tn?1316932924 Keep in mind that dizziness is associated with migraines as well. Food intolerances are a major factor for both migraines and IBS-C. And, the usual culprits affect both conditions, so at least there isn't additional foods that need to be avoided for both conditions. It is important to understand which foods affect our Tyramine levels, because these are known migraine triggers. And, these foods just so happen to also affect people with IBS.
Avatar n tn They have also been found associated with allergies both food and environmental and medicines. It is possible that in your son’s case that his tics are related to environmental allergies. Try changing his room if possible for few days and see if it helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.
656111 tn?1273820739 I typed Nov. 2008 and I posted this on Oct. 2008? Gee, haha. Its 2007, not 2008. My typo. :p I do have history with migraines - I have had migraines since 2005. No, I don't have sinusitis. No allergies. Migraines just came back later on that day that's why. I learned more and it is tumor, not cyst. I have pituitary tumor. That's what it is called when my neuro dr mentioned "pituitary gland", same thing. In fact, I have had migraines three days in a row this week.
397977 tn?1201264847 l also suffer from allergies and sinus problems and I assume all that plays a part in my migraines. My question is what should my next step be? See my family doctor and ask for a daily medication to prevent them? See a Neurologist? Any advise is appreciated. Deborah B.
Avatar f tn Get Botox injections for killer migraines every 3 months (it REALLY does stop them). Tried Zofran sublingual and throw it up, injections of Phernergan, suppositories. Have no regular appetite. If I do feel hungry I'll eat then end up puking within a couple hours. GI Dr. can't come up w/anything. I feel like crap and keep losing weight. Lost 60 lbs since 2007 simply from vomiting. Anybody want to offer ideas/suggestions.
Avatar f tn I am reaching on this one but I feel so bad for her because of the pain she has to go through everyday and she is such a good girl and so sweet and loving and I just want her to feel good and not in pain all the time. She is so special to all and I want so bad for her to be well so please help her somehoe.
Avatar f tn I am 55 years old and have been suffering from headaches for over 20 years. Since I also have sinus and allergies I always associated the headaches with sinus and is pretty much what I'd been told until last year. Over the past 2-3 years they have become worse. So bad that I had sinus surgery in 10/11. However, I was told it would not completely eliminate the headaches because I suffer from severe allergies as well. The headaches got better for about 10 months. Then around Oct./Nov.