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11803947 tn?1430842645 I have really severe allergies and benadryl is not doing it for me. Today I woke up with a bloody nose. My eyes are so itchy and watery. My throat hurts a lot and etc ... I dont like taking anything while pregnant but I can't handle this anymore. Any natural remedies ?
5638059 tn?1371438753 hello bro i have acne all over in my face and my skin is too oily my skin white so,the acne can easily be spotted as it is red i always pray to god to cure my acne i just want to look normal when i wake up in, bro please help me out to cure this acne please...................
Avatar n tn Please let me know, my son has been doing research on natural remedies because he just thinks chemo kills too many other cells.
Avatar f tn Anyone feel like pregnancy has made their springtime allergies a million times worse? I can barely breathe, have no voice, and if I lay down my nose stops up. I broke down and took a claritan earlier(I haven't even taken an aspirin the whole time I've been pregnant and I'll be 33 wks on Fri) and it didn't really even help. Have any of you tried any natural remedies for allergies that have actually worked?
Avatar f tn Anyone else have their allergies act crazier than usual while pregnant? I'm about 4/5 weeks and I'm sneezing a lot, my nose is stuffy & runny,I'm coughing and I just feel blah! I was taking Zyrtec and Nasonex spray, but recently stopped when I discovered I was preggo. I just got benadryl, gunna give it a shot tonight. Would rather take something that won't make me drowsy though.
Avatar f tn Most allergy medications are in a class that is not safe or the safety is unknown. I would use more natural remedies such as a Eucalyptus rub (Vicks Vapor Rub), steam, tea, etc. to be on the safe side.
2078979 tn?1332206668 Okay so my allergies got worst andi need natural remedies since I'm 13 weeks :( i feel awful and to top it off they cut my hours at work......any suggestions?
Avatar f tn s the worst in my eyelashes, conjunctiva and scalp. So I just started a candida diet and natural home remedies for an organic candida cleanse. At first my symptoms got worse the first day, and I noticed candida in my stool and urine. Now My eyes feel better than they have in a year. I am doing to ask my doctor and vet about this but I want to be prepared. It's taken an emotional toll on me and I feel very alone, and as though many don't believe me. Anyone have any input? Thank you.
Avatar m tn t make it good for us. I am hesitant to even name any natural remedies, I think it would be best to talk with a naturopath. I went manic on certain amino acids, blacked out on a mix of psych meds and herbs, so I am not just sharing what I read in a book. Natural remedies deserve the same respect as pharm meds, as products that work as well as can be dangerous.
560272 tn?1311350293 There a lot of natural remedies for allergies that might help. A good start would be freeze dried nettles by Eclectic Institute and Bromelain Sinus Ease by Natures Life. There are also many homeopathic remedies at you local health food store. As for the anxiety, a book by Hyla Cass called Natural Highs might get you informed on what's available. But you should be in therapy regardless to work on that anxiety!
Avatar f tn re skin is sensitive to the lemon juice, dilute with a little water before adding the sugar. This helps to even skin tone, exfoliate dead skin cells, get rid of black heads, and reduce acne...
Avatar f tn Hi All, I am 5 weeks pregnant! and I am having lots of allergies. I sneeze a lot and I am congested all the time. Are there any home remedies for the same? Is this going to affect the baby? Anyone else have these problems?
Avatar m tn cold tea bags are really good and the green base concelors then a wet to powder foundation the bags and blackness can be herditary
5581443 tn?1370315435 So if you really want to live a healthy life with glowing skin then you should try natural remedies. I know this method is very powerful because more than 138,000 have tried this and all were 100% happy.
Avatar n tn I have the same things your Daughter has and I have found some help googling and getting information on Natural Remedies, Aloe Vera Gel helps in soothing it it wont cure it though and I have found anti histimines make me ill, I fiond it very hard to deal with so you have my sympathys ,I have been told it goes away eventually I have always thought mine started in May caused by Dental treatment or Penicillin but as she is 17 months I guess it has to be a food allergy, if you were breast feeding he
Avatar f tn Vitamin C with Quercitin and bromelain are great natural antihistamines, I prefer liquid natural treatments. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn My 5 1/2 y/o german shepherd has severe skin allergies. We have been going to a dermatologist who has done the allergy testing, multiple rounds of various antibiotics and steroids. Then he developed MRSA and was placed on injectible antibiotic. Once the round of injectible antibiotics were done and the steroids finished, he developed severe itching, blackened skin and hair loss on the underside of his body.
Avatar f tn Hi there, I am having the same issue. I am not so sure just yet if the allergies are causing me to have more anxiety or if the anxiety and stress makes my allergies worse! The head pressure is what leads me to nearly panic mode. I keep thinking this can not just be allergies! Have you been tested with an allergist? My allergist assures me that allergies can cause all these symptoms but when the allergy medication seems to not work that is what really gets you.
Avatar m tn Ive moved to a healthy diet hoping this problem wold go away but it hasn’t.
209987 tn?1451935465 Oregano oil under the tongue? That's too hot! Better to put in water and swallow it. After all, it's not sublingual, tinctures are meant to be digested. But it's mainly antifungal, not for allergies. As for allergies, since it's an immune system disorder, it's not dependent on your family history -- it's very individual. People are exposed to different immune system disrupters and diets, and so they will have different immune system problems.
Avatar f tn Work on balancing your immune system. There are also homeopathic remedies that can be very helpful for some people. Allergies are very hard to treat, but they can be tempered. Good luck. Oh, and finding a natural practitioner in California is pretty easy, though probably not in Glendale. But you probably can find some. They're everywhere there.