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Avatar f tn Off and on I notice streaks of blood in the mucus in my throat. I have allergies and always have post nasal drip. The mucus is clear, not discolored so I don't think it's an infection. I don't smoke or drink. Can allergies cause blood in your mucus? I don't have the money to go to an ENT and my reg doctor told me he doesn't know. Oh, also, when I notice the blood, I haven't had a bloody nose or picked my nose or anything.
Avatar m tn For the past 2 weeks I’ve been waking up every day with a scratchy throat, a slight cough, and an itch in my ear. I figured I just had allergies. A hot beverage would relieve it and it would be gone completely for the rest of the day. Now yesterday, I woke up with a more severe sore throat which I attributed to post nasal drip (the window fan was blowing air into my face all night; that tends to do it to me). This time the soreness persisted the whole entire day.
Avatar m tn Chronic cough, one that lasts for more than 3 weeks may be attributed to smoking, certain medications, allergies, asthma or heartburn. Postnasal drip or the mucus that runs down your throat from your nose can be caused by allergies. You may be experiencing this. If you have postnasal drip from allergies, try to avoid the things you are allergic to. This can be dust, smoke, pollen, pets or chemical fumes.
Avatar f tn Several weeks later, the pain returned with some swelling in my throat. I called my doctors office and they called my prescription in this time. I picked it up and took it as prescribed. About 2 weeks after finishing the antibiotic the symptoms came back and were worse. The fluid in my ear was extremely annoying. I felt as if I had a ruber band around my neck. It felt somewhat restricted. Not difficutl to breathe, but restricted while swallowing with constent pressure in my throat.
Avatar m tn from past one month i feel dryness in my throat and in flum i found twice little bit of blood.
10011789 tn?1409704061 Does any one else have a ton of phlegm in the back of their throat? It's so bad it makes me throw up when I try to clear it!! Any remedies? I can't stand it!
Avatar n tn ve begun to think it may be food allergies. I do not find it hard to breath though. Can a food allergy symptom be a lump in the throat or chest without feeling hard to breath? I usually feel this just after eating and I feel very nauseous some of the time. I have a bit of a feeling of pins and needles in my throat sometimes. I can eat and drink still (no blockage) but my throat and chest feel sore especially when swallowing my own saliva.
Avatar n tn Could just be something wrong with her throat if she has allergies or something like that. Also could very well be a tic. I would ask your doctor about this.
Avatar f tn A bad and bitter taste in the mouth can be a symptom of L.P.R.D. and so can post-nasal drip (which perhaps might account for the salty taste?)... I have G.E.R.D. myself and have had gastritis a number of times. I can get an acidic feeling in my mouth when it's bad enough. It does sound like your reflux is not being controlled with the continual taste in your mouth. With the mucous in your throat, I'd recommend you pursue getting an appointment with an allergist.
Avatar f tn The ear infection is gone but the feeling as if dust or hair is in the back of my throat (upper left, in the back, just behind the uvula is what it feels like). It's getting on my nerves. It doesn't hurt at all, but the feeling is driving me crazy sometime I start panicking. My family said I should stop thinking about it but I don't know how to stop.
Avatar f tn sure, if someone has HSV genitally and he sheds in your throat you could get your first outbreak there!! Recurrent ones will usually be on the outside of the lip area somewhere. What makes you think you have herpes of the throat?
Avatar f tn Hi, I recently moved to Florida and appear to be suffering from allergies. People have told me that the new area may be what's causing the problem. Last year I got sick twice and both times people were saying allergies could've been the culprit. This year (in early January) I started with an itchy throat. Back in December I had a problem with my ears itching (I assumed they were just dry and used Mineral Oil to ease the itching).
Avatar m tn well, last wednesday, april 16, i was outside with my son working on his playground when i got a scratchy feeling in my throat like a soar throat. i went to bed that night find, but the next day it was bothering me. i went to my ENT where they gave me a steroid shot and asmenex inhaler. Plus they were real strong about starting the imunotheropy. i chose to go to the drops. well, friday, april 18, i was doing fine all day and that night was working out on my sons play ground.
Avatar n tn And what would your doctor do to test you to see if you have an STD in the throat. Can you have an STD in the throat without having an std in the genital area? I have had chylmadia before in the genital area and I was tested and treated for it, and was tested a few other times after that and I have been clean since. If anyone has any REAL true answers about this question, please let me know!! Thank you!
1018744 tn?1251538703 I have the same itching problem in my throat, palate, ear, and nose since 8 yrs. I’m taking Cetrizine tab. regularly. But I wanna know that is there any permanent treatment for my disease ?? Pls advice me.. Thanks, Tanweer This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/282180'>itchy throat with cough</a>.
Avatar f tn Razzle, what do you mean by a lactose intolerance of sorts? What allergies do you have and what are the symptoms? Do you experience an increase in mucus in your throat, or? Do any food 'precipitate' the feeling you're describing?
560272 tn?1311350293 s like I have this mild sore throat, feels a little swollen, drainage in my throat, with sneezing, and burning eyes.......but then my anxiety takes over and makes me feel like I'm going to choke or my throat is going to swell shut. I'm scared to eat certain foods now, scared to get hot (as it seems to get worse when I get hot), scared to leave my home in fear it will happen away from home, etc.... this is making my life even harder than normal.
937227 tn?1244938181 an just the other day my throat feels like theres sumthin stuck in it when i swallow my bf thinks its my thyroid but other people said its my allergys. me i wish i knew cause its buggin me.
Avatar n tn She complains every day and wakes up crying during the night that her throat and ears hurt her. Could this be allergies? we have a dog and a cat in the house. We need some answers im tired of seeing her in pain.
Avatar n tn For the last few months, I have had a tickle in my throat which leads to coughing and constant clearing of my throat. It's not painful, but bothersome for me and those around me. At first I thought it was due to hay fever, but it's been going on much too long.
Avatar n tn 1. Stop smoking, it'll only exacerbate it. 2. It probably has nothing to do with the vomiting. 3. You may have bronchitis, do you feel any wheezing or noises when you inhale? Also is the phlegm watery, or is it firm-ish? Yes it's possible you also have a bacterial infection in your throat. Go to your doctor, s/he'll give you a prescription for antibiotics. 4. For the damaged tissue, STOP SMOKING, and try Vix vapodrops or strepsils, they work for me.
Avatar n tn Yesterday, i noticed bumps in the back of my throat and after checking some symptoms, i dont think i have strep throat. It doesn't bother me in any way and i have no obvious symptoms of any disease but a problem i always had was in the morning, i always get a bit of sore throat that disappears after i drink some water and spit out the mucus buildup in my throat and i think this is post nasal dripping. Even during the day, i sometimes feel a buildup of mucus and a need to spit it out.