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Avatar f tn I have sinus / rhinitis and I have been taking the claritin 10mg everynight. I have been experiencing rt ear throb on occasions, pain in eye sockets, headache on top of the head and when I bend to pick something up off the floor my eyes, nose, forehead feels heavy. I purchased some allergy meds which helps ease the aches in my eyes. I also take excedrine tense tabs which helps with the headaches. I am confused weather I should go to the ENT specialist or the optomologist or even both.
Avatar n tn I did something (some might consider suicidal) but the answers to the symptoms I am having didnt sound logical, so I ate fish, and plenty of it, and after that I didnt have any reaction what so ever for two month.
Avatar m tn I was just wondering if anyone who as MS had the symptoms come and go so quickly. Especially the Vision things. Thanks!
Avatar f tn So I have suffered from daily allergies all of my life. Every winter I would be so sick I would miss tons of school, at least a month every year. I thought I had a horrible immune system, and was really embarrased that I was always sick. Just recently I was diagnosed with rhinitis and given a steroid nasal spary. It worked for two months. My symptoms are back. I'm dizzy, exhausted, sometimes confused. I feel disoriented at times, have headaches and migraines.
Avatar f tn I have had seasonal allergies for year, and now have blurry vision. This year was different (sinus drainage and mucous all yr. long. I had to sleep sitting up all winter.). In the spring, one hour after getting up in the morning I felt one sinus quickly plug and my vision became blurry. A few days, I've had double vision and at times, it's so bad that I have to hold a wall to balance myself.
Avatar f tn These medications all help to relieve short term symptoms of allergic reactions. However, there is a way of preventing the long term symptoms of allergies. This is through a process known as immunology, more commonly referred to as an allergy shot.
Avatar m tn I have read recent studies from Universities such as John Hopkins that state that Allergies can be debilitating on its own and can make you feel weird symptoms, such as the arthritis like aches and others on my list, possibly due to histamines. I had mold in my room for approximately more than a year, not an extreme amount, but it was there. Right next to my bed... basically a couple of inches from where I sleep. I believe I might have Mold Toxicity instead of Allergic Rhinitis.
1466822 tn?1286359734 Dry eyes, watery eyes, very bad scratching in eyes and then a few days later my vision is blurry) So after he gave me Spersadex the problem was still there. So I went to a second Eye Specialist. Now this doctor told me I had allergies and gave me Cellufresh, Spersadex (Can't remember the other name but it's something less stronger then this one) and Lincolen (Something like that) now I used this for a month and yesterday my eyes were so sore I cried.
Avatar n tn GOOD I thought He said my eyes were very dry and it looked like the redness, itchy, fuzzy vision, and dryness was from allergies. He gave me 2 different drops and said we could try these to see if it helped or if the symptoms returned after I stopped using them, there were Pataday and Xibrom. Like most I didn't ask the questions I should have. How do you feel about using these for this problem? Will they effect my AMD?
Avatar f tn Find one at I have had this problem with allergies--but you need to be checked to find out what is going on with your eyes. For allergies, several medications can help. Let your MD decide what your condition is, and he will help you..
Avatar n tn GOOD I thought He said my eyes were very dry and it looked like the redness, itchy, fuzzy vision, and dryness was from allergies. He gave me 2 different drops and said we could try these to see if it helped or if the symptoms returned after I stopped using them, there were Pataday and Xibrom. Like most I didn't ask the questions I should have. How do you feel about using these for this problem? Will they effect my AMD?
Avatar n tn Also, I do believe that there is a direct corellation between allergies and floaters with increased blurred eye vision as well. It seems the worse my allergies, the more I notice my floaters and/or more dense. With proper/restful sleep, too, they become lessened. So there are many factors, I think, from allergies, to a disruptive nights sleep which will make them worse. And, yes, my vision gets more blurred when both occasions arise, allergies and lack of rest/sleep.
Avatar n tn I get the dizziness, my joints hurt, blurred vision and many more symptoms. Anxiety causes a lot of crazy symptoms!! Maybe you should get a second opinion.
Avatar m tn Hey, I'm a 19 year old male 5/10 130lbs and I have been having problems since September. 4 months later, same problems. It all started as really bad allergies in early august, these were the worst allergy symptoms I've ever had. Itchy and red eyes, sore throat, stuffy and runny nose. But eventually the symptoms subsided and I felt fine. But I'm sure that the allergies gave me a sinus infection. A couple weeks after those bad allergies, the new symptoms started.
Avatar n tn These produce headaches along with visual symptoms ranging from static vision to temporary loss of vision. Please discuss this possibility with your doctor. Normally, ophthalmic migraines do not require treatment. But if these symptoms recur regularly then you may need medication to reduce the frequency and/or severity of attacks. Leg cramps are generally due to low sodium. Try to increase salt and water in your diet and see. Otherwise get blood electrolytes done. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn This will be covered under your health insurance - not your vision plan because you are not being see for glasses but rather for a medical problem - blurred vision and sore, tired, dry eyes. Again this should be covered under your medical insurance just as if you went to your primary care doctor for a cold. It's a medical problem. Again, your story does not suggest optic neuritis to me.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend is a 21 year old male, and experienced sudden dizziness, blurred vision, and a feeling like he was going to faint while he was driving. He had eaten a typical amount of food beforehand and was hydrated. He does not have a history of any medical conditions or allergies, and is not otherwise sick. He exhibited no other symptoms. He is about 5'5" and 135 pounds.
Avatar f tn My girlfriend has had migraines for most of her life, it runs in her immediate family. Symptoms include sharp pain in the back of her head and/or neck, dizziness, blurry vision, loss of hearing or ringing in her ears and sometimes feels like she's going to pass out. She had a CT scan and they said it was clean but she's scared. Is it just really bad headaches or could they have missed something worse?
20315163 tn?1494892428 And now Im starting to deal with blurry vision in that eye. I thought the blurry vision was due to my pressing on my eye, so i worse a patch on a patch on the left eye for a few hours at a time and for several days and my vision remained blurry. Im at a point where I need to see a doctor but Im unsure what type of doctor to see. Can anyone help shed some light on this? What could the issue possibly be? What type of doctor should I see? Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn I have dry eyes bloodshot,light sensitive, headaches in the back of neck ,tense feeling in my neck,nervous on edge feeling, brain fog.
Avatar f tn I am going to make an appointment with an eye doctor 'cause I was diagnosed with a migraine that effected the vision in my right eye...the blurriness is going away, but not completely...I'm nervous 'cause I'm afraid the blurry vision in that eye will stay like this forever...the vision isn't as sharp in the right eye.... Is there some type of eye drops I can take that will get the eye back to normal?
219373 tn?1274921434 about 4 years ago i woke in the middle of the night blind in my right eye and having horrible pain behind my eye. the totla blindness was brief, about half and hour, but i was having double vision, blurry vision and pain for several weeks. i saw an opthamologist who said my optic disk was pale but besides a slight astigmatism everything looked . that happened right at the begininng of my quest to find out if i might have MS (currently MS is just in the differential...
Avatar n tn It could be allergies, although an good eye doctor should be able to diagnose eye allergy symptoms. Did you see an opthamologist or an optometrist? An opthamologist is a medical doctor specializing in the eye. An optometrist only does vision testing for glasses. I find using contact saline solution as an eye wash and an antihistamine eye drop are very helpful. I like Zaditor for my eye drop and use an antique eye wash cup to wash my eyes twice daily. I hope that helps.
Avatar f tn I am a 31-year old healthy female. I've worn contact lenses since 1996 but have never had any problems. I was out hiking and got hit in the eye with a tree branch. For two days I had no symptoms of anything, and I'd forgotten about the incident entirely. Two days later I woke up with a foreign body sensation, photosensitivity, and lacrimation in one eye. I did not recall if was the same eye that got hit, but I assumed it was.
Avatar m tn She has had blood and urine work, kidney work up and echo. She has also been tested for allergies and had her vision tested. None of the tests have revealed anything sinnificant other than trace protein in urine and high calcium levels. She was diagnosed with sleep apnea in March but since having her tonsils removed this has been resolved. She continues to have excessive nightime urination, frequent headaches, elevated blood pressure and body odor.
Avatar m tn 2 days ago I experienced a bright light about the size of a light bulb pass my peripheral vision twice in about a 3 hour timespan. They each lasted about a second. Since then It feels like there is a very subtle "film" of static over my vision and its hard to focus on things. My eyes feel heavy and slightly itchy like I am having allergies. When i google searched these symptoms it came up with Retinal Detachment and now I am really scared.