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Avatar f tn I seem to have a weird symptoms when I had drinks. I would get itchy all over my body when I had beer, (red) wine, whiskey, rum, brandy and don't have such problem with white wine, vodka, gin, and tequila. And I would get really sick if I had whiskey or rum (even with the small dose). What's wrong with me? I looked it up and it seems like the only connections between those beverage are oak casks (maybe not for beer though).
Avatar m tn I have never known myself to have allergies to anything in the past, but lately I have been experiencing some seasonal allergies; nothing severe, just stuffy head congestion and sneezing during spring for the past two years. I am 26 and have lived in the pacific NW my whole life. My girlfriend and I made sangria with red wine (merlot). When we drank it I had that annoying itch somewhere between my throat and ear.
Avatar f tn After giving birth, I would go back to having a glass of wine with dinner or a couple of beers on a weekend. Each time, following the 9-month hiatus from drinking alcohol, I begin to have allergic symptoms: itchy, flushing face, itchy eyes, etc. I have read some posts that say an allergy to alcohol is rare but that it is likely something else in the wine or beer (preservatives, yeast, etc.).
Avatar f tn Hello, The dry eyes,dark circles under the eyes and sinus pain can be explained by allergies esp air borne allergies but rest of the symptoms don’t seem to fit in allergies.Headaches can be due to tension headaches or sinus headaches,rest of the symptoms like dark circles under the eyes,tiredness and fatigue after waking up and confusion can be due to sleep disturbances.Take rest adequatey and eat healthy nutritious food containing lots of green vegetables.
Avatar n tn Most troubling are Antihistimines, anit-anxiety meds and Niacin. I am also allergic to latex, red wine, etc. What class are the anti-viral drugs for the supression of HSV-2? I was recently diagnosed, first symtoms occured after a monogomous marriage of 14+ years. Thx.
Avatar f tn A dear friend of mine started off with slight symptoms when he drank...they progressed over time...he began to get very violent when drinking ( after only one drink!) night he simply stopped breathing after only having one swallow of beer. As with ANY allergy, you never know when the severity may change.
Avatar f tn ve got seasonal/environmental allergies and one food allergy to flax seed, but no other significant health issues. Yuengling doesn't release their ingredient list, so it's hard to isolate what might be causing this. I know what typical allergy symptoms are, and this doesn't seem to match. Anyone have ideas?
Avatar n tn You can also go to a doctor or allergy clinic and ask beforehand to be tested for an allergy to citrus, and red wine as well (just in case). Definitely stop drinking them both and don't eat fruits that have a lot of citrus.
Avatar f tn Hi Amo, I don't know about the other flushing instances, but I always thought flushing after drinking wine was a reaction to the sulfides(fites?) in it. I am allergic to sulfides and that's how some wine affects me.
Avatar n tn i have had reactions to alcohol - due to the fining ingredients - i had a couple of sips of wine - and got itchy (blamed friends cat for having flees) a couple of sips later i started feeling really ill and thought i was coming down with somthing and went home and to bed! a few days later i went back to my friends and asked if she still had the wine bottle as i thought i had an allergic reation - only to find it was fined with geletin - i have a land meat allergy!!
Avatar n tn Recently staying at friends in France, I had a meal which had red wine in it, put in at the end so not cooked - symptoms returned. Any ideas? I felt violently ill. Can drink white and rose OK. No other allergies etc.
Avatar m tn Several courses of antibiotics later and X rays, the pneumonia has gone but left some marks on the lung; scarring according to the doctors. Despite being able to cycle and run ok, I am still not feeling right and still have catargh on my lungs which is fighting to stay put. The worst is just not feeling that my head is connected, almost like I continually have had a glass of wine! Anyone else felt like this after pneumonia? I am an asthmatic although controlled perfectly by ventolin etc.
535822 tn?1443976780 I love Grapes and eat them a lot I never have any effects from them,its darn hard to say one is not going to drink wine ,I think I will have to feel ill sometimes!!Hey I dont like Beer but has that got sulphites in it ?
2040835 tn?1329869995 My kids used to get bad eczema from food allergies .. have you thought about trying to eliminate key things that may cause allergies .. with your docs permission maybe do an elimination diet ? Just a thought, especially when you mentioned the red wine. Keep us posted ....
Avatar m tn HI-I have afib that surfaced in Jan and I have had to give up all alcohol. I used to have an occasional glass of wine, but I still can't have it without it triggering more arrthyhmias. I also find any foods with MSG and related products reek havoc on my heart. Caffiene is very bad also. What it came down to for me was-would I rather have a glass of wine with the possibility of afib and tachycardia, or no arrthyhmias-I chose no arrthyhmias-I hate them intensely.
1139187 tn?1355706647 suggested anxiety, but my ears are really ringing loud. Ive had every test and every MRI known to man kind. All negative.... does anyone have this problem?
Avatar n tn i have had mucous in my throat for about a year now, most of the time it is clear and sometimes it is green i have to force it up most of the time, i also have a very annoying cough and clear my throat about 50 times a day i am only 21 years old my doctor suggested that it could be allergies but it happens to me all day but doesnt wake me up at night. . should i even bothering going to an e.n.t??
Avatar f tn But, the allergist also explained to me that they cannot and do not test for allergies to various chemicals, many of which are present in wine, and other things we drink or eat. Eating organic food is a start, and I have had to cut out drinking wine. Also, I agree with the other posts that suggest that dairy products such as milk, cream, cheese, sour cream, etc. also cause an increase in phlegm. First, I'd cut out alcohol for a couple of weeks to see what happens.
Avatar n tn That makes sense about whites - I can't drink reds because they give me migraines, so I only drink whites, hence the reaction. I don't think I have the sorghum allergy, but I haven't paid attention. I have a nephew who is gluten free, and gluten free foods don't cause any reaction. I am sure I have food allergies, though. I just haven't taken the time to go get tested recently (or well, in 30 years since my last testing lol).
Avatar m tn its not way no how ...go and have another glass of wine to celebrate that fact-and maybe find out more about hiv in order to be more helpfull to your friend...
Avatar f tn Now having said that, it may be some people are sensitive to even light exposure to alcohol, and of course the prudent thing is to avoid drinking. I suspect that the type of beverage is unimportant. If someone reacts to a particular drink, it is likely that alcohol is the contributor. Rare allergies, however, are another thing. Then what's in the drink becomes important.
592044 tn?1218989992 I don't think you've been drinking enough to be having withdrawal symptoms. If you are getting those symptoms after even half a drink it sounds like you have developed an intolerance for alcohol or even an allergy. Sometimes allergies do just develop in someone who previously was fine. Do you get any breathing symptoms like nose or throat closing up, throat clearing, wheezing? Time to take up some other reacreational activity. Or have a break from drinking then try again slowly.
Avatar f tn If you feel that its ok and benefits outweigh the risks, go ahead.