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Avatar f tn I'm 12 weeks... Usually I don't have allergies but this spring I am going crazy. Puffy eyes puffy nose, and lots of sneezing!!
Avatar f tn What could this be a sign of? Is it normal for my eyes to get puffy from allergies? Please give me some ideas for narrowing down the cause.
Avatar f tn ve been feeling real tired for a long time now, and have usually been blaming it on my allergies. I have puffy cheeks, dark bags under the eyes, and have been chronically drowsy. This happens all year round and nothing changes. I usually get 8+ hours of sleep every night. Please help when you can.
Avatar f tn Have you previously had any allergy symptoms? Or is it just the puffy, swollen lids that are a new symptom? My first thought was a dust mite allergy, but other symptoms would've probably appeared before now (sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose when you do housework, sweep, dust, etc.). I have a severe dust and dustmite allergy and had problems with allergies during the night until I got pillow and mattress covers.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have a 24 month old, who, about 2 weeks ago, started getting very puffy eyes, and a red bumpy rash on her face, neck, arms and legs. The pediatrician believes it was the sunscreen that we were using - we started giving her Benaydrl. The rash seems to be clearing, flash forward another week, and now we have very puffy eyes, with a red splotchy rash ( not bumps) all over her face and belly, as well as a low (~100) fever, and a runny nose. Upon taking her back, the dr.
Avatar f tn At first i just thought it was dust etc but over the last few weeks the condition has got worse. Every morning when i wake up my eyes are really puffy, eyelids appear swollen, they feel sore and slightly bloodshot. This carries on throughout the day but slightly improves throughout the day, but then worsens again towards the end of the day. They are itchy a lot too.
Avatar m tn I awoke 12 hrs ago with red puffy circles around my eyes. I first thought it was lack of sleep since I am a new parent but soon realized it was far worse than "tired eyes". My eyelids are swollen with one top lid being more fluid filled and puffy. There is a red rash on the far sides of both my eyes and the skin is slightly broken, mildly irritated and burns a bit. The bags under my eyes are now wrinkled and look streched with dry patches throughout.
Avatar f tn I am a 69 year old female with very dry eyes and chronic allergies. I had two catract surgeries one in Oct. and one in Nov.I wake up in the morning and it actually feels like my bottom eye lid was stuck to my eye ball. I know now it is feeling like this because my lower left eye is quit puffy, all I have to do is tug gently on the puffy lid and it is gone.This started happening out of the blue.
Avatar f tn I have really bad allergies my eye will get really puffy and itchy. This morning I woke up and both my eyes was like this is safe to take my allergy meds or its not safe for the baby?
Avatar f tn She is displaying puffy eyes and tightness in her chest or possibly throat, she cannot localize it exactly. She has known allergies to Amoxicillin and Sulfa, can these be related.
Avatar n tn External allergies like hayfever affect both eyes. In a situation like yours the problem 98% of the time is the contacts. Leave them out, wear your glasses and see the doctor that fit them. Be sure the 'eye doctor' everts or flips the upper lid as a contact induced allergy called giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC) often causes these symptoms. To get some relief as I said LEAVE CONTACTS OUT, use warm or cool compresses and try over the counter Zaditor for itch.
Avatar f tn woke up in the middle of the night with my eyes puffy & swollen -- it's probably some kind of topical allergic reaction... but how do I get the puffiness to subside?
5449245 tn?1368135459 my eyes have been puffy, if you go from the inside of my eyes and up, I believe its from my meds being to low, I was retaining alot of water, seems to be going away now that my levels are getting to were they should be.
Avatar n tn I have a real interest in the immune system, hence you having an allergy like when you felt so poorly, Allergies are a reaction from the immune system response, causing all sorts of symptoms, puffy eyes, hives, itchy skin, swollen lips , and tongue, and breathing issues. I would say if it ever happens to you again like it did, and you develop breathing problems , you should be taking yourself to the emergency room, as allergies that affect your breathing can be dangerous.
Avatar m tn FYI - The two opthomoligists, thought i had allergies.. I used zaditor and optivar. My only symptoms are really pinker eyes (not crazy red) and puffy eyelid margins. ( i didnt want you to have to read the "novel again!) some days are worse some are better. glasses and the computer make them a little more red which goes away. It is definetly worse in the morning, and gradually gets better. I tried sleeping in two homes to see the difference, none really.
Avatar f tn ve got an upcoming appointment with the allergist, but I really believe something else is going on (I also frequently develop hives around the puffy eyes).Most mornings I wake up with my eyes almost swollen shut. I now have a patch of eczema under one eye. I tried special products, control creams, cortisone (in small amounts-I have to be careful since it is around my eye), vaseline...the list goes on. If anyone has any ideas, I'd welcome them!
Avatar f tn How do I avoid swollen eyelids every morning after sleeping with CPAP? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Sleep-Apnea---Disorders/Swollen-eyes--CPAP/show/717273">Swollen eyes & CPAP</a>.
Avatar f tn I woke up this morning and when I looked in the mirror my face was really swollen and my nose was really stuffy.. Couple hours later it went down but my eyes are still pretty puffy.. I've never had allergies or anything before I got pregnant but could I have gotten them??
Avatar n tn I have used various anti-histimines and nasal steroid sprays with some success. However, my biggest problem now is having had very puffy eyes for the last week, no redness or itchiness, just swollen eyelids. I have seen 2 doctors, who have given me eye drops and Loratadine and then Fexofenadine, but nothing is helping. I'm getting to the end of my tether, please help!
Avatar m tn Hi, Eye bags or puffy eyes can be due to a lot of factors such as allergies, certain medications, heredity or fluid retention from changes in weather or hormone levels. Getting enough sleep at night with your head slightly raised helps prevent fluids from accumulating around your eyes. Dark circles under the eyes may also be caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight, lack of sleep or fatigue, or aging.
Avatar f tn My allergies have been killing me recently. Everything is clogged and puffy. I've been taking pseudo-ephedrine to try and decongest everything, along with singulair and zyrtec. Yesterday I get home from work and my fiance asks if I got into a fight because it looks like I have a black eye! When I looked in the mirror its just a mild bruise straight below my eye right above my cheekbone.
Avatar n tn I have a barking cough wheezing headache runny nose puffy under my eyes and 3 big bumps on the back of my tongue. Should I go to the Dr.? Ive had a cold for over a week and been wheezing for 4-5 days. coughing real bad it hurts my chest. Today I noticed 3 fairly large bumps on the back of my tongue that dont hurt. they are on both sides by my tonsils. Just wondering what this could be!
Avatar f tn She takes meds every night for her allergies. Just woke her up for school and her left eye and cheek are puffy and swollen. She was playing with a cat last night but no more than usual. Should i keep her out of school or what?! Any advice is appreciated.