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Avatar m tn Dog allergies are very common and due to saliva of the dog. “Allergy to dogs is relatively common, as dog allergen can be found in public places, including daycare facilities.” “For people with dog allergy, avoidance of dogs is the mainstay of therapy. Allergy medications are likely to help control symptoms, but in many instances symptoms may persist if the person owns one or more indoor dogs. Allergy shots may also be a good treatment option for people who are allergic to their pet dogs.
Avatar n tn s allergies, however, it can be more difficult to treat because the first step in treating symptoms caused by allergies is to eliminate the allergen, which can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Let the vet take a look and maybe culture the ears to see what you're dealing with and she/he'll be able to treat it from there.
Avatar f tn s itch persists despite strict flea control every month, antibiotics, antihistamines and the OTC hypoallergenic diet, then the potential reasons would be a yeast skin infection, microscopic skin parasites such as cheyletiella, food allergy unresponsive to OTC foods (many food allergic dogs require prescription foods such as Royal Canin rabbit/potato, and the key is to give nothing else but water since it only takes one bite of a non-hypoallergenic food to ruin the diet trial), or a different al
Avatar m tn I suffer from year round allergies and am allergic to cats and dogs but for the last couple of months my inner and outer eyes have been constantly itching me. When I do itch them, they would swell and by the morning become crusty on my upper and lower eyelids and leaves dark stains around them.
209987 tn?1451935465 Karla is right to suggest that food is the most likely cause, and this is likely to be dairy stuffs. That said, one of my prior dogs was found to be allergic to animal fats, and once we had identified it we started feeding her nothing but white fish and chicken with rice, which ultimately resolved all the problems. Many dog treats include animal fats, so we had quite a job finding things she could have as a special treat, but we did eventually succeed (we fed rice bones, which she loved).
874521 tn?1424116797 5% of dogs with food allergies (again, remember only 15% of allergic dogs have food allergies) have been documented to be allergic to corn. So, out of 1000 dogs, 150 will have food allegies and a mere 3-4 will be allergic to corn. I am checking in with our dermatologists on this, just to verify and find out the latest information. Great discussion so far...Opus, did you hear back from the experts yet?
Avatar f tn // It could just be from frequent tearing due to allergies but it could be conjunctivitis. I don't mess wit the eyes! Let a doctor guide you on that. I know this isn't terribly helpful. but you can try one of the allergy treatments on Amazon or through a web search and see how it goes if you can't afford a vet right now. Use something specifically for dogs though.
Avatar n tn Im allergic to everything from milk to peanuts , shellfish, cats ,dogs ,and dust. Ive been taken allergy shots for ten years and they seem not to work. I was told that there is an oral steroid that I can take to fix my health problems. Is this true?
Avatar n tn About a month ago my 26 pound almost 4-year old Boston Terrier started having allergy symptoms (runny nose, watery eyes that led to facial irritation, itching, etc). I called the vet and he said it was okay to give him 25mg benadryl twice a day for allergies. But now I'm wondering, since it's been a few weeks--is it safe to give bendaryl to a dog daily for long periods of time?
Avatar f tn I was told with my first they don't develop allergies until the age of 1 or 2 yrs. I can't remember which. It's been 5 yrs ago lol. Having a cat will actually help build up their immune system.
Avatar m tn He goes out side 5 times a day for walks. Is that enough to collect enough pollen to do this to me after 3 days? Bathing the dog every Mon, Wed, Fri is getting too much. Should I sew up dog clothing for when he goes out side to keep pollen off the dog? Desperate not to give him up after 10 years. Never allergic to him before last year. Is this a pet allergy? My allergist doesn't think is a dog allergy. Do you think I am allergic to the dog or stuff collecting on him.
Avatar f tn hey guys, I'm 4 weeks pregnant and the whole time I've been getting sinus allergies from mine and my partners dogs!!
Avatar f tn Hi I came across you post, I used to work for a vet dermatologist. I know how expensive allergies can be to control. Some pointers for you to think about. Diet could be a cheaper answer in the grand scheme of things but to do a true elimination diet you have to try a food that has a limited protein source and make sure that there are no hidden ingredients that could be causing the diet to not be a true elimination.
Avatar f tn I agree with Dr. Cheng that foot licking is often a symptom of allergies in dogs. The allergy can be to food, or to environmental allergens such as pollen, grass or dust. Additionally, secondary bacterial or yeast infections often develop between the toes, causing the itching and licking to worsen, so evaluation by a veterinarian for miscroscopic analysis of the inflamed feet is needed to evaluate if antibiotics are needed.
Avatar f tn Allergies aren't hereditary but they can come and go. Some people outgrow allergies and others get them when they are older. My little brother had a lot of allergies when he was a kid (including pet dander) and outgrew them, while I didn't have them as a child but became more prone to them as an adult.
Avatar n tn I was recently tested for allergies by a blood test and it came back I was allergic to cats and dogs, but I have heard this form of testing isn't always 100% and skin testing is still needed. Is this true? I have had asthma symptoms for two months now with shortness of breath & chest tightness. I have had a stress test, echocardiogram, PFT, Lung scan, CT, chest x-ray, endoscopy so far and everything normal except for reflux, ulcers in the esophagus and mild asthma.
7112191 tn?1389290072 I overlooked the part about the stinky ears. It is true that dogs that have food allergies tend to get recurrent ear infections. It almost sounds like a possible food allergy is being exacerbated by a flea allergy. Ask your vet about a food trial where the dog gets a new protein source exclusively for a minimum of 12 weeks to see if it could be the problem. Does the dog have lots of gas or diarrhea? This would also support a food allergy.
Avatar n tn ( If your allergies do get worst and want to keep your pet and antihistamines don't fix it, shots may do it all by them selves. Kinda seems like a lot to get a pet. Personally I think if you have allergies to that pet you probably shouldn't get it. Consider a low allergy breed like hair dogs that won't shed. Also consider a smaller dog with short hair. One further thing to add. You may not be allergic to all dog breeds.
679466 tn?1247006054 Redness, skin irritation and itching are very common symptoms of allergies in dogs. Since the symptoms come and go and improve with the cortisone cream, she most likely has allergies to environmental factors such as pollen, grass, and dust.
Avatar f tn m wondering if this would also help the dogs to try a new diet, with cats they can be sensitive to some of the preservatives or ingredients that are in dry foods..just curious if these dogs are on dry food? ....
Avatar n tn I know that my opinion on things like this is probably not going to be a popular one, but my theory on people who deliberately crossbreed dogs to get mixes with cutesy sounding names are doing a lot more harm to the dog world than they are good. There are so many homeless dogs today, but people will still deliberately breed dogs like "Golden Doodles" and "Labradoodles" because people will buy them.
Avatar f tn My symptoms lasted about 4 wks before I finally felt normal again. I continued to see the ENT who tested me for allergies (dogs, grass, dust mold, etc........). I came out w/mod to severe allergies. They started me on an allergy serum at least 4-5 months ago (supposed to desensitize me to allergens). So, for my question. I feel like I have the typical diagnosable sinus infection.
Avatar f tn Someone asked for suggestions on what to feed itchy dogs/dogs with allergies, though I couldn't find the original question. Anyways, I had suggested grain-free dog foods with limited ingredients, (as most allergic reactions come from food). I just came across another one, by **** Van Patten, "Natural Balance" "Limited Ingredients Diets" which is grain-free and (comes in a purple bag, Sweet Potato & Venison formula).
Avatar n tn Not only would it be unfair to the people who ended up buying the puppies, speaking not only in terms of medical bills but also in terms of watching the dog they love suffer with the allergies, it would be unfair to the dogs themselves, since they would be the ones suffering with the allergies. I know it's not what you wanted to hear, but when it comes to creating new lives, we must be as realistic as possible and strive to do only what's best for the dogs in question.
Avatar f tn The most common reasons for itchy skin in dogs include skin infections, microscopic skin parasites such as fleas, scabies or demodex mites, food allergy, or pollen/dust allergies. Dogs with fleas or allergies commonly scratch and traumatize themselves, creating a secondary bacterial skin infection/rash that makes the itch worse, and this is something that needs veterinary care. If skin infection is present, it is treated with antibiotics for 3-4 weeks and mild antibacterial shampoos.
Avatar n tn Since scabies mites are difficult to find, I trial treat dogs for scabies with Revolution every 2 weeks for 3 treatments. If skin infection is present, it is treated with antibiotics for 3-4 weeks and mild antibacterial shampoos. The itch can be treated symptomatically with mild oatmeal shampoos, fatty acids, antihistamines or a short course of oral steroids, but steroids are not a good choice for long term treatment due to their many side effects.
Avatar f tn t really find anything about this specific topic. I have allergies to most animals; dogs, cats, horses, goats, pigs birds(feathers) and I also have a mild allergy to red meat. If I'm allergic to an animal is it bad for me to have dairy products that come from the animal? I don't have any bad side effects (that I'm aware of) if I eat cheese/dairy, I've never really drank milk so I can't say if that would have an effect on me.