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Avatar n tn Allergy due to iodine is not the same as the allergy due to shell fish. Because in shell fish there are components like tropomyosin, which have a propensity to cause allergy in certain people and is completely different to what causes allergy due to iodine. Best.
Avatar n tn I did something (some might consider suicidal) but the answers to the symptoms I am having didnt sound logical, so I ate fish, and plenty of it, and after that I didnt have any reaction what so ever for two month.
Avatar m tn Hi there, I am not a doctor but somebody who has food allergies too. I know that these allergies might come our at certain periods in your life and sometimes they go to sleep. I had lots of allergy tests, had some vaccination against the things that causes me allergy and they are still there in a milder form.. The food allergies I have are against shell fish and recently I developed an allergy to wine. The minute I take a sip, I throw up in 5 minutes...
Avatar f tn So im only allergic to fish but today i ate sum mexican food with no fish and my lip is swollen? Could this be because of the pregnancy? Please help im a first time mommy.
Avatar n tn t gained any weight in a year! Next week he is being tested for environmental allergies. Thanks for any info.
Avatar n tn I am very allergic to most kinds of fish. I have heard that allergies are triggered by proteins. If this is true would fish-oil from salmon trigger an allergy? I cannot eat salmon.
Avatar n tn I have a fish & shellfish allergy. Can I eat seaweed? Can I eat iodized salt? What about Iodide in supplements?
Avatar n tn Various other chemical agents, such as preservatives, are often added to fresh fish or shrimp / prawn cocktails, and can be the cause of allergic symptoms in individuals who are not allergic to fish or crayfish.So it is better to undergo allergy testing to find out to which allergens you are allergic. Lastly,Telfast is a non sedating antihistaminic, fexofenadine.It is used to treat hives ,itching and other symptoms of allergies and hay fever. Hope it helps.
Avatar f tn hi and welcome!~ There are some websites that show cross-reactive foods .. I'm not too sure, but pls be careful with all fish if you are allergic. That would be my opinion. You can see an allergist and he/she will give you skin/blood tests to help you find out, too. WELCOME~!
Avatar f tn These medications all help to relieve short term symptoms of allergic reactions. However, there is a way of preventing the long term symptoms of allergies. This is through a process known as immunology, more commonly referred to as an allergy shot.
Avatar n tn If your cat is already on a good flea control such as Advantage or Revolution, then parasites are less likely. Options to treat allergies are to continue to treat symptoms with medications (okay if symptoms only occur occasionally and your cat only needs 1-2 steroid injections per year), or to identify and treat the underlying cause.
Avatar n tn common causes if tingling lips and face include food allergies. These are peanuts, treenut, fish, shell fish, food additives like sulphite or mono sodium glutamate. Allergic conditions to cosmetics, soaps etc. the other cause is hypocalcemia, hypokalemia and deranged sodium, potassium or phosphate levels. Hypoglycemia in diabetics etc can also cause perioral tingling.
Avatar n tn Just found out from google that butterfish or some mislabelled white fish ( labelled as codfish/ snowfish) might cause this symptoms. Hope the orange discharge will go off soon..
Avatar f tn I'm unsure if I'm having an allergic reaction when I consume Salmon. I've been tested for food allergies all of which came back negative. I'm unsure if I was tested for other fish besides shellfish. Over the past 2 weeks I've made salmon for dinner twice. Both times about two-four hours after eating the salmon I became extremely nauseous and vomited. I also seem to have moderate to severe pain in upper stomach when all this is happening.
Avatar n tn Despite this belief, several patients afflicted with dermographia have no other symptoms of allergy. A person with dermographia can avoid symptoms by refraining from scratching his or skin or irritating it in any way. It is also best to avoid wearing wool clothing, which can scratch against the skin and cause the lines to appear. Harsh soaps also appear to irritate the condition. In some cases, antihistamines are prescribed. Other times, the dermographia goes away on its own.
Avatar f tn So, has anyone else just randomly developed food allergies or intolerances? Two weeks ago milk products were fine. Now I cant have it at all, or I get really bad cramping and vomitting. Anyone else have this happen?
Avatar f tn Someone asked for suggestions on what to feed itchy dogs/dogs with allergies, though I couldn't find the original question. Anyways, I had suggested grain-free dog foods with limited ingredients, (as most allergic reactions come from food). I just came across another one, by **** Van Patten, "Natural Balance" "Limited Ingredients Diets" which is grain-free and (comes in a purple bag, Sweet Potato & Venison formula).
Avatar m tn I have not been completely cured from my allergies and wondering if new allergies pop up? My last test was 12 months ago.
Avatar n tn Since I started having these symptoms my Mother came down with the same symptoms in October and she says that hers flare up after eating any food or when she is hungry, my boyfriend started coming down with the hives and some of these symptoms in January (he has no history of allergies and says they flare up with the same triggers minus the histamine foods and showers), and my Dad and Sister both started coming down with the hives and some of these symptoms a couple months ago, no one else in
Avatar f tn 1. Is there a type of fish oil that is best for treating allergies in dogs, particularly, Shih Tzus? Is salmon oil better than the sardine/anchovy/mackerel combo, or does it make any difference at all? 2. After nearly 3 years (my dog's entire life so far) of dealing with allergies and trying different foods, we have finally placed her on an all raw diet with pro-biotic supplements (to allegedly help boost her immune system within her intestines). I expected this to take about a month.