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Avatar f tn I have had seasonal allergies for year, and now have blurry vision. This year was different (sinus drainage and mucous all yr. long. I had to sleep sitting up all winter.). In the spring, one hour after getting up in the morning I felt one sinus quickly plug and my vision became blurry. A few days, I've had double vision and at times, it's so bad that I have to hold a wall to balance myself.
Avatar n tn Also, I do believe that there is a direct corellation between allergies and floaters with increased blurred eye vision as well. It seems the worse my allergies, the more I notice my floaters and/or more dense. With proper/restful sleep, too, they become lessened. So there are many factors, I think, from allergies, to a disruptive nights sleep which will make them worse. And, yes, my vision gets more blurred when both occasions arise, allergies and lack of rest/sleep.
Avatar f tn I have sinus / rhinitis and I have been taking the claritin 10mg everynight. I have been experiencing rt ear throb on occasions, pain in eye sockets, headache on top of the head and when I bend to pick something up off the floor my eyes, nose, forehead feels heavy. I purchased some allergy meds which helps ease the aches in my eyes. I also take excedrine tense tabs which helps with the headaches. I am confused weather I should go to the ENT specialist or the optomologist or even both.
Avatar n tn I am dizzy at times, my joints hurt, Im stuffed up and I sometimes get blurred vision.....? Anyone going through the same thing? My doctor said its a virus.
Avatar n tn My husband (38) had his vision in one eye gradually become blurred, first in his peripheral vision, but then all over, and had a headache develop. He sat down for while and it went away. The whole episode lasted about half an hour. He had no other symptoms and feels fine. Has never had this happen before and is otherwise healthy, as far as we know. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn Usually the vision improved after 30 or 40 minutes but I have seen unusual cases where the patients described blurred vision for several days. These are the more scary cases because it makes you wonder if it is indeed a migraine or something more serious. Also it is possible to also have other problems like dry eyes or uveitis which can cause blurred vison as well.
Avatar f tn closed throat, fast heart beat, anxiety, ongoing hot flash, waking up at night by twitching, restless leg syndrome, weak knees, blurred vision vertigo, no appetite, ongoing hot flash, confusion, nausea, and trouble breathing.
1466822 tn?1286359734 Dry eyes, watery eyes, very bad scratching in eyes and then a few days later my vision is blurry) So after he gave me Spersadex the problem was still there. So I went to a second Eye Specialist. Now this doctor told me I had allergies and gave me Cellufresh, Spersadex (Can't remember the other name but it's something less stronger then this one) and Lincolen (Something like that) now I used this for a month and yesterday my eyes were so sore I cried.
Avatar n tn Have you seen a neurologist, opthamologist, or even better, a neuro opthamologist? The lightheadedness could be a result of your brain's reaction to the blurred vision. The eyes are basically an extension of the brain and a neurology visit might be helpful.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend is a 21 year old male, and experienced sudden dizziness, blurred vision, and a feeling like he was going to faint while he was driving. He had eaten a typical amount of food beforehand and was hydrated. He does not have a history of any medical conditions or allergies, and is not otherwise sick. He exhibited no other symptoms. He is about 5'5" and 135 pounds.
Avatar m tn i started noticing blurred vision in my right eye due to dust allergies in my eyes. that is when i consulted with the doctor. as compared to the right eye, the vision in the left eye is clear. but still the number has been given for both the eyes.
Avatar f tn I had a follow up yesterday and the optician said everything looked fine with my eyes and she could not pinpoint why my vision was blurred. I was given a variety of dry eye drops to try and was told to come back in 2 weeks. How long will it take for my eyesight to get back to where it was? I didn't have perfect vision but I never needed my glasses 24/7 either. I'm freaking out here.
Avatar n tn My mother has had blurred distant vision for several months. She has had early stage glaucoma for several years, which is being successfully treated with eye drops, and during the past year, she has had every eye test available, including specialist consultations, which have ruled out any physical cause.
1536712 tn?1294043301 Yes! I have blurred vision, usually in one eye, that can last for days. Comes and goes. Hard to see the road at night, feels like vision fading. Lately, have noted dry eyes, not blinking that often. At night when close eyes, feeling like an effort to keep lids down. Eyes feeling very tired. Reddened. Don't wear contacts, but have glasses on all the time. Have not heard that eye issues are related to D. Are they?
Avatar f tn ve been taking the medication, I have experienced upper respiratory tract infections, sinus infections, rash (bumps on chest and shoulders), blurred vision and extreme hoarseness. My voice was limited to a slight wisper smh. I actually went for an eye exam in July 2016 because I couldn't really see signs when driving during the day or night. I also couldn't see while reading. Everything was blurry/fuzzy. I ended up getting glasses (bifocals).
219373 tn?1274921434 Each time the symtpoms were different. The first time - vision blurred suddenly and I had no pain. The second time I thought vision blurred but wasn't sure untill review with opthalmology 6 weeks later revealed RAPD in left eye - it was mild and no pain. The most recent (6weeks) ago was loss of peripheral vision and extreme pain......
Avatar f tn OMG, I have very blurred vision and I never made the connection. I've taken the same dose for many years without problem but since my thyroidectomy one year ago I take a much larger dose. Over the past 6 months my vision has gotten so bad that just yesterday I was looking for an opthomologist in my area to call on Monday. I don't think anything can be done though as I have to take the higher dose for cancer suppression. Oh well, guess I'll get some glasses.
Avatar m tn Before my eye problems I always had a bit of crust around the eyes in the morning that was perfectly normal and not bothersome at all. Now, I never have any of that in the mornings. I just wake up with my vision blurred with clear gunk and no sleepies at all. Any idea what no sleepies/eye crust in the morning could mean? Dry eye? Allergies? I'm not looking for a diagnoses, just some ideas because I've been somewhat perplexed by this symptom. Thanks a lot.
Avatar m tn Since that time I have had blurred vision, pain in my sinuses under my eyes, swelling of my lymph nodes behind my ears, a swollen stomach and had to use the bathroom within 30 minutes of eating. I am gaining weight and my joints are very sore (mostly wrists). I am very sensitive to alcohol and find I have terrible allergies when drinking wine or spirits. I don’t know what I should do about this issue since I have gone to 5 different doctors and no one has helped me.
Avatar f tn This will be covered under your health insurance - not your vision plan because you are not being see for glasses but rather for a medical problem - blurred vision and sore, tired, dry eyes. Again this should be covered under your medical insurance just as if you went to your primary care doctor for a cold. It's a medical problem. Again, your story does not suggest optic neuritis to me.
Avatar m tn Blurred vision is defined as the blurring of vision or images and should be clearly distinguished from other visual symptoms. The most important thing, for the treatment and prevention of blurred vision is that person should take healthy Diet rich in Vitamin A is considered best for the eyes.
1925822 tn?1333705617 I know the vision part was already stated,but who of u has constant blurred vision?it depresses me the this permanent damage?
Avatar f tn My vision has progressively become worse over the past four years or so. As of late, it has become much worse, with blurred vision. I find it very difficult to read at times. I was diagnosed with MS in February. Until then I just thought my eyes were getting bad, but now I wonder if it has to do with the MS. With MS and vision problems, does it get bad and then better like a relaps? Should I speak to my Neuro about it, or just go to the eye dr? Thanks for your help!
Avatar f tn Has anyone experienced blurred vision and migranes?, I'm 34 weeks + 4 days pregnant and today I experienced blurred vision for 20mins followed by an hour migrane,I felt sick and had lower back pain but it eventually went! Has anyone else experienced this!?