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Avatar n tn Posted By Dianna on August 25, 1998 at 10:05:50: child 4 1/2 with congential cmv- are there any projected neurological outcomes? Already dx- developmental delays, disruptive disorder, severe adhd that does not respond to stimulant medication. What is next????? Physician says pointless to do MRI- they know he is experiencing "disfuse brain involvement".
Avatar n tn child 4 1/2 with congential cmv- are there any projected neurological outcomes? Already dx- developmental delays, disruptive disorder, severe adhd that does not respond to stimulant medication. What is next????? Physician says pointless to do MRI- they know he is experiencing "disfuse brain involvement". Is there a road map out there showing the effects this virus has on the brain andwhat a parent can possibly espect in the future?
198506 tn?1251156915 I've never done the driving on a road trip, but I have been on many long road trips with my family. I'd recommend ordering Triple-A Triptik's in advance.
Avatar n tn (ii) Geospatial orientation disability (cannot orientate on directions unless have a map)....I am wondering if there is an underlying phenomenon that may explain these...
1057411 tn?1254263773 Hi Everyone. I am 16 years old skinny, and pale. Recently I noticed that the veins on my legs have become very prominent and blue. They read like a road map! They aren't varicose veins though. Any suggestions on how to make them go away? Thanks.
387106 tn?1232285658 After hearing the vp tell him that his behavior was not acceptable he asked the vp for a map of Earth. The vp printed up a global map and was promptly told by Davey that he needed a differnet one because the one printed did not show Antartica. Thank you again.
8644515 tn?1411138777 My whole stomach is a road map of white stretch marks.
Avatar m tn ve recently noticed that when I hold my leg straight up to stretch, the arteries/veins seem to collapse. They look like a road map because the blood is drained out. Is that normal or a sign my heart isn't pumping as well?
Avatar n tn s worth) MAP = systolic + 2(diastolic) / 3. The AVERAGE MAP for homosapiens is "60 or more with a "normal range" of 60-100"....a blood pressure of 125/86 (my bp as of 5 minutes ago) gives me a MAP of 99 which I'm assuming is just barely acceptable and I won't have a stroke tonight...I guess. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Blood Pressure - What is MAP ?</a>.
Avatar f tn My belly button is bruised looking, very tender, my stomach shines like a bald headed man who waxes his head, and my veins look like a road map lol. I hope the photographer is gonna airbrush all that out in my maternity pictures! Anyone else have a black circle around their belly button?
148588 tn?1465778809 In a ruling that could dramatically alter the balance of political power in Florida, a Leon Circuit judge adopted Wednesday a map of 40 state Senate districts proposed by voter-rights groups. The new maps give Democrats, who have been politically irrelevant in the Legislature for much of the past 15 years, a chance to regain a majority in the Senate.
Avatar m tn Well my concern is the Adderral. Do you have the ADHD?? The reason why I say this is because I did not and I got it from the streets to snort with my Methadone. It IS very addicting and is a whole other animal to let go of. From my experience a AD med would be much better. I will not go into the Scientific way the brain works on this adderral. If you do not have the Adhd..I will say it does the same thing as any stims like coke, meth, crank. Just try your best to give your self time to heal..
Avatar f tn For me personally....bloating, increased discharge and my boobs looked like a road map with allege veins running thru them.
Avatar n tn My son was assessed by a psychologist then diagnosed with adhd when he was 5yrs old. He was put on to concerta with many side appetite weight loss and extreme rebound effect at night which was unbearable. During that time I discovered neurotherapy and he started sessions 3 times a week. He improved markedly in his, concentration and focus in class and behaviour and meds were stopped.
Avatar f tn s a cream called mederma and it helped sooooo much with mine. I tanned alot in the sun too. I was like a road map. It took a few months but they faded alot. There's also a laser therapy. My best friend had that done and it wasn't as great as she thought it would be, but still helped.
533193 tn?1289727345 Well, I know that in early pregnancy, the veins in your chest can become more pronounced. I know for me, my chest looks like a freakin road map in early pregnancy!!! LOL! I can't really remember why. But your blood flow increases dramatically when you are pregnant, so that may be a factor.
317019 tn?1532965586 dark viens sounds like a good clue... I have a fricken road map on good luck... Teresa 35.
1057411 tn?1254263773 Hey everyone. Lately, I have been noticing that I have been very veiny! And it wasn't like this before, I know this for a fact. They are very blue, and read like a road map. What causes this? Being underweight? Fair skin? Thanks.
Avatar n tn hi my daughter of 13 was diagnoised with adhd 4 months ago we are on a waiting list for help but this could take 12 months. my consern is im not sure if it is adhd she can be very loving then just change suddenly she like constant attention is nasty to her brother, dont seem to understand life, she makes friends easy but can not keep them she seems to wants to be friends with bullies then let bully her. she is rude and abut. she will say rude and inaproparet thing send rude text messages.
Avatar f tn Lol I know its crazy. I'm sitting there like "of boobs could be angry" and my fiance went "yours would be the hulk twins." I cracked up so much I cried until he brought up then fact that I'm only producing colostrum and not.milk yet.... Milk cannons was all he said before he ran away to avoid a pillow aimed at him.
Avatar f tn His left ankle and foot is swollen and has now started to have deep cracks and red places on his ankle and foot that look like a road map. The swelling has gone all the way to his toes and his toes are turning under, which the doctor told us what that was, but can't remember. We have taken him to internist and also to the Veterans Admin. clinic and they don't know what it is.
Avatar n tn My veins look so bad my mother in law thought i was bruised all over. (i mean I have veins in my breast going through my areola and road map on my chest, stomach and pelvic area. Plus if you would know me i dont give blood well because they never can see my vein, but now gosh they are so bright) Are bright blue veins a pregnancy sign? Have you had them? If so where? and when did you develope them?
Avatar f tn using coco butter and bio oil and they havnt prevented at all! Look like a road map.
951477 tn?1293068687 [The funny part is that I would not have given a darn if my tummy looked like the road map of Santa Clara, I was just so glad to be pregnant after years of trying.] Good luck, I hope all goes really well.