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Avatar f tn I've been told I have symptom regarding ADHD with poor concentration, lazy tired eyes, This almost leads too a feeling of hopelessness when I want too gain an education. I've been prescribed Citalophram from a Psychologist which did little or no good at all. I'm looking too follow up on this with the VA but am looking for help from all sources.
Avatar n tn My 13 year old son that has really got my so stressed to the max I need some advice Dr's around here cant seem to but i'm not giving up...At 5 he was diagnosed w/ADHD then later on he was diagnosed with depression only because he said he hated his dad which his real dad has nothing to do with him comes in and out of his life but his step dad has been there for him since day one.. Well i know that he is 13 and is going thro chnages but his attitude is bad..
Avatar n tn He has been a heavy bed wetter his entire life though in the past 6 months or so it has become more and more infrequent to the point where he only has an accident once every few weeks now. My wife has mentioned ADHD before but my son has never been hyperactive in any way. In fact its just the opposite, he is beyond mellow. Recently I read about ADHD PI and this seems to describe my son perfectly.
Avatar f tn Soo im 34weeks and 3days today and my lil girl is being lazy,shes moved but not a lot so far I've ate sweets nd shook her a lil n she's moved but she isn't being so active today,this has happened b4 thoe,ive herd of ppl havin lazy babies nd lazy days lol,has anyone experienced this b4?
Avatar f tn Hello, in a way, ADHD is a problem of immaturity, because individuals with ADHD have a harder time doing the things we associate with maturity (such as tolerating boredom, persevering and being efficient). Young adults with ADHD are typically less 'mature' than their same aged peers, and it can be intensely frustrating for the person with the disorder and her loved ones (as you noted). Though it may take longer, most people with ADHD do find their niche.
707438 tn?1240963240 i was just wondering if there were any adult adhd sufferers in this community and if there is can you get in touch with me?
Avatar n tn We have had tutors helping him twice a week and we are hands on parents but it seems that he doesn't want to try too hard at anything swimming, soccer, skiing , running , skating . He seems lazy. How do I deal with this?
Avatar f tn I'm very aggravated at this moment and need help on some decision... I'm have been diagnosed with ADHD since birth.. when I was little, I used to be the worst kid ever... I was alwey hyper, never paid attention... and I was alwey in truble... as I got to 5th grade my psychiatrist prescribed me Concerta... and I did very well.. I started to get A's and B's in school, no phone calls were given to my mom.. and it was all going well...but today.. January 30, 2012..
Avatar m tn My child has ADHD but I believe is more then ADHD its his behavior at home. Doesn't want to do homework and is lazy to write anything on paper. Has problem understanding what he reads. When he does not get anything done he gets very angry. He answer back with disrespect and tells me to be quite. It has become more out of control as he gets older. I try many rules in the house. How can I discipline my child with respect?
Avatar n tn It is something that we have always had to try and help him with. He has also been diagnosed with ADHD and is not on any medications. While medications were tried for the ADHD, his mother opted to take him off of them. Since he has come to live with us, behaviorally he has been fine, except that he continues to have bowel movements in his pants. We asked him about this and he says he doesn't actually "feel" when he needs to go.
601869 tn?1219805308 My 5 year old daughter has a lot of symtoms of ADHD. She can never seem to remember what she did at daycare the same day I ask her about it. She doesn't finish her projects as fast (or at all) as the other kids. She's very easily distracted, loses things very easily and can't seem to find them even if it's right in front of her. She floats off in her own world when we are trying to speak to her (really only when we're scolding her). Doesn't pay attention.
Avatar n tn what do you think my son id feeling since he has adhd n he is three years old
Avatar f tn // Hope this helps.
1883398 tn?1320768071 She doesn’t do these things intentionally or to be bad, she is very loving, loves to cuddle, and is always apologizing for her actions later without my even mentioning it. I do not doubt she has the signs and symptoms of ADHD due to her EXTREME hyperactivity. She also has a very nasal voice that family members have pointed out to me (of course I know, I am just used to it.) There is a family history or Tourrets.
Avatar m tn im adhd ocd/ bipolar1.. difficult to treat!!! i was started on zoloft and took raises in dose to 100mg. i started getting worse.. sandman gave me some helpful links. turned out i had bipolar co disorder. i was in a perpetual manic flare. my pdoc wanted to raise my zoloft to 150mg, so i fired him. i asked my pcp to rx seoquel, while i went cold turkey off the zoloft. it worked well 50 mg at night to sleep, and 5 mg buspar twice during day. we decided to add modafinil for adhd.
Avatar n tn If you do have ADHD you won't get dependent on them. If you don't have ADHD, they can be seriously addicting. For that reason alone (plus a bunch or others), you need to see a doctor that can help you. I would try to find a psychologist or psychiatrist that specials in ADHD. Stay away from your general MD. The reason for that is that you want someone who can give you more than just meds.
Avatar n tn Hi I'm new to this site and was wondering about someone who has ADD/ADHD and whether or not it is wise to smoke pot while on the meds or off. Just curious to know if anyone else smokes pot when the meds wear off. For me I have smoked pot since I was fifteen years old, five years after I was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. I am 27 now any suggestions would be very helpful.
Avatar f tn For example, my Mom was OCD about things, probably her way of dealing with her ADHD and my Dad is ADHD introverted. When both parents have it, usually the kids have 100% chance of being born with it as well. And all four of us have it to one degree or another. With one parent having ADHD, the stats go down by 50%. With this said, ADHD is not just a one person thing. It's usually a family thing.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 15 years old, and i'm thinking i might have ADHD/ADD? I'm having a lot of trouble concentrating, i tend to "zone out" pretty often. I can't keep track of conversations with more than one or two people, because my mind wanders onto other things. I try hard in school, and am a good student. I have an 80 average right now, but it's because i try really, really hard when i study. Im a tactical learner, which is the only way i can learn.
Avatar f tn I have a 12 year old son who had been diagnosed with adhd. This was a few years ago. He is currently on Daytrana patch. He is a zombie, he does not eat, has lost about 8 pounds, has picked a bald spot on the back of his head and has chewed his nails practiacally to nothing. He has tried Stratera, Adderall,Concerta and now this. They all have these adverse effects on him. The reason wwe went with the patch is because he woudl totally flip out when we asked him to swallow a pill.
1423922 tn?1283255386 My fiancee has been dealing with ADHD since he was a young child. After working at a Printing Press with his brother-in-law for approximately two years, he got tired of the non-stop judgments and found a new job. He has been working there for round about 3 months, and so far is doing well. But he's still struggling with his ADHD when it comes to his occupation, and I don't want him to lose this new job that he loves so much.
Avatar f tn but at school she does not complete some assignments and does not score well on tests. She has a LD, ADHD, and the teachers are aware, but they will not think to check her work, they will not think to check for understanding, and they will not make inquiries prior to scoring multiple "F's". They're response is: she needs to self-advocate. She needs to ask if she doesn't understand, she needs to inquire about the multiple "F's.
Avatar f tn I have all this ambition for myself that i haven't mad emuch progress to get there besides change my job. Now that i have to think, i dont want to because i get lazy or just don't seem to put any effort to doing anything about it. I have only taken one college class online in the past 4 yrs in the military which is a waste in education. I am only an E-4. i should be a sergeant by now but i'm afraid of forgetting stuff and it seems like an eternity to even get there.
Avatar n tn ill sit in one position for 2 minutes and change.. always getting paranoid about things.. do i have adhd?... the main thing is that i am trying to learn a language I want to learn and I cant because i'm having a hard time remembering what I just saw.. but if it comes down to a video game.. I can remember it ASAP ... my mother said always as a kid i was hyper and never sat still.. now i'm fat and i'm incredible lazy.... help me.
Avatar n tn My son was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 3. He is now 15 almost 16 years old now. Last year he wanted to get off of his Aderall XR because he said he could not feel emotion. I worked together with his doctor, and teachers. He got a lot worse and fell into a depression. I took him to a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist. They tried putting him on Prozac which was a disaster and changed the dosage of his Aderall XR. We took him back off the Prozac and increased his Aderall again.
5757880 tn?1395581622 Hi there, Magnesium, Vitamin D and Zinc in studies showed to have a very positive impact on Children with ADHD. 95 % of ADHD Children have a low leel of magnesium. Your doctor should make a blood, a urin and hair sample to determine the level and set the dosage.
5757880 tn?1395581622 (In May the school tested and qualified him for an IEP) Well, he is at a three-tier diagnosis. (1) ADHD (Combined Type), (2) Generalized Anxiety Disorder and (3) R/O of Autism Disorder. Mind you, the doctor cannot test my son for Autism because the medical community in my area still follows the DSM-4 and the school system follows DSM-5, so they informed me to ask the school to test him in his 2nd semester.
Avatar f tn And stimulants make everyone wired, ADHD or not..otherwise all the ADHD people could sleep after taking it and they can't, hence they are wired..My husband has ADHD and he does need the medication,but he does get wired at times esp if he's taken a drug holiday from the stuff which he perodically has to do so the dose remains effective.