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Avatar f tn These problems have occurred since preschool. He has been on medication for ADHD since mid-kindergarten, first Adderral, then Concerta and now Vyvanse. I am a master's level speech pathologist and really believe my child has Asperger's Syndrome. What do you think?
Avatar f tn Kindergarten is a big transitional year for a lot of kids and don't feel like you are alone. I know it always feels that way when you are getting those calls and notes from the teacher . . . but don't. Lots of parents of kindergartners are going through the same thing. Is your boy young for the class as in a summer birthday? Sometimes maturity level can play a role in class behavior. If that is true, it would not be terrible for him to repeat kindergarten.
Avatar n tn Our 5-year old son has a constant need to touch his brother or other children around him. When playing a game or even watching TV, he can't keep his hands off of people, in particular his brother (4 years). He just started Kindergarten and he's having trouble integrating becuase of similar problems (pushing in line, need for touch, etc.).
1543592 tn?1293386614 new to the site... experience anxiety and depression often... also diagnosed ADHD *** well so I am not sure if they are related? ... anyways.. I have just been getting this odd feeling lately that I am just going to die.. I am not suicidal in ANY form but It's constantly in the back of my head.. does this happen to any else?
Avatar f tn He is a very loving, caring, sweet, compassionate and outgoing child. He loves being around other kids and playing. He started kindergarten this year and since August he has only gotten 2 happy faces in school. He always gets in trouble for talking and being to loud in the classroom. My husband and I have noticed his behavior and we have been seeing a dr regarding this.
Avatar f tn My 5 1/2 year old started kindergarten 3 days ago, and I have had 2 phone calls from the principal. He was diagnosed with ADHD, but i think the diagnoses was wrong. He cries alot/whines when he doesnt get his way. He gets sad alot too. Talking about death, and angels, and growing up. He has anger problems, hitting, throwing things, kicking people....He has broke windows, and a television already.
Avatar f tn Is he in kindergarten or preschool? If he is in kindergarten----- that is a notorious time for little ones to have meltdowns. It's the first time real true expectations are set for them. And if your son is 5, he may be on the young side if his birthday is a long way off. Whether it is preschool or kindergarten, the best thing is to have the teacher write down observations about what has happened right before the meltdown.
Avatar f tn My son turned 6 in March and is in Kindergarten, half day, 2.5 hours per day. His teacher has expressed concerns with his focus, listening, and attention since late Fall. She said my son falls off task very easily, is easily distracted by others around him and she has to repeat directions several times to him. Despite these issues he is on target to make his end of year goals. He does struggle a bit with writing and phoenics, but is reading short books and is doing well with Math.
Avatar f tn I have a 5 year old son who has just been diagnosed with adhd he just started kindergarten and he is not adjusting very well he trys to run out of the school. at lunch time he crawls underneath the lunch table and wont come out in his clasroom he will roll around on the floor not listen to the teacher trys to talk to the other children when his teacher is trying to teach a lesson.
Avatar f tn I assume your daughter is in kindergarten. Is it an all day kindergarten? Was she in preschool and was this where the ADHD was noted?
Avatar f tn my son is also in kindergarten. He's been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD at about the age of 3. Recently he's also been kicked out of school for biting the pricipal, kicking him, and spitting in his face. His reasoning was just because he didn't want to go to school anymore. I was furious because this was his worst incident yet. I've talked with his doctor about this.
Avatar n tn I have learned that in many cases with young kids, if the punishment is not working (and it has been fair and consistent punishment), then you need to look at other methods. Several things are going on here. First, there is very little you can do at home in terms of punishment that will change his behavior at school. He is too young for that kind of cause and effect. Maybe by third grade. Certainly not now.
Avatar f tn but now he throws fits and doesnt want to do anything. Ive talked to his teacher and she thinks hes still at about a kindergarten level.....maybe. hes being evaluated at school for "special needs" but since he can do his work but refuses to his teacher doesnt think he will qualify. so I got in touch w his dr and now hes being evaluated for ADHD. we have tried everything. I just need some advice on what the next step is.
Avatar f tn Oh boy, as I said, there is a ton of stuff out there which I have bookmarked. So any specific areas you are interested in ...will be easier for me to send you. Just quickly, since we mentioned adult adhd/add - here are two interesting links on that. They also contain just a lot of good general overall information. https://www.additudemag.
6713732 tn?1384035787 If we can be of any help with suggestions of places to look for dealing with ADHD, coping strategies, etc. Just let us know. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn Well, some of those things sound like what a child with ADHD would do (no filters, doing things impulsively, etc.) This is something that your school should be able to help you with - depending on where you are. Are you in the US or what country? It would probably be a good idea to read up on ADHD and see if any of the other things he does seems to fit in that category. A good place to start is at the top of the screen http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn My almost 6 year old first born son started Kindergarten two weeks ago and is not adjusting well. He is behaving very disrespectfully to his teacher, some of the kids in the class, and room helpers. He does very well at his before/after school program, gym & music classes and we never had trouble at our large daycare center, either. We are not having any behavior problems at home but he has started wetting the bed again dispite me waking him to go before I go to bed each night.
1546912 tn?1293809481 A fruitless search for an Adult-specific ADHD forum and support community left me frustrated and cranky. Combing through general ADHD forums is -- ironically -- the worst thing for an ADHD adult who is eager to find success strategies. When I found the Mr. Tuckman's quote, I gave up the hunt and decided to put my energy into creating this forum. Please participate, enjoy, and contribute to what will be a God-send for other adults.
1383803 tn?1502917179 Second, it sounds like something is going on at school that is causing this - and it is starting to really effect him. He is a bit young for kindergarten. I assume its kindergarten and not preschool. I would imagine that he is close to the youngest boy there. In Calif. there is a good chance that a law will be passed that says kids maynot enter Kindergarten until they turn 5 in Sept. I know all of my educator friends sure feel that way.
Avatar f tn My youngest son is now 9 years old but, when he was you grandsons age i started to notice some of the same things and heard the same complaints. Turned out he had ADD?ADHD combined! I had no idea this was possible. We kept an eye on it till he was almost 6 yrs old. It really started effecting his school time, homework, making friends and staying out of trouble! I felt so bad but, really they don't want to put them on med's to early. Try talking to his doctor about counseling first.
Avatar n tn My 6 year old daughter (Kindergarten) is not classified as learning disabled,however, we suspect she has some ADHD symptoms. She was evaluated about 2 years ago and our pediatrician felt she couldn't be further evaluated until she was 6 or 7. Given these symptoms, she seems to function pretty well in school and with new friends. Our greater concern is her excessive hugging.
Avatar f tn I recently met with my 5 year old sons Kindergarten teacher. She has been teaching for 20 years in Kindergarten. She said that my son has SEVERE issues completing work and staying on task. He is constantly spinning and hopping around the room. He does this at home, at the grocery store, all the time. I have thought ADHD all along or maybe some form of Autism. I plan to have him evaluated. The thing is that I have read that most of the meds for ADHD have a risk of sudden death.
Avatar f tn The side effects, withdrawal, etc. are all available on line if you google it. Just keep in mind that it effects everybody a bit differently based on body weight, severity of ADHD, etc. The most important thing to know is that your doc will start him out on the lowest dose and wait for you to tell him how it is working. The parent/doctor communication is extremely important. Don't just administer the med and hope for the best. Let your doctor know what is going on!
Avatar f tn My six year old son is lagging somewhat in his verbal skills, and we are having him do kindergarten again. We moved during his first year of kindergarten and he was out for a month, we home schooled in between. We moved from a state with easier curriculum and lower standards, to a state and county that has literally the highest standards public education offers. He was completely lost and we tried to catch him up.