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Avatar f tn My son is 5 and is in Kindergarten. Just has his annual meeting for his IEP which was integrated with his parent/teacher conference. He's been in speech therapy for the passed two years. Good news, he's on track with his speech and he is on track academically; Not so great news, he's a rigid, disruptive student, who needs constant prompting to stay on task. Examples of rigidity: Must be last in line. Must sit in certain spot on carpet. Must place his book box in certain slot on shelf.
Avatar n tn Long story short...we researched the crap out of ADHD...implemented ideas/strategies...and with a lot of time (and maturity)...most those "classic" behaviors resolved. I took my son back to the same doctor in August (right before K)...she reevaluated him...and no longer felt the diagnosis was ADHD. She was unsure of what the problem was...told me to get him through a portion of the school year and then everyone can fill out questionaires and reevaluate again.
Avatar f tn I have a five year old almost six in October and he started kindergarten last week, the first day of school went well and so were the next two days. Then this past Monday he was telling his teacher no and biting other students so off to the principle he went, Tuesday I get a phone call right when school is suppose to start that he had hit another student while on the playground before school, so I was asked to come talk with my son and the principle.
219373 tn?1274925034 i want to send him to Kindergarten but we live in a poor rural town and i do not know if he will be taught appropriately there. he is so smart, i am just afraid his teachers will miss it because it is hard to tap into, especially in the environment of academic conformism that the schools have now. sally, my son does have sensory issues and is just like your son in regards to TV and music.
Avatar n tn My 5yr old daughter just started Kindergarten about 3 weeks ago. She was going to her daycare/nursery school since she was 3mths old prior to this. She is very smart and knows a lot that other 5 yr old children do not know yet. She can read from a sight word book write every every upper case and lower case, spell certain words, read certain words, easy addition and subtraction. She is having a behavioral problem in class.
Avatar m tn Perhaps you are holding them back from kindergarten, but I had thought pre K was really just the name for preschool prior to starting kindergarten. So, I'm trying to see what your thought process is on that and why pre K is bad. I will tell you that I have a VERY energetic son and he displayed symptoms that could have easily been confused with adhd. He, however, has something called sensory integration disorder. They can look similar but are handled quite differently.
Avatar f tn He is a very loving, caring, sweet, compassionate and outgoing child. He loves being around other kids and playing. He started kindergarten this year and since August he has only gotten 2 happy faces in school. He always gets in trouble for talking and being to loud in the classroom. My husband and I have noticed his behavior and we have been seeing a dr regarding this.
Avatar n tn My son is 10 years old. He was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 5. He had to repeat kindergarten. At that time, we had him tested in school. He has had an IEP since then. He is in special resource classes for reading and math. His handwriting is very poor and his fine motor skills are very poor. The school did more testing this last school year and found that his IQ is 62. I know his sister (from another mother) has Asperger syndrome. Can this be something that is hereditary?
Avatar m tn Here is the ADHD diagnosis - It sounds as if the doctor feels that it might be ADHD. If you question the diagnosis, you probably should get a second opinion.
Avatar f tn My son turned 6 in March and is in Kindergarten, half day, 2.5 hours per day. His teacher has expressed concerns with his focus, listening, and attention since late Fall. She said my son falls off task very easily, is easily distracted by others around him and she has to repeat directions several times to him. Despite these issues he is on target to make his end of year goals. He does struggle a bit with writing and phoenics, but is reading short books and is doing well with Math.
Avatar f tn As Rockrose mentioned - teaching your son coping strategies is very important. But, many kids due to the frustration of ADHD learn the wrong kind of coping strategies - self medication, etc. So make sure that he is learning how to cope with his problems - both scholastically and emotionally. A few suggestions. Your son's present teacher does sound like she knows what she is doing.
Avatar f tn Now in 2010 they receive over 35 before going to kindergarten, and the rates are 1 in 70. Autism and ADHD have a lot of similar traits. I should know. My son suffers from it. He is 3 years behind in language and social skills, has a horrible time sitting still, and focusing and controling his impulses, despite wanting to "be a good boy". However he has been able to read since he was 3.
Avatar f tn These problems have occurred since preschool. He has been on medication for ADHD since mid-kindergarten, first Adderral, then Concerta and now Vyvanse. I am a master's level speech pathologist and really believe my child has Asperger's Syndrome. What do you think?
Avatar f tn Kindergarten is a big transitional year for a lot of kids and don't feel like you are alone. I know it always feels that way when you are getting those calls and notes from the teacher . . . but don't. Lots of parents of kindergartners are going through the same thing. Is your boy young for the class as in a summer birthday? Sometimes maturity level can play a role in class behavior. If that is true, it would not be terrible for him to repeat kindergarten.
Avatar f tn I have a 5 year old son who has just been diagnosed with adhd he just started kindergarten and he is not adjusting very well he trys to run out of the school. at lunch time he crawls underneath the lunch table and wont come out in his clasroom he will roll around on the floor not listen to the teacher trys to talk to the other children when his teacher is trying to teach a lesson.
Avatar n tn I have learned that in many cases with young kids, if the punishment is not working (and it has been fair and consistent punishment), then you need to look at other methods. Several things are going on here. First, there is very little you can do at home in terms of punishment that will change his behavior at school. He is too young for that kind of cause and effect. Maybe by third grade. Certainly not now.
Avatar n tn As a last resort we went to a psychiatrist who diagnosed ADHD and put him on Ritalin. It didn't help with the writing and the behavior. I have spent literally hundreds of hours on the Internet learning, researching, reading medical journals and the results of clinical trials. About a year and a half ago I started reading about essential fatty acids and how clinicial trails were showing them to help with behavior problems, dyslexia, dyspraxia and other problems.
Avatar f tn my son is also in kindergarten. He's been diagnosed with ADHD and ODD at about the age of 3. Recently he's also been kicked out of school for biting the pricipal, kicking him, and spitting in his face. His reasoning was just because he didn't want to go to school anymore. I was furious because this was his worst incident yet. I've talked with his doctor about this.
Avatar f tn Based on what the Kindergarten teacher reported to you - you have a great kindergarten teacher there! Anyone who suggests that the child hug her first has got very high marks in my book. The fact she said the rest of the week went well is very good news. If he had something like ADHD, it probably wouldn't change much day to day. I don't know if he had these problems in preschool or if he even went to preschool.
Avatar n tn Ahhh, parenting can be so confusing and heartbreaking sometimes, can't it? Don't feel alone------- many parents go through these troubles. Kindergarten and first grade are tough on a lot of young kids-------- it is a huge transitional year. I note your concerns as it is extreme to not be able to attend a particular school anymore due to behavior issues. Perhaps he is just immature and will settle in eventually.
Avatar f tn He attends dance and swimming classes and rarely has problems there as well. He is in Kindergarten at school and he is academically smart and does well with maths, reading and writing.
Avatar f tn My 5yr son was diagnosed with ADHD 3weeks ago. His doctor wants to out him on adderal. Im scared to put him on meds like that but he does need help. My husband and I just went to talk to his teacher today and hes not doing so well in school. He does not pay attention to her, he is alway moving around in his seat or getting up, always talking. I just wanted some advise on putting kids his age on adderal and is there other meds out there that might work better?
1191487 tn?1273090111 My son turned five in August and we felt that he was fully ready to be enrolled in kindergarten, so we went for it. Since the beginning of the school year we have had nothing but problems. From the start he had a difficult time adjusting, especially in the morning start of the daily routine. Refuses to come into class, lays on the floor, eats paper, takes off shoes and puts foot in mouth... very odd behavior that we are not used to seeing at home.
Avatar n tn com/ - as sensory will many times get mistaken for ADHD. In terms of ADHD, this is probably one of the most informative sites -
Avatar n tn Also, are you sending him to a public kindergarten or keeping him in the Montessori kindergarten (if they offer it).
Avatar m tn So far he hasn't taken to his bullying tactics he pulled last year while I was deployed. We did an ADD/ADHD survey with the school and though a lot of his behaviors are similar to those in the survey, he doesn't even come close to meeting the criteria in the surveys. At home his only real issue is the sudden lack of emotional control if he doesn't get his way. He tries to lie to me but I already know how to break through his lies. Once he knows he won't win, the the truth comes out.
598237 tn?1225647072 having a child with adhd / autism and a brother with the same. i am concerned that people want to medicate their children with ritalin etc. can anyone tell me why they need to do this - as i have never felt the need to.....
Avatar n tn I have a 9 year old son with a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD. I don't believe it is completely correct-I believe in my heart that Asperger's is more accurate. Problem? I did tons of research trying to solve the problems he was having at age 2 when he had been kicked out of 6 daycare facilities. I discovered Asperger's and cried-my son fit these requirements to a T.
Avatar f tn When she sees the other kids playing after completing their work, she will finish it in a few minutes at a high standard, but we just don't know how to encourage her to do it when she is supposed to. We have given her an earlier bedtime, changed her diet, tried different discipline strategies, used reward charts, played time management games where we gave her a time limit to complete tasks... We have even bribed her with a horse!
Avatar f tn This is a difficult negative cycle, and she needs to learn more effective coping strategies. It can also be hard to effectively discipline children with conduct disorder because they do not as easily feel remorse and have great trouble learning from cause and effect. She needs very skilled therapeutic help. How is she getting the counselor? What sort of a program is it? Is the counselor well trained. Has she been evaluated by a strong team?