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Avatar n tn I took her to another doctor shortly after, who specialized in ADHD, who said that she definately had the behavior, but she was too young to diagnose. I left there at least feeling better about my parenting abilities. I was told to wait until she was in school. I happily awaited her Kindergarten, only to find out she was fine at school.
Avatar n tn My 6 year old daughter (Kindergarten) is not classified as learning disabled,however, we suspect she has some ADHD symptoms. She was evaluated about 2 years ago and our pediatrician felt she couldn't be further evaluated until she was 6 or 7. Given these symptoms, she seems to function pretty well in school and with new friends. Our greater concern is her excessive hugging.
Avatar f tn My son is 5 and is in Kindergarten. Just has his annual meeting for his IEP which was integrated with his parent/teacher conference. He's been in speech therapy for the passed two years. Good news, he's on track with his speech and he is on track academically; Not so great news, he's a rigid, disruptive student, who needs constant prompting to stay on task. Examples of rigidity: Must be last in line. Must sit in certain spot on carpet. Must place his book box in certain slot on shelf.
Avatar n tn The doctor on that site will give you honest opinion about what to do with his behavior. ADD/ADHD symptoms usually show up both at home and at school.
Avatar n tn My son is in kindergarten as well----- a portion of his report card is behaviorally oriented. I think because developement is important in those years . . . to learning. If his behavior is not condusive to learning, how will he learn, right? This will only get worse and worse as he gets older and more is expected out of him. So the evaluation sounds very necessary. I think I would think about the words the teacher has used. He is not academically where the other kids are.
Avatar f tn This facial tic started Sunday afternoon, when he came back from a 2 day visit with his father - I myself am thinking it's just a way of trying to control his impulses, however even when he is speaking to other parents, it is very noticiable - If anyone has any suggestion, or recommendations, it would be greatly appreciated - I know I have rambled, but I am just trying to avoid medicating my son if it is not needed - Also note that last year his Kindergarten teacher thought he was way behind hi
Avatar n tn He does not have any rage issues or ADHD symptoms, he's just rambunctious and is pushing the envelope. Can you reccommend any counselors in the San Jose, CA area, or do you have other suggestions ? <zoo_keeper_dude***@****> Thank you .......
Avatar m tn It certainly is worth your time to check out SIDS. You also asked about ADHD and here is a pretty good site (with symptoms) for that. Both this site and the one mentioned by specialmom have lists that can be printed out. Perhaps if you fiance looked at these it would be helpful? I should also add that a least part of what he is doing is kind of normal for 5 year old boys.
Avatar n tn She is doing well academically in kindergarten; her teacher said she is above average in most areas of learning. Our problem is her behavior. She not only falls into four symptoms of ODD, but exhibits all six of the criteria. We are trying to keep her off of medication and are presently giving her essential fatty acids (pill), a homeopathic "calm" pill, and at night a calcium/magnesium liquid. We have seen some improvement in some areas, but I feel we're still missing something.
Avatar f tn have a hyperactive 5 and a half yr. old boy. Hyper since birth.Changing diapers was difficult. I am used to this and it has gotten a bit easier to manage since then. Alot of his behavior seems like ADHD,the type that is hyper but "takes everything in". He never liked loud music,covers his ears. And also complained once of lights being too bright at Gymnastics class (which he DID NOT LIKE). He will interact with other children and isn't shy once he gets comfortable.
Avatar n tn In pre-school his teachers told me he was very social and friendly but needed A LOT if redirection. In Kindergarten, his teacher recommended OT for fine motor skills and needed basic skills for Math. She told me he was impulsive and needed constant redirection and could not stay on task. In 1st grade his teacher was amazing and there were NO problems ALL year. Now we are in 2nd grade and his teacher says he is impulsive and can be socially awkward as a result.
Avatar n tn And he reccommended I bring him back in a year after he had started kindergarten. In the meanwhile educate yourself on diet, form a strict schedule for daily routines and behavior modification system and stick to it relentlessly. I'm not saying this was the best method but it worked until the latter part of kindergarten.
927672 tn?1244153247 Ever sins i know her she wanted to be friends with whomever she met. In kindergarten she always kissed boys until children started to complain. She is also lying about everything, breaking everything . whatever we tell her not to do, that is just what she is gone to do. when she gets punished for it she gets mean and blames everything on us. she breaks clothing on purposes, toys, furniture, spit in her room on the carpet and on furniture.
Avatar n tn I read your comments in the teen health community. A lot of those things are somewhat common for someone who has ADHD and is extremely frustrated by that condition. How much do you know about ADHD and how it effects you? Unfortunately, Texas is not the greatest state for getting help in the schools. How long ago did you find out you had it? Ever go on meds or get behavioral modification help? I've got some sites that may be helpful for you if you are interested. Let me know.
Avatar m tn It could be that a lack of maturity in the youngest kids in the class is being misinterpreted as symptoms of a behavioral disorder," from - Now this doesn't mean that he doesn't have ADHD, but it is something to think about. Your doctor did the correct thing in doing the survey for both school and home. Perhaps the only place that did not follow the guidelines was the immediate prescription of medication.
Avatar f tn There is an excellent chance that her anxiety is due to the ADHD and SPD, and some SPD symptoms are also autism symptoms. Here is a very good link to SPD - And, if you have any SPD questions, we have a great forum with a leader who has successfully dealt with this with her own child at about the same age. It wouldn't hurt to read some of her own posts.
Avatar n tn My son join kidergarten this year, he turned 5 in July. I had some feeling deep in side that somethis is not right about him but i couldn's say it loud to myself. Ok I really want to tell you whole story. He was 2 yrs old when his father left. I was working full time, My mom was taking care of him.
Avatar n tn She is in summer school for kindergarten because of her poor concentration. She hasn't had blood work done. I have always been told that my blood levels are "fine" without an discription as to what is high or low. But still have my symptoms. I would like to thank you for answering my questions here. It is a wonderful site. And have learned many things just from reading other peoples posts. Thank you again!
Avatar m tn Our son is doing really great and we have not had an outburst in school in over a year or more. He is 7 and in second grade. My suggestion is to look into sensory integration as well as adhd because the way you treat them is different. Sometimes both can exist as well and you want to make sure you handle any sensory issues a child has. Now my sensory kid has a little brother that is just a super energetic kid.
Avatar m tn I am wondering if that complete inappropriate behavior and lack of modesty may be associated with some ADHD symptoms considering he already shows these symptoms in other every day activity. Please give me feedback and don't be shy i can use all the help i can get!!
Avatar m tn There is such a wide variation of kids at a young age that it is very difficult to diagnose them with add/adhd until they are older. Some kids really need more physical activity in their day. Not want it but actually need it. Some kids have to move in order to stay on task and focas. Is this school providing outlets for that? How long is he there? How long is he expected to take a nap? More than 2 hours? I would start by making sure his physical activity level is being met.
Avatar f tn We had some aggressive times in the past and got through them. We have been in therapy separate as a group and he is seeing a Dr. for the ADHD. We are consistent, structured, go to church, believe cleaning and time outs are the best punishment. Lately he becomes utterly defiant. We tell him to do something and he says "make me". We are stumped we don't back down but we definitely fumble. We talk things away but that is never enough in the moment.
184674 tn?1360864093 When he was three, I remember his pedi telling me that he showed symptoms of ADHD and if they were not more manageable or worsened by kindergarten, then we may need to consider testing him for it (I was offended at the time, but now I’m really wondering).
Avatar f tn Regardless of what the mother may have said, he also must be showing the symptoms in someplace like school. It also sounds like he may be on a dose that is a bit too high. With kids, its kind of trial and error. The doctor should start off low - wait for parental feed back - and then adjust accordingly.
883151 tn?1245518109 I think you have a couple of things going on here, but an autism spectrum disorder does not seem to be a likely culprit at all.
Avatar n tn My 5 year old is in kindergarten this year. He can not sit still for the teacher, he is pushing and harming other children, pays absolutly no attention to what I say or what his teacher has to say, does flips in the middle of their reading time etc. The list goes on and on. He was born at 26 weeks and had a grade 4 brain bleed. Could this be something from his birth? His brother is exactly the same way.
Avatar f tn He started kindergarten this year and since August he has only gotten 2 happy faces in school. He always gets in trouble for talking and being to loud in the classroom. My husband and I have noticed his behavior and we have been seeing a dr regarding this. We are at the point he is now getting behavior reports all the time and now his teacher has called me today for a meeting with us and her. I am so terribly worried about putting my 5 year old on medication.
Avatar n tn From what I have read and been told by my doctor, there is no age regarding ADHD. I do know that hyperactivity is reduced in adulthood, where the physical symptoms go away,but yet, one's mind still is hyper. Previously, ADD drugs were not allowed to be given to adults. It was though of as a child disorder. That is not the case these days. To date, I do not think there are any real diagnostic techniques to prove that one has ADD/ADHD/ADD/ADHD. Everyone is different.
Avatar m tn It may be that kindergarten will be the best thing for him in terms of getting a diagnosis. Essentially ADHD must be present in two different settings for it to be diagnosed. Once his teacher has spent some time with him (not the one hour pseudo exam he went through), then she will be able to compare him to the other kids in the class as well as all the other children that she has seen in the past.