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Avatar n tn My 6 year old daughter (Kindergarten) is not classified as learning disabled,however, we suspect she has some ADHD symptoms. She was evaluated about 2 years ago and our pediatrician felt she couldn't be further evaluated until she was 6 or 7. Given these symptoms, she seems to function pretty well in school and with new friends. Our greater concern is her excessive hugging.
Avatar f tn She has been teaching for 20 years in Kindergarten. She said that my son has SEVERE issues completing work and staying on task. He is constantly spinning and hopping around the room. He does this at home, at the grocery store, all the time. I have thought ADHD all along or maybe some form of Autism. I plan to have him evaluated. The thing is that I have read that most of the meds for ADHD have a risk of sudden death. How common is this?
Avatar f tn I assume your daughter is in kindergarten. Is it an all day kindergarten? Was she in preschool and was this where the ADHD was noted?
Avatar n tn First, ADHD kids act on first impulses and then move on to something else. Its somewhat amazing he got 3 family members in before he switched to monsters or space ships. Second, what he did several years ago doesn't mean anything to what is happening now. If something is going on now that bothers you, than you need to deal with the here and now and not some picture from years ago. Third, you said, "Is this typical with ADD children?
1405669 tn?1347567948 My DD had her first day of Kindergarten today. I am such a proud mommy! DD loves her new school, and has already made some new friends. I can't believe that my baby has grown to be such a big kid!
494594 tn?1212967928 I understand that there is a lot of media attention (excuse the pun) on ADD, ADHD, impulsivity, inattention. However, symptoms of inattention or restlessness are common in many learning and emotional problems such as learning disabilities, anxiety, moodiness, and motivational issues. So if I go to the car mechanic and ask him or her to check only my battery because of the screeching noise, I would be remiss in not also having the whole car looked at.
Avatar f tn s just a way of trying to control his impulses, however even when he is speaking to other parents, it is very noticiable - If anyone has any suggestion, or recommendations, it would be greatly appreciated - I know I have rambled, but I am just trying to avoid medicating my son if it is not needed - Also note that last year his Kindergarten teacher thought he was way behind his peers in learning, so the school psychologist tested his IQ and he was off the charts, very smart in retaining informati
Avatar f tn My son Brian will be 7 in January. He has severe ADHD and could never sit still, take a nap, or be quite. I could never give him a time out because he couldn't sit. I remember just trying to give him a bath was frustrated I couldn't wipe the soap on him fast enough and he would be moving. Or cleaning he just followed behind me messing it up. I am a working mom and he was always in day care and preschool until kindergarten and they were always expressing there concerns.
Avatar m tn Hi I have posted some earlier problems regarding my son in kindergarten. His teacher is quite critical of him in the classroom, says that he does not pay attention and cannot work independantly. I have been lucky enough to help out in the classroom and observe him at the same time. He can be a little inattentive but is quiet and competes the work if it is of interest to him. His teacher rarely gives him any praise for good behaviour or work,, but will give certain other kids praise all the time.
Avatar f tn My 5 1/2 year old started kindergarten 3 days ago, and I have had 2 phone calls from the principal. He was diagnosed with ADHD, but i think the diagnoses was wrong. He cries alot/whines when he doesnt get his way. He gets sad alot too. Talking about death, and angels, and growing up. He has anger problems, hitting, throwing things, kicking people....He has broke windows, and a television already.
Avatar n tn In pre-school his teachers told me he was very social and friendly but needed A LOT if redirection. In Kindergarten, his teacher recommended OT for fine motor skills and needed basic skills for Math. She told me he was impulsive and needed constant redirection and could not stay on task. In 1st grade his teacher was amazing and there were NO problems ALL year. Now we are in 2nd grade and his teacher says he is impulsive and can be socially awkward as a result.
Avatar f tn but since he can do his work but refuses to his teacher doesnt think he will qualify. so I got in touch w his dr and now hes being evaluated for ADHD. we have tried everything. I just need some advice on what the next step is.
Avatar n tn The doctor on that site will give you honest opinion about what to do with his behavior. ADD/ADHD symptoms usually show up both at home and at school.
Avatar n tn He has been exhibiting these problems from as far back as I can remember, Where I lived previously, we had a big yard, it was cooler and quite, he would stay on the veranda and tell anybody who was passing by hello, he was almost two when we moved to another location it was the complete opposite. He would cry a lot, it took him a while to adjust to his new environment.
1383803 tn?1502917179 No, he is not in Kindergarten...he is in preschool. He is supposed to start Kindergarten in August, but I'm thinking that is not a good idea. He had times before when he would get into fights, but they only happened once every couple of months. Now it's happening every day. I've asked to see footage from the schools cameras but they can never seem to find the times when he acts out (conveniently). They also say that most of the time he hits other kids, that it is unprovoked.
Avatar f tn My almost 6 year old first born son started Kindergarten two weeks ago and is not adjusting well. He is behaving very disrespectfully to his teacher, some of the kids in the class, and room helpers. He does very well at his before/after school program, gym & music classes and we never had trouble at our large daycare center, either. We are not having any behavior problems at home but he has started wetting the bed again dispite me waking him to go before I go to bed each night.
5274485 tn?1385860167 Despite this I do have to say that my daughter is the only girl her age at the clinic where she receives therapy and the only one in her autism class at school in Kindergarten. There is absolutely something to be said about girls needing more dxs.
Avatar f tn My son is 5 and going through the same things, I too have tried what seems like everything. His father is also military n is stationed in Washington state(we are in Texas). I don't feel as though my son has ADHD but I am no doctor-he has days where he gets 'green' cards, and he is very sweet and calm at home. Maybe our kids are easily overwhelmed? Hope you get suggestions soon, God bless.
Avatar f tn My son is 6 year old and in Kindergarten. At school he is calm. Pays attention. Has no problem learning. He's a good student. But as soon as he gets home he is hyper until bedtime! He has always been a hyper child but he can also sit down and focus when he knows he has to. So I am completely confused. At home he shows signs of ADHD or ADD but at school he doesn't. What could it be? He tells me he knows school is for learning so he don't want to be hyper there.
Avatar n tn Quick background: I have ADHD and 3 children with ADHD. I have had TONS of experience with ADHD. The three children all have very different "manifestations" of ADHD symptoms. I have read, and researched, I have controlled their diets (no aritificials, etc.), and we seemed to have settled on the appropriate medications for each child, with occasional adjustments in dose. Until late last year.
Avatar n tn I am at my wits end. My son, who is five years old and in kindergarten is behaving very badly at school. I don't know what to do anymore because he does not misbehave at home. He isn't very nice to the other children verbally or physically. He gets a red card almost every day. His name gets written on the board everyday with a check mark next to it for the world to see. Parents are complaining. None of the kids like him. My heart is breaking.
Avatar m tn All you can do is try to titrate his exposure to groups of children - the smaller the group the better. If you have any choice about the size of his grouping in kindergarten, select the smaller group(s). Who exactly is 'throwing out' the ADHD issue? Just as people should not casually suggest such a condition, you alos should not automatically reject it as a 'false diagnosis'. Should it be considered? Sure, if there is reason (e.g., excessive activity level) to do so.
Avatar f tn I have an almost 6 year old daughter who is in kindergarten. Before kindergarten she completed 2 years of preschool, so she was above the others in the class upon entering. She does ride a bus to and from school, which I do not like. Since starting school she has been in trouble all the time. She has had in school suspension twice for taking things that don't belong to her and lying to the teacher. She also got suspended from the bus because she wouldn't stay in her seat.
Avatar f tn My six year old son is lagging somewhat in his verbal skills, and we are having him do kindergarten again. We moved during his first year of kindergarten and he was out for a month, we home schooled in between. We moved from a state with easier curriculum and lower standards, to a state and county that has literally the highest standards public education offers. He was completely lost and we tried to catch him up.
Avatar n tn My son is 5 years old and is horrible in school. In the beginning of the school year he threw alot of temper tantrums and crying spells. He calmed down for awhile, but within the last couple of months his behavior is violent and aggressive towards his teacher and principle. One minute he is doing what he's supposwe to and the next minute he is pushing,kicking, screaming,spitting, at his teacher and principle. He has been suspended from school 4 times.
Avatar f tn He was in a preschool program last year that dealt with situations like this and he did AMAZING. He is now in kindergarten and things were going great the first week and now I am getting letters that he is "out of bounds" screaming, yelling, running around. He is on Adderall, Risperdal, and Clonidine..The medications work really well, but I don't know if he is having problems being at school all day or if the medicine just isn't working anymore...I just need some help....