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Avatar n tn Feel irritable and throw violent temper tantrums. Seem extremely happy and have high energy levels. Touch their genitals, use sexual language, and approach others in a sexual way. Not sleep much and go about the house late at night looking for things to do. Talk very fast. ADHD and bipolar are very simalar and often misdianosed here is a list of differences: 1. Destructiveness may be seen in both disorders but differs in origin.
Avatar n tn We have three children, ages 9, 7, and 4. The four year old will be five in three months. She is very strong willed and resists discipline. She can be a very sweet girl, but she can also be very mouthy. When she misbehaves it is usually bossing me around, not doing as I ask, talking to me in a not nice voice, or being disruptive in church. This can escalate into her hissing at me, biting me, and trying to hit/kick me.
Avatar f tn I have a 5 year old just diagnosed with ADHD, my 13 year old has all the signs of Inattentive ADHD and my 11 year old shows many, many signs as well. What are the chances three of four children could actally have it? Is that normal? I was diagnosed at 14 and on Ritilin for a year or so and then just stopped and am on no meds currently.
Avatar n tn My four year old has extreme rage issues. He has put holes in walls, scratched other vehicles, and even pushed his 1 year old sister down the stairs. The more we crack down on the behavior the more agressive he gets. He thew the time out chair accross the room at me just missisng his older brother who has ADHD. Both me and my husband have mental inless. My husband is scizoeffective and I am bipolar. We have had him evaluated but the doctor says that he's too young to do anthing with.
678100 tn?1245978921 i know exactly what your going through my four year old son has always been hyper but since his birthday it has gone to a whole new level, im literally pulling my hair out, my husband works while i stay home with him i thought i could do it alittle longer but i told him for my sanity he has to go to preschool asap, i feel so bad for feeling like this and sometimes losing my temper and yelling at him, i cry so hard sometimes because i hate being mad at him, i think he has adhd he pretty much has
Avatar f tn Please help! I am a mother to an almost 4 year old boy with severe behavior problems. He spits on people, kicks, hits, screams 'shut up'. He does this on a daily basis and often without warning. He is in preschool and even acts this way to his teachers and classmates. He spits on his teacher, in the past has played in his feces (happened a few times months ago), calls me ugly names. He has broken windows in our home and broken my car windshield.
Avatar f tn The doctor is making a type 1 mistake of diagnosis. In short, a type 1 mistake is in assuming illness in someone who does not show signs of disease, but who might show "symptoms". In ADHD, which has no disease marker, say, like heart or liver disease, there are certainly "symptoms", which are tantamount to behavior that is seen to be troubling and troublesome within a specific social setting, i.e., school, work, family.
Avatar f tn Hi, my boyfriends 13 year old urinates in her room, on the floor, in objects. She steals, lies, dresses proactive, is hyper, and now is going through boyfriends like crazy. She's with us every other weekend. I don't know what to do. I am just beside myself.
Avatar n tn Conscientious doctors do not diagnose a four year old with ADHD. Children that young are in an early development stage. Most doctors would never make such a diagnosis until the child is older - may six or seven. Given that he should not be diagnosed with ADHD, he should not be on medication. Whether the medication is causing this behavior, I have no idea, but I would find another doctor and get him off the stuff.
Avatar n tn But the price of all her success was heartbreaking. So yes a four year old can present with symptoms. And it might be confused with ADHD. So a psychiatrist is the person to address these issues with. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Hi there. Well, what you describe almost sounds more like anxiety than it does adhd symptoms. My older son has sensory which is very similar to to adhd, it's neurological in nature as adhd is, and he also has anxiety. The self soothing is something he had to work on. Are you talking about when he is upset, calming himself back down? With my son, we worked with an occupational therapist for strategies for this.
Avatar m tn s father and I separated when he was very young. I am now remarried. My four year old has always had issues with ADHD, with hyperactive behavior, Impulsiveness, and defiance. When he was two, if he was told to stay in his room and take a nap, he would lash out by smearing poop on the wall, or tearing up his toys or his room. I thought it was typical two year old behavior that he would grow out of, but it continued.
Avatar f tn s a magazine but they have great info and symptoms on the site. Also, ADHD can manifest itself in hyper attentions, which could explain why he loves puzzles, which seems like it would take a lot of attention. Good luck, and it's great that you are noticing these things and trying to get help. I wish someone would have done that for me. I suffered from it all my life and was not diagnosed until 6 months ago and I'm 34!
1553902 tn?1294293321 my six year old son was diagnosed with adhd but i have been looking up things on bipolar disorder and he also has the signs of this disorder and all i want to do is get to the problem of what is going on with my son, i am having a difficult time dealing with it i dont know what to do i am at my wits end.
Avatar f tn What do I do with my 16 year old son that lies on a daily basis and skips classes at school...HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn He goes to school this year in august. i need help. im 7 months pregnant and have a 11 month old. He hits, throws thing and is very uncontrollable. i need advise.
Avatar f tn My son turned 6 year old in September and he is having problem paying attention in school (1st Grade), although he knows the material, the rest of his classmate are completing their work before him. According to his teacher he is usually distracted; she is suggesting that he see the school psychologist. She even stated that once she sits next to him he is able to complete the work with no assistance. I think it is a manturity issue; do you think this is ADHD?
Avatar f tn I recently met with my 5 year old sons Kindergarten teacher. She has been teaching for 20 years in Kindergarten. She said that my son has SEVERE issues completing work and staying on task. He is constantly spinning and hopping around the room. He does this at home, at the grocery store, all the time. I have thought ADHD all along or maybe some form of Autism. I plan to have him evaluated. The thing is that I have read that most of the meds for ADHD have a risk of sudden death.
Avatar n tn I have a 10 year old daughter that has ADHD. She yells a lot and sometimes is rude and disrespectful. I usually handle it well because I understand what she is going through, I worked with children with ADHD for four years. She, however, becomes very embarrassed after her blow ups, begins to cry and apologize profusely. She asked me to help her learn how to stop yelling. There is little info. online. Is it merely a symptom of her ADHD and how can I help her learn to mange it?
Avatar f tn I have a four year old, almost 5 year old son. He displays behavior that concerns me. On a normal basis he is a very well behaved child. Every few weeks he has what we call an "episode". For four to five days in a row he can be a "terror". He will not listen, he laughs when disciplined, has no respect for authority. We can tell him to stop something and he will laugh and just continue. Most of the time he gets upset when disciplined and will beg for forgiveness.
Avatar m tn I wanted to try to keep him off meds but now I feel like we have to try them in order to keep my four (almost five) year old safe. I am considering Risperdal and Vyvance. He has an appointment later this month to be evaluated by another physician. (We have moved out of state since he was diagnosed last year.) I plan to discuss the medication issue with this doctor. Sometimes it seems that he is bipolar so I will probably address that issue at the appointment as well.
Avatar n tn She did much better in the second grade and is doing well above average now in the third grade. It may be better next year. In my opinion, the writing will not help. He will listen if what he hears is interesting or if the teacher is interesting and energetic. What happened to energetic teachers?
Avatar n tn Hi, my son is four years old and has trouble concentrating on the most simple of tasks. He cannot sit and pay attention long enough to count to 10. Is this normal? I feel like a bad mother because he cannot sit still long enough to count. He will not listen either, he will just continue to say " I want to be good" and I give him more chances than I probably should but its very frustrating that he just doesnt listen.