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Avatar f tn could it be that the doctors are wrong.There are other things beside add or adhd and autism. Take and look up these other two and see if any of them make scene to you or if you think you should have your child checked for them also. landau kleffner syndrome Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome I am sure there are a lot of children and adults that are not being treated for the right things. I wouldn't put him on any of the drugs they use for adhd a lot of those have bad side effects.
Avatar f tn It is very common for children on the Autism Spectrum to have symptoms of ADD, ADHD, anxiety disorders. Many doctors are hesitant to give a dual diagnosis. Kudos to your Doctor! Has your doctor given you referrals to the nearest Autism Society yet? Do you have any specific questions or just looking for support right now?
Avatar n tn My daughter that is nine years old. She has autism and she is currently on Ritalin la 10mg.She has been on it for 6 months.Now she has been rocking a whole alot and talking to oneself . I took back to the neurologist and he prescribe clonidine with ritalin. I am afraid to give her both medications. Is it safe for a child to take both? If not what are the symptoms for taking both at the same time? Are their signs to look for? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn My sister just took my nephew to the doctor and they ran some tests on him and the autism test came back that he is a slow learner. He's too smart to be autistic and im really down about this. He's like my son and the fact that he might be a slow learner really bothers me. Is this possible or could the doctors have made a mistake???
131073 tn?1252454452 And there has not ever been a reputable link between thermerisol and autism. The speculation came up years ago and was repeatedly and reliably refuted by several studies. My middle son was/is a "difficult" temperament. If one wanted to, I bet i could through a list of s/s of autism and he would fit neatly into the dx. Only a qualified developmental or behavioral specialist can make that dx and no one with any sort of reputation will even think of attempting to dx someone that young.
Avatar n tn They said he has adhd and I agree but he also has many other symptoms that fall under the autism spectrum.
Avatar m tn However, I have genuine concern for her and would like to hear whether she needs to see a doctor for adult ADHD/Autism? Or is it possible to exhibit such stimming behaviours without autism? She lives in a developing country where mental health awareness is quite low. I am obviously not educated enough but would like to hear what others have to say regarding my question.
Avatar n tn Whatever he is doing - cheer up - my kid was so ADHD off the charts he was kicked out of public school (and he was a straight A student). Now, before you want to start hiring lawyers to make the state pony up for the schools that are not on your state list (the ones they pile up all the smart, crazy AHD'ers - it will cost you alot of heartache and a small mint) try to figure out if he has a food allergy too. There are elimination diets to go by.
Avatar n tn ( i think that is what u call it) rocking while watching tv,he jumps a lot,rubs his hands up and down his leg making a humming noise,claps at times and now the new one i notice he has on OCCASION done that hand flap thing (when he's really excited or mad) I've done so much googling and to me it sounds like ADHD,autism and sensory processing disorder are similiar in a lot of ways.
Avatar f tn Hi, These symptoms are inconclusive I feel for autism? There is all types and only a proffessional who has the qualifications to diagnose this disability will be able to tell you. I Think the Drs involved are right in waiting to diagnose him. Things like Autism are a label for life. I hope you get some answers that you can be happy with for the time being.
Avatar f tn There is an excellent chance that her anxiety is due to the ADHD and SPD, and some SPD symptoms are also autism symptoms. Here is a very good link to SPD - And, if you have any SPD questions, we have a great forum with a leader who has successfully dealt with this with her own child at about the same age. It wouldn't hurt to read some of her own posts.
Avatar m tn Clarke reports that “symptoms usually peak within two to four days after withdrawal of the drugs although depression and irritability may persist for months. Suicide risk can persist for years. Studies have shown that approximately 15 percent of the children on ADHD drugs will threaten, attempt, or actually commit suicide by the age of 18.
883151 tn?1245518109 Now the doctor is going back and forth. He can't seem to determine if this is ADHD or autism. My son used to throw big fits where he would throw himself on the floor and bang his head on the floor if he didn't get what he wanted but the problem was that he wouldn't tell me what he wanted. He seemed to expect me to know without him having to say. I couldn't take him anywhere with me and still can't because when we get around people he is a completely different kid.
327385 tn?1378364331 my daughter wants to stay in her room and she has lost friends because she refusses to go outside..she wont do anything and even gets upset and will cry if i make her even go shopping .. she tells me she cant stand to be around people.. i have been trying to get her an appt with a spealist but has a wait list..
Avatar m tn In contrast to what's written above, there are many people who believe that ADHD and Autism and Asperger's are all part of the same "spectrum" of disorders. From what I have gathered thus far, there can be SOME similarity in symptoms between the disorders. However, there are usually specific symptoms that designate one disorder or another. I think that there is going to be some debate about this in the medical community for some time to come.
327385 tn?1378364331 Sounds like your talking about my daughter, and she has ADHD. They started her off on Adderal XR, but she is now on Vyvance (sp). She did and does all the things you have listed, including the stealing and not knowing why. Your best bet is to try and find a peds doctor that specializes in ADD/ADHD. If she is found to have ADHD, so of the things she does might not go away, like the stealing.
Avatar n tn Well, I am not a doctor and I cannot provide you with a definite diagnosis, but my cousin Mavrick who was born with autism, had the same symptoms you describe here. From what I know, symptoms of autism can vary greatly. These symptoms could be signs of mile autism, but they can also indicate Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). If you continue to see these symptoms regularly I would consult your pediatrician. :) God Bless You.
Avatar n tn I don't know about this, but I think I have read other posts about certain thyroid conditions giving similar symptoms to autism. Have you googled thyroid and autism to see what comes up?
Avatar f tn My son is 6 and is also diagnosed with autism at first they said he was adhd and bipolar but just recently they changed that diagnoses to just autism they said there was no need for a adhd diagnoses because most autistic kids also have all the adhd symptoms as well.
Avatar n tn My daughter is now 21 and was diagnosed with adhd at 19. We live in the usa. Problem is she has no insurance, and for a diagnosis, it is several thousand.If there is no cure I figure why bother. She functions as an adult, cleaning houses with me, and has her own space. Just get concerned with her lack of friends on her peer level.She has obsessive traits about her car, house, anything that belongs to her. I can't even ride in her car, she is always afraid of me scratching it or something.
Avatar m tn He will get clammy and turn red. He will sweat at his feet and hairline but doesn't seem to regulate his body temp well. Could the cyst do this too?
Avatar n tn could u please suggest things to me and tell me what u think i should do as far as a doctor goes, what you think symptoms are. are they autism or asphergers u think? teachers at school think he is add/adhd, but i think its much more than that. could u please help, thank you! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/702462'>austism</a>.
Avatar f tn NO. I don't hear any major symptoms of Autism in your post. Does he make avoid making eye contact? Does he do any hand flapping or hand twisting? Does he walk on his tip toes? Does he verbally repeat the same words or phrases? Does he make any strange verbalizations? Does he play by himself rather than other children? Does he have any remarkable talents like in music or art? These are all questions that if you answered YES would point to autism.
Avatar f tn was extremly quiet, car rised would naot make a peep, cried alot, sleep habits were great as well as eating but sometimes seemed like he was deaf, would call his name over and over and he would not respond. Father would say to son I love you over and over and son would not respond, when holding child, child would pull away, as if he did not want to be held. Sometimes would hold onto father but for the most part did not want to be cuddly.
Avatar f tn I would definitely look at the SIDS site because you do treat that differently from ADHD. and he could have both. What is distressing to me is that he could have ADHD and the only help the doctors gave you is to prescribe meds? I should add that if they are necessary - I have nothing against meds. Millions of kids are on them. But I would hope that parents and schools have tried other things first. So what to do?
Avatar n tn I was wondering if a child has social interests and can talk when and why and how and at what point does this become Autism? I agree this seems to be a new fad or something or people are just so worried and about their kids not reading and writing by the time they are 31/2 that they are feeding into all this pshyco babble. (which writing their name or reading before 5 is not a milestone)look on the CDC's website. Some children are immature and are not ready for preschool.
796506 tn?1370191905 I had to have a replacement social security card so we can take him to Balbowa in San Diego, CA to have him evaluated for autism. I called screaming and crying to Nellis Air Force Base and how they were telling me that it was no big deal when everything I have read says that the whole reason that they give you a shot schedule is because they need those shots in that order. My son is now showing signs of autism (bad) and like I said, is going to be evaluated in San Diego.
1883398 tn?1320768071 She doesn’t do these things intentionally or to be bad, she is very loving, loves to cuddle, and is always apologizing for her actions later without my even mentioning it. I do not doubt she has the signs and symptoms of ADHD due to her EXTREME hyperactivity. She also has a very nasal voice that family members have pointed out to me (of course I know, I am just used to it.) There is a family history or Tourrets.
Avatar f tn Because of that and a few other things you have said, I tend to doubt that autism is the problem. He certainly has many of the symptoms of ADHD. And you mentioned one or two things that also make me think of SIDS or sensory integration disorder. There is a really good website called simply "sensory processing disorder" or "spd". Google that to learn more about what areas it can affect a child.
Avatar n tn Yes, ADHD kids often have tics because the drugs used to treat ADHD cause tics. You are kind of describing a child with tardive diskensia. The mouth movements, and lip licking sound like a result of over medication, not ADHD.