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217599 tn?1202850952 I don't know, but I notice I have OCD tendencies with myself. With PDD and "atypical" autism I'm sure there's going to be crossovers with other disability characteristics... I think when things deal with the brain, things are not black/white- this or that... If you think about it and the snowflake expression, the same applies to the human brain. Every brain is unique and there's a considerable range of how each part functions.
Avatar f tn I took him to a dr and tested, result ADHD. School insists he shows more signs of autism and pretty much made it sound like he would get better help if it was autism and not adhd or if it is a combination it would benefit him. I have been arguing with the school for 5 years that he is not autistic he had adhd per his dr. Does the school system get more or better funding if he has autism? I have been told no but if that is true why do they keep pushing autism?
1674682 tn?1304138443 How is ADHD and Autism Different and how can one be diagnosed improperly? I have a 7 year old son who has been being treated for ADHD now they think its PDD Autism. I need help understanding the difference and why his diagnoses has been changed?
5065239 tn?1363065377 my 6 yr old daughter has adhd, autism [high functioning] and asperger syndrome...she has been treated for the adhd since she was 3 and the autism since she was 5 but i think the doctors only diagnosed the aspergers because her half brother also has it and has been treated for it all his life and he's 14 now. what are specific symptoms of aspergers?
Avatar m tn My son is 16 and has High Functioning Autism, ADD and a language processing disorder. ADD/ADHD are different than Autism and the Autism Spectrum Disorders Aspergers is a unique type of Autism. However, High Functioning Autism (HFA) and Aspergers are different. One of the differences is language delay. Typically, Aspergers children do not have a language delay. Also, Aspergers children tend to have an interest that is central to their conversations and thoughts all the time.
5274485 tn?1385860167 The symptoms are clinical the same for both boys and girls. My own experience in meeting girls with autism spectrum disorders confirm the clinical view; I have yet to find a girl with autism spectrum disorder who differ from my self and other boys with autism spectrum disorder I know in talk of symptoms.
Avatar n tn Well, I am not a doctor and I cannot provide you with a definite diagnosis, but my cousin Mavrick who was born with autism, had the same symptoms you describe here. From what I know, symptoms of autism can vary greatly. These symptoms could be signs of mile autism, but they can also indicate Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). If you continue to see these symptoms regularly I would consult your pediatrician. :) God Bless You.
Avatar m tn Clarke reports that “symptoms usually peak within two to four days after withdrawal of the drugs although depression and irritability may persist for months. Suicide risk can persist for years. Studies have shown that approximately 15 percent of the children on ADHD drugs will threaten, attempt, or actually commit suicide by the age of 18.
Avatar f tn Inability to concentrate for any period of time is one of the main symptoms that has been present. He's been ruled out for Autism by a diagnosis team at a children's pediatric center after a 8 hour full evaluation. He was found to have a regulatory disorder and multipul development delays in gross and fine motor skills as well as verbal communication.
Avatar n tn There is research regarding greater head circumference in children with autism. Autism and ADHD are in the same spectrum of disorders.
796506 tn?1370188305 I had to have a replacement social security card so we can take him to Balbowa in San Diego, CA to have him evaluated for autism. I called screaming and crying to Nellis Air Force Base and how they were telling me that it was no big deal when everything I have read says that the whole reason that they give you a shot schedule is because they need those shots in that order. My son is now showing signs of autism (bad) and like I said, is going to be evaluated in San Diego.
Avatar n tn Is thee a support group for a 22 yr old male with PDD, ADHD and bipolar disorder? This discussion is related to <a href=''>...ADHD,Autism and PDD</a>.
1108951 tn?1258618690 he also may have a autism spectrum what im askin there any body else wo has achild this age with adhd or a autism spectrum disorder and what are doing and what kind of help are u so lost thisis so much to take inat one time dont know nothing much about either or what todo.any advice please feel free.
219373 tn?1274921434 My 8 year old son shows symptoms of both Aspergers and ADHD,and has been diagnosed with both, along with many other things by his previos doctors. We have seen a multitude of drs and specialists, and finally we have found one that is focused on the symptoms first and the diagnosis second. By treating him as an individual an focusing on his specific problems, rather than putting him in a box with a label on it, we are finally getting some results.
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Avatar f tn My son has been on the Feingold diet for mild autism and adhd symptoms. I noticed on the website that this diet can help with depression and suicidal thoughts. It also helps with violent behavior and insomnia. I've been adding a lot of the food into my everyday life and can personally tell you I feel pretty good. The diet eliminates foods with chemicals and dyes and even apples. Goodbye M&Ms and Skittles. To get the shopping guide and brochures is a bit expensive.
973741 tn?1342342773 // And for a list of all of the articles from this site on autism - And, I think the more that you and your daughter can read up on this the more helpful it will be. Finally.....getting in to see the therapist the psyc recommended. Wow, 8 months of lost time! The psyc dropped the ball there.
Avatar m tn Passive Developmental Disorders: Autism is one of five passive developmental disorders, and is the most common. Autism is a disability caused by a brain development disorder of unknown cause, yet some suspect the cause is neurological dysfunction. Usually, symptoms of the disease present themselves before the toddler reaches the age of three. Before Autism was more understood, others labeled them as childhood schizophrenia or as having a psychosis or mental retardation.
Avatar n tn They said he has adhd and I agree but he also has many other symptoms that fall under the autism spectrum.
Avatar f tn hi i am new im solo56 i think you should get his hearing checked and it seems that he might have autism they different levels of autism hearing can affect behavior, speech, and listening too
Avatar n tn My daughter that is nine years old. She has autism and she is currently on Ritalin la 10mg.She has been on it for 6 months.Now she has been rocking a whole alot and talking to oneself . I took back to the neurologist and he prescribe clonidine with ritalin. I am afraid to give her both medications. Is it safe for a child to take both? If not what are the symptoms for taking both at the same time? Are their signs to look for? This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn Hi, These symptoms are inconclusive I feel for autism? There is all types and only a proffessional who has the qualifications to diagnose this disability will be able to tell you. I Think the Drs involved are right in waiting to diagnose him. Things like Autism are a label for life. I hope you get some answers that you can be happy with for the time being.
Avatar n tn Their are doctors treating all the constipation/gut issues and addressing all the other biochemical imbalances and fully reversing Autism/ADD/ADHD.I myself have severe ADHD and digestive problems and I am improving with the help of these doctors.One of the doctors that talks alot about ammonia and it's relation to Autism is Amy Yasko.Her websites are and out Rashid Buttar's video on youtube.GenerationrRescue.
550146 tn?1216357734 i feel so lost, I spent so much time learning about ADHD and i know nothing about this Aspergers. My main concern is his future, do aduts with this, have full lives? Is this somthing he will learn to live with?How do i know this diagnoses is right since he was already misdignosed?? please help!
1415407 tn?1389254933 I worked the department of mental health for the state of missouri for 2 1/2yrs and specialized in the care of individuals diagnosed with Autism. Autism is most prominent and rampant within the U.s., with very few cases over seas or even in ally/1st world countries with similar if not identical access and use of acetaminophen. I can find a study that links rubbing your head and patting your belly while trying to conceive to Autism in children.
Avatar f tn My nine year old was just diagnosed with Autism and has been diagnosed with ADHD since he was six. We are just noticing that baths seem to cause an outburst or temper tantrum of grand perportions every time. When he goes to his fathers, dad says he takes one without a problem, but i have a feeling dad doesnt watch him or want to agree with me because he doesnt "agree with the autism diagnosis".
Avatar n tn If so, again he is not in the autism or PDD spectrum and his symptoms sound more like ADHD. Get him evaluated by a child development specialist to put your mind at ease and so that you can help him. And maybe, he is only 2 years old almost three and there is nothing wrong with him, except he is a boy full of energy with his own leadership type mind.
671512 tn?1226563206 I made a recommendation for a "Behavioral Tracker" a couple of months ago, and Med Help replied that they would "add it to their list of to-do's". (I had asked specifically about ADD/ADHD, Asperger's, and Autism behaviors. Perhaps after reading your post, MedHelp will consider including symptoms of ODD on the tracker as well.) While that may be available sometime in the future, MedHelp currently has a mood tracker that might be helpful to you.