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1260255 tn?1288658164 This has helped me for many years and the importance of this has been reinforced by having a child who is ADHD. My short term memory has gone way downhill, so that I try to write things like telephone numbers down on my work calendar. Likewise, with appointments and meetings, I automatically put them into Outlook, with reminders to pop up. At home, I write things down on a calendar. I used to be able to rely on memory for all of this. Not so anymore.
Avatar f tn After talking with councelors and a doctor, it was concluded that I was struggling with ADHD, which I didn't consider, but it makes sense in regard to my symptoms. Part of treatment is forming and sticking to a regular routine, and I am doing great, but I have a great deal of trouble with some of the organizational and administrative tasks at work.
Avatar n tn ' Your symptoms related to impulsivenss, forgetfulness, organizational problems, and struggles with self-motivation are part of the diagnostic criteria for ADHD. A diagnosis of ADHD includes an onset of symptoms prior to age 8, as well as impairment across settings (e.g. home, work, school). Many primary care providers treat symptoms of ADHD with stimulants or alternatives such as Atomoxetine (Strattera).
Avatar f tn Whether its stimulant meds or natural meds, they are only a partial answer. Teaching your child coping strategies for ADHD is also extremely important. And as I have said numerous times over the last 5 years, no one has ever posted about a natural medication that has worked, but outside of the expense it usually never hurts to try. However, there are things to avoid. Check out these links -
Avatar f tn By the way, meds aren't the only way to treat add/adhd. There are many strategies for dealing with it and I encourage you to investigate those. You can do various things to physically slow your nervous system such as swimming. There is a long list to try. You can work on strategies to stay on task such as organizational systems. There a lots of people with adhd that choose not to take medication for a variety of reasons that manage it in other ways.