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Avatar f tn It is usual protocol to wait until the earliest age of 6 before diagnosing for adhd because all kids before that age show so much variability in behavior. Many kids prior to 6 will be impulsive, hard to settle down, on the move, have no filter, talk in loud voices and move from thing to thing quickly without finishing something. I believe you could google adhd and find a listing of symptoms. It involves the nervous system and people will sometimes call these kids hyper.
4194487 tn?1370049744 Yes it is genetic, my husband has adhd n as far as i know he has 2 brothers with it too, but i have 3 kids n another in the way n my 3 do not have it.
Avatar m tn Whoever that is needs an earful of why it is inappropriate in a house with young, impressionable kids. Hitting-------- I recommend a book that you can pick up at the library or book store called "Hands are not for Hitting". You need to work with her to help her find other ways to express anger and frustration. You need to model the kind of behavior you want to see. Try your very best to not yell at her and spanking for a child like this is a no no.
Avatar f tn How do I know if daughter has adhd or bipolar or something else. Cause there something going on I thought I could do thing different but she is not I fill like I'm not giving her a good life when she always mad or I can't give her all my attention cause I have other kids I don't have enought energy. To keep up with her and when she get upset then it make us all in bad mood please give me your thought thank you.
Avatar f tn I agree. I don't think the adhd is not the issue and it is true that many kids with adhd have some social skills problems and find younger kids easier to deal with. However, that is a huge age difference. What exactly does a 14 year old still "play" that would interest a 7 year old. We had an 11 year old that lived close to us that jumped on the trampoline with my young boys (then age 4/5 and 5/6). But I wouldn't let them go off and play by themselves.
5066424 tn?1363139169 Yes, frustration is a part of ADHD. The kids just can't understand why they can't do what other people are doing (primarily in school). The most important thing that you can do is to learn all you can about ADHD! There are some very good sites with excellent practical things you can do. This site has lots of helpful ideas - And another good overall site is http://www.help4adhd.
Avatar n tn It would help to know how old your child is. But essentially if you put into writing a request for an evaluation for special education services to your school principal (in the book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley. p 82) They must respond to your request. If you include the teachers and pediatrician's input it would be very hard to deny the request. They must respond (in California) within 15 calendar days.
Avatar f tn Some even have writing programs like mini camps in the summer. Our school also employs an occupational service and works with kids that have varying degrees of issues. At the very least a pencil grip is a big help. I'd find fun ways of working on it with him---- here are a couple of examples: get chalk board and a wet cotten ball and chalk. You trace a letter with the cotton ball and he traces it with chalk. Let him erase always (good hand stregnthening).
Avatar n tn Is he on any medications for ADHD? Also, could you further describe what "putting in front of eyes tracking the movement" means?
Avatar n tn I was a clinical psychologist in the early to mid 90's (yes, I'm a way old mom of little kids in my 40's---- yikes!) and did this for a decade and a half both in a psychiatrist's office and for the psych ward in hospital----- I will say that things have changed with ADD/ADHD. Psychiatrists (who actually do the prescribing as in most states psychologists whether they have a Phd like myself or not are not liscensed to prescribe) were the front line for treatment.
Avatar f tn He loves to watch TV even for 24 hours.he rushes to watch some particular songs in TV. he can't sit in 1 place except while watching tv ,and does not respond to my call immediately. he does not even know to eat a biscuit/drink water,milk by himself, and doesnt goes to bed soon and does nt understand what i speak,has tempertantrum ,keep watching vehicles moving when we take him out.otherwise he plays with toys and plays hide and seek with us.
Avatar m tn my 10 yr old daughter has had adhd for the past 6 yrs and is on focolin rx now 50mg in am and 10mg in afternoon. with her she has had trouble with memory loss for some time now and cant retain information from the past or at times 30 seconds after being told. she was giagnosed 3 yrs ago with seizure tendencies after fainting in my arms. her doc has not explored this further.
Avatar n tn I took her to another doctor shortly after, who specialized in ADHD, who said that she definately had the behavior, but she was too young to diagnose. I left there at least feeling better about my parenting abilities. I was told to wait until she was in school. I happily awaited her Kindergarten, only to find out she was fine at school.
Avatar n tn ive learned that kids with ADHD are not crazy , dumb , uneducated ect. its just an inbalance in the brain and all that medication does is help balance that side of your brain to help you focus and be able to do tasks like homework , classwork , ect and be successful it also brings out some of your best talents !!!!
Avatar f tn Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD, is one of the most common mental disorders that develop in children. Children with ADHD have impaired functioning in multiple settings, including home, school, and in relationships with peers. If untreated, the disorder can have long-term adverse effects into adolescence and adulthood. Asperger's Disorder is a milder variant of Autistic Disorder.
Avatar f tn I did not tell her teacher about the diag yet. I am just so confused as to how she could be diagnosed ADHD, yet she excels in academics? Also, the counselor came and observed her last year, and told me that she definitly was not ADHD, however, she never tested her either? Does this seem possible?
Avatar f tn Most developmental experts highly recommend it for kids with adhd. And another issue many kids with nervous system issues has (which adhd is) is that they seek impact. Boxing bags and kickboxing bags are known treatments for that again often recommended by experts. It is to feed the nervous system and is what they call "heavy work" and a known therapy to help someone be able to maintain themselves when they need to. Contrary to promoting violence, it actually heads it off.
Avatar f tn Sandman2 has given you some great advice if I could just add that there are many people who have adhd and bipolar genes in there DNA but it doesn't progress into either illness. Because there is a strong hereditary link a person may be predisposed to getting adhd or bipolar, it's a factor but not a guaranteed outcome.
Avatar n tn It's really common for children w/ ADHD to have Oppositinal Defiance disorder. (Sorry i couldn't get oppositinal spelled correctly) Look it up & see if it fits your son's behavioral issues. It could also be something as simple as diet. An IEP is also a must. Check & see if his current Dr. is an ADD/ADHD specialist. I myself am ADD/ADHD along w/ all 3 of my kids & they are all different. It's rough, but the answer is out there. I have read so much that it became an obsession ya know?
Avatar f tn my 5 year old son is diagnosed with ADHD, disruptive behavior and a mood disorder, and possibly depression and anxiety. he has been prescribed ritalin, medidate, depakote, and zoloft. all together. That seems to be alot of medication for a small young child. Im very worried for him, is this safe for him?
Avatar f tn The bottom line is that some kids do better with medications for add/adhd and perhaps adding to it with natural remedies will help. I do wish you well and commend you for addressing your child's issues through intervention early on. makes a HUGE difference down the road.
Avatar n tn hi my son is 7 yrs old and is in a class with 11 year olds. he is top of his class but his teachers complain he daydreams all the time. is so clever but ALL of his teachers in the “New kids” assessment said “Absent minded” “Unable to focus” “Has to be told several times.” Now he could just be a dreamer like I was or it could be his emotional state (being 9 and not 11).
Avatar n tn The combination of learning disability (even with average intelligence), ADHD and Anxiety Disorder, in addition to social/emotional immaturity, can be a challenge to address. You are doing the sensible thing to have an appointment with a child psychiatrist. In addition to psychostimulant, a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (e.g., Prozac) might be very useful for your son. When used correctly, these medicines will not result in any addictions or other problems.
Avatar f tn Shes never been diagnosed with it but sehe definitely seems like she has ADHD. But since they all have adhd, will my daughter more than likely have adhd?
Avatar m tn I got custody of my 7 year old nephew along with his two sisters and 1 brother about two years ago. All four if them were diagnosed with ADHD and on medication. After dealing with his behaviors I feel like their may be something else going on, but am having a difficult time pin pointing it. He definitely has all of the ADHD symptoms, but some added on top.
Avatar n tn (now this is way before I met my fiancee) after a couple of month she stoped taking him, I a year and a half ago met my fiancee, and noticed the sam behaviors in his son, I asked my fiancee to bring it up to his ex wife that maybe it was ADHD, she proceeded to tell use "he is just a sensitive kid who has always needed one on one time" then we brought it up again 6 month ago she says "hes just expressing him self and being an individual" now the teacher brings it up to me and
Avatar f tn I have ADHD and my son has ADHD. It runs in my family from way back before ADHD became rampant and misdiagnosed. My son also has a very high IQ - and had the same difficulties as your son. I also work in the school as a speech pathologist. Request an obsevation by either the School Psychologist or a Teacher Consultant, if they have one. They can also give you a checklist that can be filled out by you, the teacher and your son.